You’re Invited: LIVE Google+ Hangout with Brad Keselowski

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our live Google+ Hangout! Here’s a replay of the chat with Brad Keselowski and Paul Wolfe.


Mark your calendars! On Monday, July 30 at 5:15 p.m., we’ll be chatting live from Michigan International Speedway with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski.

Ever wondered what it’s like to drive 200+ miles per hour around MIS? Curious about what it takes to prepare for a race like the Pure Michigan 400? Now is your chance to get all your questions answered and more by those closest to the track!

To submit questions for Brad, leave them in the comments section below, on our Google+ or Facebook pages, or by using the hashtag #PureMichigan on Twitter. Then, tune in on Monday on Google+, our YouTube page or right here on the blog!

Start sending in your questions today!

13 thoughts on “You’re Invited: LIVE Google+ Hangout with Brad Keselowski

  1. hello , i saw on twitter the video of roger of mis and biffe talking about the tire you tested today

  2. Brad, as a driver are you happy with the race cars of today or would like nascar get back to its roots by going back to a stock showroom car that the team can modify to your liking, speed, and handling?

  3. Do u and team always have1 or 2 plans for raceday? did u learn anything from indyto help u  and team in the chase?love ur outlook ,go out and win

  4. brad; i have been impressed by your driving ability since day 1
    you are a true “super-star” in the NASCAR world
    keep up ; the gr8 work and good luck on the championship this year

  5. Brad, being in the Penske stables and Michigan being in his back yard how do you think the repaving did for the track, better or worst.

  6. My sweetie and I attended our 1st race in April at Kansas.  Just before the start you said to your team on the radio “all day long, all day strong.” We’ve been wondering if that is a motto of some sort for you or the team?

  7. Brad, do you feel that Penske racing is willing enough to play in the gray area to win a Cup Championship? I ask this because Penske never used the track bar angle that gave some an advantage.

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