Mid-Season Doldrums

Feeling a bit put out by the slowdown in the deer hunting? Dan Donarski has some tips on how to get the most out of the latter half of the season on Pure Michigan Connect!

The general firearms deer season is half over. The deer are more secretive, there’s foul human scent all over the woods, and more than a fair share of bucks have been taken already. This is especially true on public land. Places like the Hiawatha and Pere Marquette national forests, and the Copper Country and Pigeon River state forests. Actually, any of our public lands in Michigan.

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Under The Hunter’s Moon

Dan Donarski, outdoor blogger and enthusiast, details his evening amidst the glow of the Hunter’s Moon, in search of the elusive Woodcock. Read more with Pure Michigan Connect!

Last week, on Thursday night, we were treated to what the Farmer’s Almanac calls the Hunter’s Moon. This moon is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon.

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