Get Eclipse-Ready

It’s a summer blockbuster! The historic event—dubbed “The Great American Eclipse”—will debut on August 21, when an eclipse of the sun will be viewable from the entire continental United States. Make plans now to view this spectacular summer epic event at Flint’s Longway Planetarium. 

The solar eclipse of 2017 will carve out a “path of totality”—where the view of the sun is completely covered by the moon—from Oregon to South Carolina. In that path, during totality, you can safely look at the eclipse without eye protection. However, in Mid-Michigan, the moon will block roughly 83% of the sun at its greatest point, which is called a partial eclipse.

Longway Planetarium--Mid-Michigan’s premier resource for eclipse information--invites everyone to the campus of the Flint Cultural Center to observe the eclipse. A day-long celebration will take place featuring solar telescope observing, outdoor hands-on activities and livestreams of the total eclipse projected on the dome from locations on the path of totality across the country.

Get the most accurate information available about eclipse in a new show, Eclipse: The Sun Revealed, showing daily at 2:30 pm. This immersive fulldome show discusses the geometry that gives us eclipses and teaches how to safely view an eclipse. Audiences will hear a gripping firsthand account of one eclipse chaser’s experience during a total solar eclipse.

In order to safely observe the eclipse, you will need to use eye protection specifically made to view the eclipse. You may also choose to use various other methods to project an image of the sun.  The eclipse will never be safe to view with the naked eye; therefore, appropriate eyewear must be used, and regular sunglasses are not sufficient. Eclipse glasses are available for $1 each in the Longway Planetarium gift shop.
Many Planetariums around the state will hold solar eclipse viewing events and educational programs.  Check local media for dates and times.