Ann Arbor Art Center Hosts Pop-X Art Festival

Looking for an artistic event that has something for the whole family? The Ann Arbor Art Center’s inaugural art festival, POP-X, may be perfect for you! Our friends at Visit Ann Arbor share just a  few of the artists that will be at the popular event and innovative installments you can expect to see.

Popping up in the next few weeks is the Ann Arbor Art Center’s inaugural art festival, POP-X.

The 10-day festival, held Oct. 15-24, takes place in Ann Arbor’s Liberty Plaza and has something for everyone. It will feature pop-up picnics with local celebrities, theater and musical performances, the Art for Innovators lecture series and the Cardboard Challenge for kids of all ages.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor

Some of the most noticeable things that will pop up are nine 100-square-foot pavilions designed by Ann Arbor architect Kreg Norgaard. The pavilions will each house a themed art installation created by a single artist or a collaboration of artists. Working within the tight constraints of the space, each individual or group has lived up to the challenge of creating beautiful installations that will surprise and delight you.

Creating an interactive space, artist Kate Robertson’s display features sculptures that will question the way we interpret incomplete information. With small worlds that can be seen through small holes, the piece challenges viewers to actively search each sculpture to see what might be inside.

Photo courtesy of the Visit Ann Arbor Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor

Artist Nick Zagar’s work typically causes sensations of push and pull, fright and delight. His piece will play with those sensations and encourage viewers to be pulled into a fantasy landscape filled with 3-D paintings, various sounds and different smells.

Meant to build a communal space with people of all ages and backgrounds, Ann Arbor’s Joe Levickas is utilizing his dedicated space to create an installation that showcases the table as a gathering place, pulling in both viewers and other festival artists to his “dinner party.”

Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor

Artist Chazz Miller’s installation piece represents his journeys around the world. The piece projects “inner visions of truth into the world, visions that raise the social and environmental aesthetic and that touch the individual on the deepest psychic and personal level.”

Taking it upon herself to reflect the community she is in, artist Brenda Oelbaum’s pavilion will engage the audience directly by encouraging participants to write down their problems, put them into little velveteen bags and decide what they would like to do with them - physically and mentally letting go.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor Photo courtesy of Visit Ann Arbor

Nick Azzaro’s installation will be reflective of the physical space the pavilion is located in - Liberty Plaza. Dedicated to the lives of the individuals that occupy Liberty Plaza, it features a sculpture of a solider that is surrounded by their words and portraits to represent the struggles people face in their life.

One of the group installations is from the Ann Arbor Women Artists. This piece will feature sculptures revolving around the beauty of nature, creating conversations of climate change and how to help our planet. The other featured artist group is the Girls Group, whose installation will be filled with different pieces from each artist about their conceptions of home and family.

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 Which installations are you looking forward to seeing?