Michigan Cherry Recipes

Michigan Cherries Ripe for Picking

Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival ended last weekend, including their fantastic Grand Cherry Buffet, and we still haven’t gotten enough cherry-filled recipes! We asked our fans on Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite recipes featuring one of our favorite Michigan fruits, and we were happy to discover how much they love Michigan cherries too!

Some of our fans prefer eating their cherries au natural –

  • “Just put cherries in a bowl, and eat ‘em!” – Jake Ferris
  • “Black sweet cherries! Yummm! Who needs a recipe? Best to just pop in your mouth and hit a pit spitting contest!” – Kim Weber
  • “Take the stem off and pop them in your mouth!” – Marilyn Kay Strawser
Freshly Harvested Michigan - Flickr Photo Credit - Chris Arace

Freshly Harvested Michigan Cherries

Some of you* prefer to use cherries to enhance your delicious dish, and a few were more complicated…

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Than others.

Michigan Cherry Tree - Flickr Photo Credit - Chris Arace

Michigan Cherry Tree

A few of you like to mix Michigan cherries with various liqueurs –

  • “Vodka soaked cherries. Put in fridge for a month soaked in vodka! They are balled bombs!” – JoAnn Evou Gile
  • “Infused Cherry’s with Maker’s Mark. Mmmmm…” – Mike Slone
  • “We modify the ingredients for a Cosmopolitan. . . take a hefty shot of Citron vodka, a teaspoon of tart cherry concentrate, a half-shot of bar sour – shaken with ice and strained into a martini glass and topped with a Michigan sweet cherry.” – Jim Maslanka
Pure Michigan Cherries - Flickr Photo Credit - Lauren Vaughn

Pure Michigan Cherries


Of course, not everyone likes to make their favorite cherry dishes themselves. Here are some of the recommended dishes found in restaurants around Michigan -

If you are looking for more delicious recipes, including a Pure Michigan Cherry-Berry Pie, the Pure Michigan cookbook has just what you are looking for!

Pure Michigan Cookbook - Cherry Berry Pie Recipe

Pure Michigan Cookbook - Cherry Berry Pie Recipe

How do you prefer to eat your cherries? Right off the tree, infused with your favorite liqueur, in a more complicated recipe, or do you just prefer that someone else makes your favorite cherry dish?


*Thank you to Corey Seeman, Hike Michigan, Jennie Sweda, Bernie Bresnahan, and Linda Figg for submitting these recipes.

  • http://etechlib.wordpress.com PF Anderson

    You might also like my well-known Cherry Butter recipe, developed with Michigan cherries from my back yard. http://www.grouprecipes.com/11060/patricias-cherry-butter.html

  • http://bluegrasscookingclinic.com Barbara Harper Bach

    Not one recipe for the crumb covered cherry pies that were in the magazine. Bummer.