Announcing the Pure Michigan Moments Photo Contest 2012

UPDATE: Sean Chess of Coldwater has been announced as the winner of the Pure Michigan Moments Photo Contest. Chess’ photo of the St. Joseph Lighthouse in St. Joseph, Mich. (below) will be featured in the 2013 Pure Michigan Travel Guide. Congratulations Sean! 

Sean Chess' winning submission of the St. Joseph Lighthouse

We’re excited to invite fans of Pure Michigan to share their favorite “Michigan Moment” as part of a photo contest, where the winning photo and the photographer’s name will be published in the 2013 spring/summer Pure Michigan Travel Guide. The contest kicks off today and runs through November 9, with fans able to vote for their favorite photo on the Pure Michigan Facebook page.

Fans can submit photos directly to the Pure Michigan Facebook contest tab, or through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #puremichigancontest. All submissions will be automatically fed into the customized Facebook tab on Pure Michigan’s page, where fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite photos. 

The winner will be chosen from the top 10 photos, as voted on by fans, based on which photo best represents the quality and character of Pure Michigan. You must be a fan of Pure Michigan on Facebook to view the photos and vote.

The winning photo will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the 2013 spring/summer Pure Michigan Travel Guide.  One million copies of the guide will be printed, with 650,000 copies being distributed with the March/April issue of Midwest Living magazine. 

Head over to the Pure Michigan Facebook page to learn more and start submitting your photos today!

12 thoughts on “Announcing the Pure Michigan Moments Photo Contest 2012

  1. And for those who do not understand the physics of photons – the light needs to be at least slightly overhead to reflect. That light is twilight – there is no light overhead so no reflection from the water. Just because it can be faked doesn’t mean it must be faked.

  2. Good, professionals need not apply. Let the amateurs take the photos. Get paid gigs elsewhere. No offense intended, but if that is your professional career then you are right to pass on this.

  3. Shame on Pure Michigan! Most likely a rights grab for photos! No Terms of Service listed regarding the photo contest. It is most likely that photographers who submit to this contest give up their copyright to Pure Michigan, loose any right to compensation and the organization will make money off of selling the image(s) in promotional pieces. I will be posting far and wide, for photographers to steer clear of this competition.

  4. I see no mention of monetary compensation for the ‘winner’. Is this project making money? What’s the budget? If it is for profit, why isn’t Pure Michigan sharing the wealth? Lots of orgs try to pass off ‘exposure’ as compensation. Amateurs likely won’t get needed exposure, and ‘winning’ professional photographers who have invested lots of time and money honing their craft won’t get paid. For profit projects should pay artists. Anything less is Pure BS. Solidarity between photographers: If you’re not getting paid, pass.

  5. Could you please confirm the authenticity of the winning photo as it looks photo shopped.  There should be a significant orange reflection on the water.

  6. @Soule053, The winning does reflect the sunset on the water as well as the water on the concrete pier. Not sure why you say it is faked.

  7. Why isn’t the sunset reflected in the water?  This my be beautiful, but this photo is seriously faked. It’s a shame he won when there are so many honestly beautiful images of Michigan that are more deserving.

  8. @leslyeturner The contest allows one photo submission per day. You’re welcome to submit multiple photos over several days. Good luck!

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