Recipe Ideas for a Perfect Memorial Day

Flickr Photo Credit: Gary MorrisHave you decided what classic Michigan recipes you are going to make at your Memorial Day party yet? We have some suggestions that are sure to make your holiday dining more festive.

Photo Credit: Pure Michigan Cookbook

Did you know that there is a Pure Michigan cookbook featuring more than 60 fantastic recipes, including many recipes from some of the best chefs and the best restaurants in Michigan? See one of the recipes from the cookbook to the left.
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Morel Treasure Hunting

Morel mushroom hunting is like a treasure hunt. Once a well-stocked area is found, a ‘Shroomer will always remember it, and sometimes will refuse to share the locations with their closest family members. There are even stories of people finally revealing the treasured spots in their last will!

Flickr Photo Credit - Renee YorkFor those of you who have wanted to try Morel hunting but didn’t know where to start, we found a ‘shroomer willing to dish some secrets. Anthony Williams is the owner of Freshwater Studio, a gallery that features only Michigan artists, and is a designer of beautiful furniture made from locally grown trees. In his spare time, he is a lifelong Morel mushroom hunter, as well as the Morel Mushroom Festival’s “expert in residence.”

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