From our Community: Sharing Random Acts of Kindness in Pure Michigan

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day in the United States – a day when people are encouraged to perform good deeds for no reason. To get into the spirit, we asked fans on our Facebook page: “What are some Pure Michigan elements you could incorporate into your random act?”

Here are some of our favorite ideas. Thanks to everyone who responded, and enjoy sharing kind deeds today and every day!

“Pay the bridge toll for the car behind you.” – Megan Albro

“I always like to hand my bottle slip to the person behind me in the grocery line.” – Brad Allison

“High fives from the High Five State :)” – Amy Kristine Strefling-Dyer

“My daughter and I like to put quarters in kids vending machines at local stores...twist the crank and leave the prize for some unsuspecting child. Cost is $0.25 but the reaction is priceless!” – John Feskorn

“Buy Dawn Donuts for everyone in my office... a Michigan original.” – MarySue Holmes

“If possible buy Michigan made, and help the lot attendant by pushing your cart back into the store. Everytime.” – Aaron Boyd

“My daughter likes to do something for a widow or single elderly person that changes their perception of the younger generations. My daughter is 8.” – Christi CJ Cook

“Baking my elderly neighbor a red tart pitted cherry pie. oh yummmm.” – Hester Regan

“Taking a friend to Kellogg Park and walking with her dogs. Maybe go to Kilwin’s afterwards for ice cream.” – Angela Prew

“A SMILE WORKS ANYWHERE” – Suzan Borysewich