Weather Dominates the 20th Michigander Bicycle Tour

Michigander Bicycle Tour

Michigander Bicycle Tour

Michigan offers many opportunities to bicycle, and one of the best opportunities is the Michigander Bicycle Tour. The event has come and gone for 2011, but we think that after reading about this year’s experience, you’ll want to experience it for yourself – even with the not-so-perfect weather!

One detail, more than any other, set this year’s Michigander Bicycle Tour apart from the 19 before it: weather. Our resilient riders endured extreme heat, humidity and torrential rains in their tour of southwest Michigan last week. With record high Photo Credit - Michigan Fitness Foundationtemperatures and heat indexes above 100, it was truly a test of endurance for the almost 700 riders who participated in the tour. We are happy to report not a single major incident of heat-related injuries or sickness. The Michigander riders, staff and volunteers were careful to hydrate and rest at every opportunity.

Water was front-and-center on the last day of the tour as well, as heavy rains descended upon the finish line in South Haven. It did not dampen the spirits of the riders, however, who still remained at the finish line to cheer on their fellow riders for hours after they completed the tour.

For years, rider Sam Kennedy has made a point to arrive early at the finish in order to cheer on his fellow riders. This year it was a race through the rain to the finish line to cheer the rest of the riders in.

Family Biking Tours in Michigan - Photo Credit - Michigan Fitness Foundation

Family Biking Tours in Michigan

“Finishing the Michigander is always an accomplishment, regardless of how many times you’ve participated. After peddling over 300 miles, everyone deserves a warm welcome. These people are like my family, and I want to celebrate the hard work they’ve put in this week,” said Kennedy.

Riders went home with a great sense of achievement and are marking their calendars for the 2012 Michigander, which starts July 14. To catch up on the details from this year’s ride, check out the official Michigan Trails blog. See you on the trails!

Gretchen MensingGretchen Mensing is the Communications Manager for the Michigan Fitness Foundation.

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