Ann Arbor Art Fair 2011: Simply Pure Michigan

Ann Arbor Art Fair Next week, one of the top 10 art fairs in the country begins for 4 days of art, music, food, and fun!

During the school year, the streets of Ann Arbor are filled with coeds, football fans and wolverines. But in the summer time, the streets open up to those enjoying a Michigan summer in a special place. A place that reminds some of the East Coast or perhaps an oasis in a state that is so diverse that no one city is the same. And for four days in July, the streets of Ann Arbor transform into one of the largest and best outdoor art fairs in America. It features over 1,100 artists from around the world, who converge on Ann Arbor to showcase their works of art that range from 3D to 2D, acrylics to photography, jewelry, clothes, sculptures and much more.

Ann Arbor Art Fair Streets

Ann Arbor Art Fair Streets

Still Life at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

At The Ann Arbor Art Fair, there is something for everyone, from the avid collector to the young couple looking to decorate their first home. There are also three activity zones for the kids to make their own creations. You can design your own piece or watch an artist make something out of nothing - almost every hour on the hour at the demonstration zone. For those who love music, they can hear a variety of performances on three different stages and at street corners through the city. For others, they can eat to their hearts content or shop for just about anything while enjoying the artist’s latest masterpieces.  Whether you are on State Street or South University, William or Washington, or even Main and Madison, The Ann Arbor Art Fair will be the place to be in July. For more than 50 years, artists from all over the world return to Ann Arbor to showcase their labor of love, their hobby-turned-vocation. It is our chance to talk to the artists, listen to their stories, and enjoy their creativity.

The Ann Arbor Art Fair -- One event. Four Fairs.  A place to enjoy art as well as learn about it. It is also a place to enjoy one of Michigan's municipal treasures, and the sights and sounds of Ann Arbor.  It is after all, one of Michigan's best known events, the art fairs of all art fairs -- it is simply Pure Michigan. Follow them at, or on Twitter @AnnArborArtFair.