Are you a sports fan, a crafter, or someone looking for information about a specific type of event? We’ve broken down the event blog posts by type to make your search results relevant to your interests.

  • Antiques, Crafts, & Collectibles
    If you’re looking for a post featuring one of the many antiques fairs, craft shows, and collector’s expos in Michigan, this is the place.

  • Cultural & Heritage
    Michigan celebrates our diverse cultural past through many festivals throughout the state. This is where you’ll find blog posts about those events.

  • Exhibits & Shows
    Posts featuring boat shows, auto shows, special exhibits and more will be found here.

  • Fairs & Festivals
    Michigan has some of the best festivals and fairs throughout the country. These posts highlight some of those events.

  • Holiday
    Looking for something about a specific holiday? From New Years Day to New Years Eve, and all of the holidays in between, if we’ve written a blog about it, you’ll find it here.

  • Sports
    Want to read about sports? From a local recreation team to our professional sports teams, posts featuring sports events big and small are covered here.