The Winner of the Pure Michigan Mustang Is...

Mary Jane Rickett of Redford Township, Michigan took home more than memories from yesterday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pure Michigan 400. She was the winner of the custom-made ROUSH 2012 Stage 1 Pure Michigan Mustang!

We met up with Mary Jane and her husband following the announcement of their win to ask a few questions about their love of racing, past visits to MIS and how they plan to enjoy their new ride. 

See Mary Jane’s answers below and please welcome us in congratulating her on her win!

Q: Are you NASCAR fans?

A: Yes. We’ve been coming out here about 12 years. 12… 15… something like that. Since we’ve been married. 15 years. Yeah, we’ve been coming here about 15 years.

Q: Have you ever won anything before?

A: No. I won a lunch once before.

Q: So would you trade the car for what we have in the envelope?.. Just joking, there is nothing in the envelope.

A: (laughter)

Q: How did you find out about the contest and how did you enter?

A: On Facebook. There was a link to the MIS website and that’s where I filled it out.

Q: Have you been in a MIS race before?

A: Yes.

Q: What do you love most about racing?

A: I love everything. The sound of the cars, the smell of the fuel. Just the excitement. The excitement of seeing who is going to win. 

Q: Who do you think is going to win today?

A: I’m hoping Carl Edwards. I’m going to go with Carl Edwards.

Q: Other than driving home today in the new car, where is going to be the first place that you take it?

A: To work to show it off!

Q:  Whose spot is not going to be in the garage?

A: Oh my spot is going to be in the garage. We already know that. (laughter from husband)

Q: Do you know how much horsepower it has?

A: No…

Whew! (after finding out it has 412 horsepower)

Q: Do you usually camp when you come out here?

A: No. We usually come out Friday for the time trials and then go home and come back out on Sunday. There is usually a tailgate, so we get here pretty early. It’s a good time.

(her husband chimes in) We’ve been coming out with the people we tailgate with for a while. I brought them out on a Friday for the time trial, he had never been out here and he’s been out ever since. I got him hooked.

Q: What is your favorite thing about MIS?

A: Just all the fans and the cheering in the crowd. It’s super fun to be a part of it all.

Congratulations to Mary Jane on winning the Pure Michigan Mustang! Safe and happy travels in your new ride!