Ore to Shore Draws Thousands to Marquette

Michigan Bike Race - Photo credit - Jeni Jewell

Michigan Bike Race

Guest Blogger Jeni Jewell shares the experiences of riders at this year’s Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic race in Marquette.

Mud, mud, everywhere. As I stood at the finish line at the Lakeview Arena in Marquette, hoping to talk with a few riders about their 2011 Ore to Shore experience, I couldn’t help staring.

Some riders had two tiny white circles framing their eyes with thick layers of mud caked on the rest of the face. Not a body or bike part was spared, including those who wore glasses and had two small streaks to see through. Continue reading

End of Summer Inspiration

Photo by - Chris Arace

M37 Road Trip

While summer isn’t quite over, it is starting to wind down, and you may be thinking about planning one more big trip or even a few more day trips before the leaves start to change and the weather begins to cool. When we asked our fans planning a vacation if they prefer to get there fast and take the highways, or enjoy the journey, taking back roads and making stops along the way, most of them said they enjoyed taking their time.

With that in mind, one of our Facebook fans was recently inspired by our barn photo theme, and took her kids out for a barn hunt of their own! Some of the other recent photo themes have been sunrises & sunsets, and lighthouses. Maybe it’s time to go on a lighthouse road trip with family and friends! It’s a great opportunity to see beautiful lighthouses and experience some areas of the state you may have never seen before.

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