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  • Travel Michigan is the official State of Michigan travel/tourism office. Our website is visited by millions of potential visitors each year.

    If your business/organization has a deal or package, we invite you to add it to our database of Michigan deals and packages. 

    To submit your deal/package, please complete and submit our Deals/Package Survey form at the link at the bottom of this page. Please be sure that your deal or package information is complete and accurate and that it fully meets the Criteria for Inclusion set by Travel Michigan. Travel Michigan will review and edit all deal/package information to meet the criteria. Travel Michigan retains the sole discretion as to whether a deal/package qualifies for posting to the deal/package listing on Once submitted, your deal/package must be approved by Travel Michigan staff prior to appearing live on the website. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Munson via email or (517) 373-0671. 

    Criteria for Deal/Package Inclusion:

    • A "Deal/Package" must include at least one additional value item that is not normally included in your price. There must be something of additional value to the traveler.
    • A deal is an offering for a specific time frame, not for an extended period of time or season (i.e. percent off, buy one get one free, etc.), and be available to the general public.
    • Deal/Package must include the name/title of the deal/package, a brief description and a phone number for the public to call.The description provided must state exactly what is included in this deal/package. It is advisable to also state what is NOT included (e.g., taxes and gratuities not included). Note: The entire deal/package must be available to book through one telephone call. If a deal/package includes lodging and a round of golf at a location different from the lodging location, then the traveler should be able to make just one telephone call to reserve both the lodging and golf portion of the deal/package. 
    • Deal/Package must have a confirmed beginning date and ending date.
    • Deal/Package must appear on your website for the public to access the information about the deal/package.
    • An image may be submitted with your deal/package. We do not accept logos; images with print, or with treated edges, collages, clipart, etc. Image size should be width 340 x length 250 with a resolution of 72. All images are reviewed by Travel Michigan. 

    If you have a Deal/Package that meets the above criteria and you wish to promote it on the Travel Michigan website, then click on the link below.