Michigan: The Great Beer State

Thanks to John Palmer of www.MichiganMicrobrews.com for helping us celebrate Michigan craft beer month!

July… It’s easily one of the greatest months of the year (in my opinion). Summer vacation is in full tilt and people are out enjoying all that Michigan has to offer; the immense state parks, the vast amount of freshwater coastline, the beautiful weather, and craft beer.

Michigan Beers

Wait, what did I just say? How could I even compare the growing splendor of the Michigan outdoors to the product of a microbrewery?

It’s easy for this beer blogger. July is Michigan craft beer month. It’s legitimate! Breweries and craft beer bars all across this amazing state are celebrating with events, specials and even releasing some one-of-a-kind brews, likely to never be seen again. And it’s possible you live right by one of these places and don’t even know it!

Currently (and gaining ground), Michigan ranks #6 in the country in number of breweries and brewpubs with a brewing industry that contributes over $24 million in wages and a total economic contribution of more than $133 million. With 80+ such locations all across Lower Michigan and the UP, now is the perfect time to enjoy what Michigan has to offer.

At Founder's Brewing Company, enjoying a MPG IPA (Mango, Papaya, Guava) and Death (a black wheat wine). Cheers!

To make it easier, the Michigan Brewer’s Guild is hosting their 13th Annual Michigan Summer Beer Festival (July 23-24) in Ypsilanti. Here, festival-goers will have the opportunity to sample a variety of over 300 different brews from over 50 breweries. This event showcases how truly amazing the Michigan brewing industry is.

To think that we live in a state with such outstanding resources and products… it’s hard not to feel spoiled. This is a great time for all involved - the producer and the consumer.

What else could be more Pure Michigan then sitting on the beach, sipping a pint of your favorite hometown brew, and knowing you’re supporting your local economy. It’s a win-win!

So on this day, til the end of July, raise a pint of some Michigan craft beer and cheers the state of Michigan: The Great Beer State.

John Palmer is freelance marketer and current stay-at-home dad. An advocate of the Michigan brewing industry, John blogs frequently at www.MichiganMicrobrews.com and hopes to share his passion for Michigan craft beer with all craft beer enthusiasts and beyond. Cheers!

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