DeKlein Chestnuts

Tim Chilcote, a freelance writer and a Great Lakes enthusiast, takes us on a visit to the DeKlein family orchard. Get your taste buds ready, because it’s time for chestnuts!

Mark DeKlein is heir to DeKlein Orchards, a family-run chestnut farm located southwest of Grand Rapids. I first met Mark at a tailgate in East Lansing when this former Sparty mascot arrived on campus with a burlap sack and a homemade roaster, an old keg with Roasted Chestnuts painted on the side.
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Michigan: The Great Beer State

Thanks to John Palmer of for helping us celebrate Michigan craft beer month!

July… It’s easily one of the greatest months of the year (in my opinion). Summer vacation is in full tilt and people are out enjoying all that Michigan has to offer; the immense state parks, the vast amount of freshwater coastline, the beautiful weather, and craft beer.

Michigan Beers

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