16 Spectacular Pure Michigan Moments

Our 2nd Annual Pure Michigan Moments photo contest has come to a close. We had another fantastic turnout this year with over 3,000 photos submitted. Thank you to all who submitted your absolutely stunning Pure Michigan moments! Since there were so many submissions that truly captured the beauty and character of Pure Michigan, we put together this roundup of Pure Michigan moments from our fans. Check out more fan photos on our Flickr page. 

To view all of the spectacular photo submissions from this year’s contest, visit our Pure Michigan Facebook page. 

Which Pure Michigan moment is your favorite?

If you have a photo you’d like to share with us, use #puremichigan on Twitter and Instagram or visit the Pure Michigan Facebook page and post it there.

3 thoughts on “16 Spectacular Pure Michigan Moments

  1. I disagree with Linda, I know at least 4 in the top ten that were not edited including mine (proper manual camera settings and tripod), and I agree with Sebastian that a juried contest would be better narrowing the field down a bit then a personal popularity contest, but that they accomplished their goal by getting thousands of more people to like the Pure Michigan website.

  2. I have another point to make. This was a popularity contest. It was not juried contest. The more friends you got to vote for your work the higher chances of winning. I have seen a lot of pictures which I liked much more than some of the finalists.
    This contest was design to get people to look at the Pure Michigan website and advertise the state. Mission accomplished. Could be even better if pictures would be a higher quality.

  3. These are all lovely shots. They all are edited. Please have two categories,
    Edited and unedited. Many people captured a moment and did not have the resources to edit. Much of Michigans beauty is an unedited gift from….( fill in your own belief).

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