1st Semi-annual Weird Michigan Beer and Food Exhibition

Michigan’s craft beer month is almost over, and what better way to end it, then with a visit to the 1st semi-annual Weird Michigan Beer and Food Exhibition?

Remember that awkward phase when you were younger, when social guidelines hadn’t set in yet, when your parents or older siblings often told you to “stop being weird”? Well I do, and frankly I’m not sure I ever grew out of that phase. To this day I quite often hear people tell me that, even my 7 year-old son! However in Michigan, I am not alone. In fact I am in good company, because I’ve met many of the brewers in Michigan and I can tell you, oddities and eccentricity are the norm, and it shows in their craft.

With brews named Chips and Salsa, Peanut Butter Cup Stout and Mama’s Strawberry Milk you may instantly have a taste in your mouth as the names plainly illustrate their flavor profiles. There is another called ROD (laced with aphrodisiacs), another called Train Wreck (flavored with maple syrup) and yet another named El Mole Ocho (with coffee, chocolate and chili peppers) that all push the boundaries of creativity. The great minds of Michigan brewers are always churning, constantly creating vast number of variations on classics as well as groundbreaking new styles that prove again and again that the strange and weird are not only accepted in the Michigan craft beer scene, but are highly sought after.

The 1st semi-annual Weird Michigan Beer and Food Exhibition intends to shed light on these unique and wonderful Michigan brews, most of which are tap-room only or made in special limited batches. The Shark Club in Howell will be showcasing the weirdest and most creative beer the state has to offer, and some of the classic foods we have all come to love. With over 20 brews on tap for the night, and several breweries sending representatives to mingle with the guests and answer their questions, it is sure to be a must-attend event for any beer enthusiast. Weird Michigan and brewery trivia will be played throughout the night with fun prizes, as well as Albie’s Pasties and cherry pies highlighting some of Michigan’s favorite dishes on the menu for the evening.

It is sure to be a fantastic evening full of incredible flavors and great company. Every beer geek in the state shouldn’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some of the rarest brews in the state, and mingle with industry people. It’s a great exhibition of one of the things this state does best, the innovation that is leading the craft beer world into a more main stream role that has been dominated by the big breweries for years as well as showcasing the ingenuity and art of some of the best minds in the beer world.

For more details about the event, take a look at The Shark Club website, or the Weird Michigan Beer and Food Exhibition event invitation.

Jonathan Cole is the Beer Purchaser , Event Planner and Official Beer Geek at Shark Club Howell. He can be reached on Twitter @beergeekhowell.

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