Pure Michigan Provides a Helping Hand this Winter

After much discussion over which state was the real Mitten State, Pure Michigan and Travel Wisconsin are joining together to encourage folks to ‘shake hands’ and unite for a great cause.

We are encouraging people to put their Michigan pride toward a good cause by donating new or gently used mittens to local charities around the state. If you or your business donate mittens, we want to hear about it – leave a comment on this post or head over to the Pure Michigan Facebook page and share your story.

The outpouring of support from Michiganders and our fans has been tremendous. What better way for the Mitten State to harness this state pride than by providing those in need with mittens to stay warm this winter?

  • I.C. Weiner

    Wisconsin doesn’t even look like a mitten! That is Michigan’s thing because we actually look like a mitten. Boo Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin smells

    What the heck is wrong with you Wisconsin??? And shame on Michigan for encouraging this idiocy.

  • Da Jimmer from da Keweenaw

    Okay, okay, we’ll help out the mitten-less. A good cause. However, my grandma never knitted any mittens that looked like that WI monstrosity. Nice graphic. (They remembered da Yoop, Holy Wah!) I don’t know if I want to see what’s inside that WI mitten, though.

  • Lance

    Wisconsin totally looks like a mitten… if the pinky and side of the hand has a TUMOR growing off of it.

  • Dan Thompson

    Who gives two fucks? This story has been plastered all over Facebook for the last week. How about worrying about our crippled economy, and jobless welfare sponges rather than who looks more like a fucking mitten.

  • Jane Alvin

    Dan Thompson, lighten up.

  • Kristi Ann Gasinski

    Seriously Wisconsin, unless you are willing to admit that your “mitten” is one of a sadly maimed shop teacher whose wife knits while blindfolded… it’s OUR tagline! :P

    Though, I do support giving to those less fortunate. I already gave my gently used winter clothing to our school’s winter clothing drive.

  • Toni Sober

    ok so shake “mittens” and walk away…Merry Christmas

  • Jaime Grahame

    Dan Thompson, I don’t care to read your opinions if you have to include the F word in it. Don’t appreciate the swearing.

  • Barb Brinker

    @Dan, do you kiss your momma with that filthy mouth? This bantering as all been in good fun.
    We all know the problems we have with the economy. Sometimes we need to laugh to get through it all.

  • Kat

    @Jaime Grahame, Really? Are you 80?

  • tina

    I’m all for shaking hands, but what we all agreed upon last week is that Wisconsin’s mitten is just so .. abstract?, deformed?, obscure?? It’s just not a mitten! .. some more thought needs to go into this design, .. speaking from someone who has an art degree.

  • Art Curtis

    “Dem folks in Wesconsin vas smitten / In love mit Mitchigan’s Mitten./ Wesconsin, dey sed, vas more like a glove / Mit all da damn fingers off bitten!”

  • Susan

    What a great campaign! I’d love to write a blog about this as an example of how to effectively leverage a cause marketing campaign. Is there someone who could email me?