My Mackinac Island Fairytale Wedding

Photo Credit - Yeoman Photography and Jessica FreyFollow along with our guest blogger Kelly as she shares the story of her fairytale wedding and reception on beautiful Mackinac Island.

Every girl grows up dreaming of having a fairytale wedding, and I was no different. Over the years I imagined everything from a formal church ceremony to a wedding on the beach, but always surrounded by family and friends. Two years ago when I met the man I knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life with, my thoughts returned to my dream wedding. Growing up in Michigan I knew my wedding, or at the very least the reception, needed to be near the water.

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A Grand Celebration

Judy Kurth shares the story of a memorable trip with her family to Mackinac Island for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Flickr Photo Credit - Kelly FedewaLast year, as my husband and I started thinking about our 50th anniversary and how to celebrate it, we decided it would be best spent celebrating with the entire family. As the kids and grandkids grow up it seems to get harder and harder to get everyone together. We started looking at places like Washington, DC and Chicago as options for a weekend getaway. After many discussions with our family, we realized our celebration destination was right here in Michigan…on Mackinac Island. Throughout the years of family travel, all of the kids have been to Mackinac Island but never to as truly a grand destination as Grand Hotel.

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