Help Pure Michigan and Founders Brewing Co. Choose a Pure Michigan Beer Style

UPDATE: This contest has closed. Vanilla Stout will be featured on tap at Founders Brewing Co. this July. Thanks to everyone who voted!

With the craft beer craze continuing to sweep the state of Michigan and summer approaching, Pure Michigan and Founders Brewing Co. have teamed up to give fans and craft beer enthusiasts a chance to pick a Founders beer style that best represents Pure Michigan. Now through Friday, May 3, fans can vote on the beer style they want to see available in the Founders tap room – Vanilla Stout, Apple Ale or Wheat IPA. To vote, simply use the form below. Participants must be 21 years of age to vote.

The beer chosen by fans will be featured in the Founders tap room in downtown Grand Rapids throughout July as part of Michigan Craft Beer Month. For more details, visit



  • mlm

    Wheat IPA

  • Joe

    Vanilla stout!!!

  • CYZ

    Vanilla Stout, without a doubt!

  • David Hamady

    Vanilla Stout !!

  • Mark VanHoven

    Wheat IPA

  • Melanie Francis

    Vanilla Stout!!!!!!!

  • Hops

    Not sure Vanilla Stout is necessarily a “pure Michigan Beer” but that is my vote.

  • Peggy

    Definitely the wheat IPA. It screams “summer”!

  • Renee


  • Todd MacLean

    Vanilla Stout, nitro, excellent!!

  • Justin

    Vanilla Stout!!!

  • Sathington

    Vanilla Stout

  • Erica

    Vanilla Porter! <3

  • Andrew Heer


  • Linda

    Vanilla Stout

  • Jerry

    None of the above! Founders Porter is the best for real beer lovers.

  • Watty

    add some cinnamon too

  • Louie Bee

    Vanilla Stout by a taste bud or two over Founders Porter.

  • Chuck U.

    when I think of Michigan I think more of apples than of vanilla or wheat. I say Apple Ale!

  • Nancy Barrett

    Apple Ale for sure – Michigan and apples go hand in hand.

  • K Love Ya

    Wheat + IPA = Beergasm

  • Michael Sinift

    I would say apple ale because Michigan is knowing for apple being the state fruit and I know my Beer because I work for Whole Food in there Pub in PA and beer is my specialty thank you Mike

  • Gary Donovan

    Vanilla Stout all the way!!! My favorite

  • Tom

    Ugh! The Pure Michigan beer should
    be better than these weak picks!

  • Adam

    Wheat IPA should win in a landslide. A wheat IPA is made for the summer! Save the Apple Ale for Fall and the Vanilla Stout for winter.

  • Somebody Somewhere

    Definitely Apple Ale … Founders can’t out-do KBS or FBS, so it’s kind of a waste, I think… Apple Ale’d be more interesting.

  • Laura Arends

    Given the time of year for this contest, definitely the Wheat Ale. If it was in the winter months, then the Vanilla Stout (Vanilla Porter would be even better!)

  • Bill Simaz

    Founders does even brew the best beer in Michigan. It is very good but not the best. My vote is for ‘Shorts huma lupa licious’.

    Best beer in Michigan…

  • Bill

    Rats… Sorry… Founders does NOT brew the best beer in Mich.
    My vote is still for Shorts….

  • Christopher Sorel

    vanilla stout

  • Pamela J

    Vanilla Stout :)

  • Kate A

    Vanilla Stout!!

  • Ian Mattoon

    Vanilla stout!