From our Community: Fireworks in Pure Michigan

Throughout the summer in Pure Michigan, communities across the state celebrate with fireworks — whether it’s for the 4th of July or just a Friday night at the ball park.

In honor of Independence Day, the photo theme on the Pure Michigan Facebook page this week was fireworks in Michigan. Since we received so many great submissions we wanted to share some of our favorites in the gallery below.

For more, visit the Pure Michigan Facebook page. How did you spend the 4th of July?

2 thoughts on “From our Community: Fireworks in Pure Michigan

  1. It seems someone will have to lose a few fingers before the law is changed. Since they’ve opened up a fireworks store in our town, the constant noise is unbearable and the 4th is a month away. Think about the poor dogs who can’t tolerate the constant crackling trembling in fear. Parents should be aware of some kids in their infinite wisdom think it is cool when they start throwing firecrackers and cherry bombs at each other. Don’t we have enough problems? Some of these lawmakers are completely clueless.

  2. I spent my 4th of July locked up in my house trying to escape the war zone the new fireworks law has created in my small town. Guess where I plan on being next 4th of July…and the rest of the national holidays as well…Ohio!

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