One Week. 50 Cities. The Most Ambitious Pure Michigan Road Trip Ever Planned.

What can you do in one week? Jeff Barrett and Rob Bliss – two ordinary Michigan-born men – are about to embark on an extraordinary road trip through the state to answer that question. The goal will be to create an energetic digital video that highlights various things the state has to offer. The video will serve as a way to help tell the story of Michigan as a great place to live, work, play and build a business. The trip will take place in an “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler.

Barrett and Bliss’ firm Status Creative will be filming all across Michigan during the week-long road trip. This is the same firm behind last year’s Grand Rapids LibDub - national winner for Best Use Of Video in Social Media from PRNewswire. Barrett and Bliss will be highlighting some of the people, businesses, events and natural beauty that make Michigan unique. The journey will begin on Sunday, August 19th and conclude a week later on the 26th of August.

The general public is welcome and encouraged to participate in these filmed events as Barrett and Bliss come to their city. Those curious about what events will be happening near them can visit the Interactive Map (see below).

Update: Filming for the video ended in August. Check to see the final video from Jeff and Rob’s trip on Sunday, September 9th!

View Pure Michigan Roadtrip in a larger map

For the most up-to-date information follow Jeff Barrett on Twitter at @BarrettAll and the hashtag #PureMichigan. He will be tweeting live updates of when and where to show up and participate. Pure Michigan and the Chrysler brand will also be sharing important updates. Below is a collection of photos Jeff has taken along the way so far. We’ve also rounded up some tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos showing the making of the video, which you can view in our Storify collection.

Have you taken a memorable Michigan road trip? Share with us below!
  • Pure Michigan

     @RyanJServatius South Haven would make a fine addition, Ryan, as one of the top yachting towns in the world. 

  • RyanJServatius

     @Pure Michigan  Sounds perfect, anything you need, let me know and have a great Michigan weekend.

  • astork

    Looking for public participation place/times in Portage/KAlamazoo…

  • astork

    Seriously! Pulled for copyright infringement? Say it isn’t so…

  • Pure Michigan

     @astork The film producers are aware of this and are working to resolve the issue. 

  • kdpfister

    I loved the video and would like to suggest that one be created for each of the four beautiful seasons we celebrate in Michigan!  That would certainly allow more exposure to our many breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders.  However, you might need to relax the “7 days” for the winter trek!!!

  • RyanJServatius

    we almost need to break it up into regions, IE Upper Peninsula, North Western Michigan, Western Michigan, Southwestern Michigan , Central Michigan, East Michigan, Northeastern and then Southeastern Michigan regions to properly obtain all of the great sites in our State…

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