The Lake in August

Photo Credit - Kristen Olson

Lake Michigan from Glen Haven

Thank you to Sharon Galley Sherrow for this lovely post expressing her love for Lake Michigan. It is something many of us can relate to.

I awakened last night to pounding waves and boisterous winds. It is a good sound, a reassuring sound. My beloved Lake Michigan reminded me once again that it can display as many moods as a maturing female. Last night it sounded like an angry teenager slamming her door, denied her demanded rights. Today that teenager has lost its rage, but still is dancing prettily with white caps lacing her song.

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Michigan – Now I Get It!

Photo credit - Heather LauGuest blogger Yvonne Bingaman may not live in Michigan, but her heart belongs here. Read about a special mother and daughter vacation to Pure Michigan, and how her mom now “gets it.”

I’ve been visiting Michigan for several years, ever since I passed through on a road trip headed to Iowa. I wasn’t even supposed to stay the night, but I ended up spending three. The next year I returned to spend a week there.

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15 Incredible Photos of Michigan Lighthouses

Copper Harbor Lighthouse by Steve Nowakowski

Over 115 lighthouses dot the Michigan coastline. Some of them still guide boats to safety, some welcome visitors to spend the night in unforgettable surroundings, and all of them are stunning sites to behold, at any time of year.

We sorted through over 700 photos in our Flickr archives to unearth some truly stunning images of lighthouses across the state.  Have a photo of your own to share? Post it on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet!

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