Live Chat with “Haunted Travels of Michigan” Authors

Please join us Tuesday at 3 p.m. for a live Web chat with Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, the authors of  “Haunted Travels of Michigan.” Kat and Bev will take your questions about some of the haunted places in our state and share their experiences. If you can’t make the chat, a replay will be available at the box below. You can also check out our Q&A with Kat and Bev from last week. We hope you can join us!

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  1. Is there anywhere in Michigan where you can stay the night at a haunted hotel or bed and breakfast

  2. i have a interesting story of a home in norway skien which experience high activity from outdoors to inside. creating para energy alarming anywhere out of my room at night till 5 o clock. it has been a story of a cremation and a fight that turned ugly long time ago

    my dad is a training machine literally and created a lot of energy from stress and the things will consume as much energy to somewhat break me down? thats what i feel. but i would really love to talk to somebody becouse of corruption in the house.

  3. My B&B is in their first “Haunted Travels of Michigan” book! Historic 1890 Victorian Mansion that overlooks Lake Huron- Haunted “Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian B&B” of Bay Port (Just S. of Caseville off M-25) in the Thumb Area is very active.  We have had tons of paranormal investigations done here, many with video, pictures, evp’s, and personal experiences.  Many guests just end up leaving in the middle of the night, or right away!  Sometimes the ghosts tell them to “GET OUT”!!! They move things, break things, walk up & down stairs & like to pace in the hallways, turn lights off & on, the children cry, laugh, giggle, run, touch you, play with toys, etc.!   We are currently in 5 haunted travel books and in 2 upcoming documentaries!  “Michigan Uncovered” Team was up here again last Sunday at our Ghost Stories & Tea Event & got more for their documentary on the haunted Inn.  We also do Guest Ghost Hunts with SE Michigan Paranormal Society, so if you want to be in a Real Live investigation, use their equipment, give us a call!  586-322-6170.  Must have a group of friends 10-14 to have a ghost hunt. Includes ghost hunt from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m., lodging for the night, pizza & pop.  Cost $90 per person paid in advance.  Open year round! We usually do ghost hunts on Fridays or Saturdays.  or call for your Reservations: 586-322-6170  email  web site  or also on twitter or

  4. [...] fall, we had the pleasure of hosting a live chat with Kat Tedsen and Bev Rydel, authors of “Haunted Travels of Michigan,” a book chronicling their adventures exploring [...]

  5. Bev, plenty of urban legends surrounding the Holly Hotel in Holly, Michigan. We attempted to conduct a paranormal investigation there. Unfortunately, owners do not permit an investigation in a controlled environment. By a controlled environment I mean the restaurant is closed to guests and most employees.

    We have seen/heard a few orb photos and one video. However, the photos are typical of moving dust.

    Until the restaurant allows a controlled investigation, we must continue to consider the story of its haunting a great urban legend without validity.

    The old hotel is very atmospheric with a great history and it is a lovely restaurant with very good food.

  6. Curious about the legends at the Holly Hotel in Holly Michigan. Any news about that? Also, any hotels around we could spend the night at?


  7. Hi Kriste, Bev and I are very familiar with the burial mount at Fort Wayne. Investigated there several times for extended periods … way before it was considered “haunted.” The fort is an amazing place but, after 30 or more hours of investigation, we only capture **perhaps** two or three possible EVPs and those were in locations today’s guests cannot investigate.

    It is, however, very creepy at night. It is also an amazing historic location in Detroit! The fort puts on some great day time events during spring and summer, including awesome reenactment! Definitely take that day trip. You will not regret it.

  8. Fort Wayne…on Jefferson there is a Indian burial mound untouched…very rare, super haunted…also many haunted buildings..

  9. Questions on Eloise Asylum. Most of the buildings have been torn down. There are one or two buildings remaining but they are unsafe and investigating them and Ford Motor Company does not currently permit investigation of the remaining structures. Obviously, whether the remaining buildings of Eloise are haunted remains unknown.

  10. Thanks to everyone for their comments/feedback. We have been on well over 160-170 investigations across Michigan and receive dozens of emails daily on other possible haunted sites. Reported paranormal activity seems to exist in most towns across Michigan. We couldn’t answer all the questions on individual towns cities, but if you have further questions you may email us at: and we will follow up. Thanks to everyone attending.

    Haunted Travels MI – Kat

  11. as I have been trying to post. The Wayne County Hospital was developed & used many of the old buildings that were Eloise Asylum or “poor house” there are tunnels & rooms that people were locked or chained in. I have a set of skeletal keys that came from there. My husband was in building maintenance there for several years & found the keys. Would they help to have them to do a investigation?

  12. this chat thing is going very slow…i just wanted to know if there are any haunted homes or places in ann arbor??

  13. Have you travelled to Mission Table formally Bowers Harbor Inn, Traverse City? If so, any strange experiences there?

  14. I have old keys that came from Eloise if it would help I would loan them out for the investigation if you can get in there. While many of the buildings might be gone there where tunnels.

  15. Hello, my husband worked at the old Wayne County Hospital which I believe is in Livonia. It was the old Eloise poor house or asylum. There were lots of underground tunnels & rooms where people where chained or locked up. It is suppose to be haunted. My husband found old skeleton keys there that he brought home & I still have them.

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