From our Community: Winter in Pure Michigan

Today marks the first day of winter! In celebration of that, we asked fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ “what does winter in Pure Michigan mean to you?” Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite responses.

“Beautiful snow and frozen lakes” – Cee Jay

SnowFest in Frankenmuth!” – Sue Kato

“It means coming home just in time for Christmas with the family” – Tamisha Janay

“time to get out the snowboard” – Jaidin Heether

“Beautiful snowy woods and cross country skiing” – Elizabeth Marie Northrop

“Ice fishing!!!” – Felicia Smith

Ice fishing and snowmobiles!” – Cody Dost

“Beautiful snow touched pines, and the quiet that a nice snow cover brings to the outdoors.” – Nicole Sigler

“Fun in the snow!” – Satchi Walsh

“Cold, Beautiful, Crisp Air, Prelude to Spring.” – Carol Visser

“My birthday, and snowboarding!!” – Amanda Rappuhn

“Taking photos of ice, slush, snow, frost...” – Aaron Cruz

“Pure Beauty.” – Timothy J Bell

If your answer is missing, share with us in the comments section below! For information on things to do and see this winter in Michigan, visit