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    Are you promoting a tourism-related event? We invite you to add it to our events listing on Prior to submitting your event, please review and follow the Event Guidelines outlined below. When submitting your event, be sure that your event information is complete and accurate. Travel Michigan will review all submitted events to see that it meets the guidelines.

    Event Guidelines

    1)    Event must attract travelers from outside of the community’s vicinity and must be tourism-related. Local events such as community craft shows, garage sales, school events, community antique shows, fundraisers, lecture or speaker series, etc. will not be considered.

    2)     Event must take place during a particular interval of time.

    3)     Event must be open to the general public.

    4)     The submission shall include: 
                    a) Title of event. 
                    b) Confirmed beginning and ending date. 
                    c) Address of where the event is taking place (not your property address unless that is where the 
                        event is taking place). 
                    d) Property code (see #6 guideline). 
                    e) Name, email and phone number of person which the public can contact for questions regarding 
                        the event. 
                     f) Website where the public can access. Facebook URL’s are acceptable. 
                     g) A complete description of event which should include: 
                            i) Short narrative highlighting the event’s main features. (Do not include a list of scheduled 
                                events or an itinerary.) 

                            ii) Details that distinguish event from previous year(s). 
                            iii) What will the traveling public experience? 
                            iv) What makes the event unique? 

    Please do not use ALL CAPS while typing your description. This will automatically decline your request. You will be asked to resubmit with appropriate font.

    5)     We encourage that an image is submitted with your event. We do not accept logos, images with print, or with treated edges, collages, clipart, cartoon images, etc. Image size should be width 340 x length 250 with a resolution of 72. All images are reviewed by Travel Michigan.

    Submit Your Event

    If you have a property already listed on, please submit event here.
    (Once logged in, event submission will be found under “Event” tab)

    To add your property on, please click here.
    Please allow 24 hours for the property review process.

    Questions regarding your property page or login, please contact Bonnie Fink at or (517) 335-6909.

    Please allow 2-3 business days for the review and approval process.

    Travel Michigan retains the sole discretion as to whether an event qualifies for posting to the event listing on

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Amanda Munson via email at or phone (517) 373-0671.