One Week. 50 Cities. The Most Ambitious Pure Michigan Road Trip Ever Planned.

What can you do in one week? Jeff Barrett and Rob Bliss – two ordinary Michigan-born men – are about to embark on an extraordinary road trip through the state to answer that question. The goal will be to create an energetic digital video that highlights various things the state has to offer. The video will serve as a way to help tell the story of Michigan as a great place to live, work, play and build a business. The trip will take place in an “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler.

Barrett and Bliss’ firm Status Creative will be filming all across Michigan during the week-long road trip. This is the same firm behind last year’s Grand Rapids LibDub - national winner for Best Use Of Video in Social Media from PRNewswire. Barrett and Bliss will be highlighting some of the people, businesses, events and natural beauty that make Michigan unique. The journey will begin on Sunday, August 19th and conclude a week later on the 26th of August.

The general public is welcome and encouraged to participate in these filmed events as Barrett and Bliss come to their city. Those curious about what events will be happening near them can visit the Interactive Map (see below).

Update: Filming for the video ended in August. Check to see the final video from Jeff and Rob’s trip on Sunday, September 9th!

View Pure Michigan Roadtrip in a larger map

For the most up-to-date information follow Jeff Barrett on Twitter at @BarrettAll and the hashtag #PureMichigan. He will be tweeting live updates of when and where to show up and participate. Pure Michigan and the Chrysler brand will also be sharing important updates. Below is a collection of photos Jeff has taken along the way so far. We’ve also rounded up some tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos showing the making of the video, which you can view in our Storify collection.

Have you taken a memorable Michigan road trip? Share with us below!
  • BarrettAll

    @Ellenwin695 That’s exactly what we are doing when we are there. :)

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  • Lynne Killion

    There’s no better way to get to Dearborn’s Ford Country on the 21st. than a drive on Ford Road. We’d love to have you stop at PostNet Dearborn to say hi. Then we head up to the Kiwanis State Convention so when you are in Harbor Springs on the 25th stop and say hi again. The folks at PostNet Dearborn and the Michigan Kiwanians love Pure Michigan!

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  • Lee Sayer

    You certainly have a full agenda-somewhat disappointed you don’t have time to stop in the beautiful Tawases and enjoy the sunrise over Tawas Bay-maybe next time…When will the Pure Michigan Road Trip be available for viewing??@

  • JoyceRichmond

    You are missing a great part of the state if you skip the “Sunrise Side”!

  • Pure Michigan

     @Lee Sayer Rob and Jeff expect the video to be released in early September. 

  • Pure Michigan

     @JoyceRichmond The Sunrise Coast is beautiful. Lots of lighthouses and charming towns. 

  • CharlieCurve

    @BarrettAll Is there a list of cities with participation opportunities, locations and times or is everything coming together on the fly?

  • BarrettAll

    @CharlieCurve All planned. Some time flexibility. Just tweeted the update to the #PureMichigan blog. Listed times/places to participate.

  • BarrettAll

    @CharlieCurve Thanks for sharing! Have anything fun planned for the weekend?

  • aliciakan

    @BarrettAll Sometimes the best journeys happen without a map. Safe travels.

  • JRVanDeWinkle

    @PureMichigan I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes… Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer!

  • BarrettAll

    @aliciakan Thanks, Alicia!

  • PureMichigan

    @JRVanDeWinkle Mmmmmm. Perfect!

  • BarrettAll

    @KevinKnaus Thanks, Kevin!

  • UMichLaw

    @BarrettAll good luck and have fun!

  • ErinBizCom

    @PureMichigan @robblissgr @barrettall awww…we were just in Newberry on Thursday. Back home in WI and we miss it in the UP!

  • BarrettAll

    @UMichLaw Thank you so much! We may need a good lawyer after this trip. ;) #PureMichigan

  • BarrettAll

    @ErinBizCom We’re loving it here!

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  • coyercandleco

    While you’re at the Tridge, come up the hill to our fabulous downtonw! Stop by our store: Coyer Candle Co and pick out a Michigan shaped air freshener for your adventure…on us! 

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  • NatalieKorzon

    @PureMichigan @robblissgr @barrettall Need any SAG people : ) I just took my road trip to MI from CA

  • astork

    While working at “Car and Driver” magazine (Ann Arbor)  in the early 1980′s we had long-term-test-cars for evaluation purposes that needed to get as many miles put on—as quickly as possible— and so on the weekends we could sign-up for a car and whoever was going the furthest, got the car. While working for for “Car and Driver” i visited every county in both the upper and lower Peninsulas. Hard to say what was my favorite trip, but I remember strongly  an October drive along Lake Superior that was STUPENDOUS. The waves were crashing mightily. It was cold, and wet and breathtaking. The majesty of that GREAT LAKE lives on strongly in my memory.

    ….A huge smile was on my face while typing this…

  • Pure Michigan

     @astork Those are great memories. Thanks for sharing. 

  • MrsKatieK

    @PureMichigan @RobBlissGR @BarrettAll What am I missing? All I see is the original announcement.

  • InJoyPhoto

    @missypaulson You make me miss living in @PureMichigan.

  • missypaulson

    @InJoyPhoto I do my best. :) #mittenlove Much better than West Virginia. I seriously forgot it existed until the map this morning.

  • InJoyPhoto

    @missypaulson I have a friend there right now. She would never let me forget.

  • Claytonfhood


  • SamanthaRussell

    So I couldn’t help but notice that most of the thumb and a lot  of the middle of the state are left out. I understand this is a big endeavour but with the Algonac area being where Chris Craft boats came from (and boating being a big part of the Great Lakes state) it seems a shame to leave it out.

  • SamanthaRussell

    I also noticed no Higgins or Houghton Lake. Higgins lake is the 6th most beautiful, and it’s not included? Maybe it should have been less of the Detroit area and more of our beautiful forests and waters and farms, the majority of Michigan.

  • UMichMiss

    @DIADetroit @barrettall @UMichMiss A great way to show off the wonderful things we have that are uniquely MI! Lip dub early and often!

  • BarrettAll

    @UMichMiss @diadetroit Thanks, Sara! We’re actually having people sing in this one. :)

  • UMichMiss

    @BarrettAll @diadetroit Even better! Sing early and often! Hope the week is great. :)

  • riversidekayak

    @PureMichigan Just was part of Jackson Pure Michigan lip dub! Great fun! Good luck across Mi!! Great idea

  • BarrettAll

    @DIADetroit Had a great time there. Can’t wait to come back, take my time and explore!

  • BarrettAll

    @UMichMiss Thanks! You too, Sara!

  • PeteHandwerker

    Seriously? No public participation times in GR?

  • SloanInns

    @PureMichigan @robblissgr @barrettall Gaylord Road Trip scene= frontline of golf

  • Pure Michigan

     @SamanthaRussell Higgins Lake is beautiful and is one of Michigan’s ten largest lakes. Maybe Rob and Jeff will do a second video where they can capture even more of Michigan’s wonderful assets. 

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  • MichelleDenise

    To the great videographers who put this together, you just HAVE TO do another next summer?  How does our town “get on your list” for your next video?  We want you in Bay Harbor!!

  • RyanJServatius

    We would love to have you in South Haven as well.

  • Pure Michigan

     @MichelleDenise Rob and Jeff scrambled to squeeze in 50 cities in a mere 7 days – without getting pulled over :) We haven’t heard yet if / when they plan to do a second road trip. Bay Harbor would make a great addition.