Hear Kid Rock’s Song “Detroit, Michigan” Exclusively on michigan.org (Plus a Giveaway!)

UPDATE: Please note that the song “Detroit, Michigan” is no longer live on michigan.org, as it is now available for public purchase.

We’re excited to announce that Pure Michigan fans can get a sneak peak of Kid Rock’s new album “Rebel Soul” on michigan.org starting today! The anthem “Detroit, Michigan” will be available exclusively on michigan.org through November 19, when “Rebel Soul” is released. 

Throughout the track, Kid Rock showcases his pride for the city by highlighting a number of Detroit superstars, icons and landmarks – including Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Henry Ford and Hitsville USA.

It’s clear through his lyrics and philanthropic efforts that Kid Rock is passionate about Detroit, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with him to offer fans of his and Pure Michigan the chance to preview “Detroit, Michigan.”

In addition, we’re encouraging fans to show us their Detroit pride! In the comments section below, tell us your favorite place to go or thing to do in Detroit. We’ll then select one lucky winner at random to win a $100 gift certificate to the Pure Michigan Store. To be eligible, simply submit your comments (along with your email address) by Friday, November 9th at 12:00 p.m. (noon) EST. Only one comment per email address, please. On Friday, November 9th at 2:00 p.m. EST, we’ll randomly pick a winner. The winner will be contacted using the email address provided (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody). Update: This contest has now closed. Congrats to Gary Delcourt for winning our giveaway! We will be contacting you shortly with details on obtaining your prize. Thank you to everyone for your submissions!

Head on over to michigan.org today to hear “Detroit, Michigan” by Kid Rock and get inspired to share your love for the city of Detroit!

  • SeptemberOomRyan

    i have a lot of places I love in michigan, not sure about what is in detriot buy I go to MIS , Michigan international speedway twice a year  to see the nascar races, and love DearBorn, I like the Ford Museum and Greenfeild village that was alot of fun spent two days there.. also loved going to Travers city , go up there Often to vist wineries and festivals and just tour the peninsulars . and go up to Mackinaw Island and the UP… there is so much to do cant make up my mind on one favorite place lol

  • FelicianoParedes

    Favorite place is the Auto Show. Nothing like fast cars, in a fast city!

  • Rosalyn Williams Griffin

    Wow where do I go in Detroit.  My 4 year old says it about the food and the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons.  My 19 year old says that it about the music and Hitsville USA.  My husband likes all of the markets and unique clothing.  I like it because Detroit is a world of its own.  We run away from Lansing, just to escape our normal and we find that we are in Detroit just doing nothing because there is so much.  I like the people because they are so strong and unique.  Whatever the obstacle, Detroit rises to the occasion and keep it going.  But if I have to tell you where we go, family night at the buffet either MGM or Greektown and then we just walk the area until we are ready to sleep.  Such culture and night life and culture for all.

  • Tourismgal

    My favorite place used to be Trapper’s Alley in Greek Town, but since it has been re-purposed, my new favorite spot is the Detroit RiverWalk!

  • MaryDziadziak

    Campus Martius Park !

  • dcoldicott

    Coamerica Park, State / Fox  theatre

  • M T Dziadziak

    entire International Riverfront with the great views, parks, activities.

  • Kissesstar

    My Favorite is the River Front , The Gm Building, and the Renaisance area.  I always have fun while visiting Detroit.  I’ve been to shows, the Casino’s, but the River Front area has the Feel of MI with its boardwalk area and the birds flying over the blue water.  Detroit is the Back Bone of MICHIGAN.  Manufacturing, Churches, Sports, and Plain ole Fun things and the Excitement it brings to the area.  LOVE her she is a Classy City.

  • BarbaraFirman

    Going to the Detroit Institute of Art’s  Drop-In Workshops on Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend is a blast.  We are usually the oldest, and tallest, people there as it caters to pre-teens.  The volunteers always make us feel welcome, and we have constructed puppets, bookmarks, and tic-tac-to games.  Our artwork has even hung in the hallways of the DIA!

  • Chris Porterfield

    I love downtown Detroit so much to see and do ….

  • jwendzinski

    I love going to Eastern Market to check out the vendors and pick up a few treats to take home. Add in a stop in Greek Town to get some saganaki and I’m a happy girl!

    jwendzinski (at) gmail (dot) com

  • MelodyCharlton

    When we had a guest from Australia visit, the first thing they wanted to do was see a Tigers game.  We also took him to Greenfield Village in Dearborn and the Henry Ford Museum and mansion.  He was impressed with the Renaissance area.  I loved going to the Fisher Theatre and staying overnight in the old-fashioned hotels with their oppulant decorations inside and outside–so much history here.

  • vthemm

    I love the River Front and Belle Island!

  • kellys1963

    I Love to walk around and shop Greektown with a manditory stop at Astoria Pastry Shop.

  • ColleenisaContradiction

    i love the riverfront and downtown, and Greek town… just so much do to and see it is hard to choose just one thing..i have soooo many more… and visiting famlly… Detroit is a Michigan icon and mecca for the auto industry… it is a hub of life and reminder of strength and a can do attitude as it comes back time and again from seeming breaking point..and never quits!!!  Yea Detroit… know for your diversity and rising to all challenges…

  • Coleen Adams Novo

    My favorite place is Detroit Metro Airport………..once I make it there I know I am back to the place my heart has never left even though it has been over 30 years since I have lived in Michigan.

  • JenniferKrot

    Detroit Tigers baseball games!             jkrot@yahoo.com

  • DaveKullik

    I am completely biased having grown up in Petoskey.  But my favorite place to visit time and time again is Mackinaw Island.  My parents honeymooned there.  The first significant trip I took anywhere was the ferry trip from Mackinaw City when I was seven.  Everytime I go it’s all new to me again.  The smell and beauty of the Straights of Mackinaw envelop my being and I experience true inner peace.  The love I feel for my home state and her people is clearly evident any summer day spent on Mackinaw Island.  From the front lawn of the Governor’s Mansion, to the walkway up to the Fort and the many meadows and parks Michigan’s past is available to all of us in it’s present.  Also, our natural Gibraltar is the open gateway that intersects our two beautiful peninsulas and unites all of us.  If you’ve never gone there, you really owe it to yourself to ride a bicycle or take a carriage ride on beautiful Mackinaw.  I guarantee, even if you visit only once in your life, you’ll be able to close your eyes like I do and re-experience the glory that is the most beautiful place on Earth.

  • BillMattocks

    I’m a newcomer to Detroit, but I love it here.  One of my favorite things to do in Detroit is to spend time with our military veterans’ community and to participate in the annual Veterans Day Parade down Woodward each year.  Detroit veterans have so much to be proud of, and Detroit should always be proud of her veterans.  They’re heroes.

  • chili256

    I would have to say that Karmanos cancer center is my # 1 as I had a bone marrow transplant in June and doing fabulous. I went to the World Series game 3 at Commerica and we have season tickets to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Downtown is making a comeback and it is full of life and electric feeling again!

  • GaryDelcourt

    My favorite thing to do  on a hot summer evening is to drive around Detroit with the windows down and the radio turned up . Just taking in the sounds, the smells, and the beautiful city. I  litterally absorb the atmosphere and it always puts a big smile on my face! The best part is the people- I have been all around this crazy world but the people from Detroit have the biggest hearts!  Gary.Delcourt@yahoo.com

  • GaryDelcourt

     I love Petoskey!!!

  • sandypetlick

    Detroit. Greek Town. Coney Dogs. Casinos. The Art Institute. The River. The People Mover. The Detroit Opera House. Fox Theater. The Lions, The Redwings, The American League Champions the TIGERS. Nothing beats a hot Friday night at Comerica Park, watching the fans love their team and their city followed by amazing fireworkds.  Detroit. Why wouldn’t you love it.

  • PatriciaGibson

    I was born in Detroit and it will always be home.I still love going to the parades and festivals.And I love the casinos now also.I love Michigan and all parts of it having traveled all over upper and lower.It is a beautiful state and I am sure I havent seen all of it because everytime I take one my my trips around it I discover something new and exciting.So much to do and see.northerngirl56@yahoo.com

  • JodyKotcher

    Cruising around and looking at all the landmarks in downtown and belle isle so much to see then telling stories about them to my kids from past visits from my childhood jodykotcher126@gmail.com

  • AprilDSmith

    First off I love how Kid Rock takes care of his Michigan people :):) Things I love to do in Michigan is everything I love the light houses and cider mills I love our lakes oh and I love how our michigan people are standing together threw out rough times these are just A few things I love I can keep going on but I would run out of space:):):)

  • DarrellSurhigh

    I moved to Arizona 15 years ago but I always show my Detroit Pride… From my Lions Red wings and Tiger gear to my Buddy’s pizza Shirt , Better Made hat and my  regular Shipment of Kowalski hot dog and Hunter sausage.. When I am back I have to have a Coney, White Castle and Steises Pizza in Lexington..

  • dianestack

    I love the state of Michigan.  Have had a  family home in Caseville.  Caseville  wasn’t big on tourist until Cheeseburger in Caseville started.  Everyone should  try to get there to see how great this little city is.  Tip of the thumb.

  • DaveKullik

    @GaryDelcourt  @DaveKullik
     The best vantage point the next time you’re there: The neighborhood at the top of the hill at the entrance to the winter sports park.  You can almost see the entire bay!

  • n5safi

    My favorite thing to do in Detroit is going to Tigers games! n5safi@gmail.com

  • LacyFranks

    My favorite thing to do is marvel at the old depot. There are so many amazing buildings rich in history that are eroding away and being torn down, so i like to take the time to appreciate the ones that are still standing.

  • EricaGillard

    The DIA is incredible! And the restaurants downtown are fantastic! emgillard@gmail.com

  • susieqsjunk

    Who can beat the Fox Theater!  And with the upgrades to downtown, I have felt safe to drop off my teenage daughter and her friends to concerts at the theater.  My husband and I will walk to the Pub Rub to enjoy the fine micro brews as we wait for the concert to end.  It is a such beautiful area to enjoy the sites and sounds!  susieqsjunk@yahoo.com

  • Producer Person

    Only in Michigan will you find a jewel, a thumb, a huge tire, the world’s largest stove, a jolly green giant, pictured rocks, dunes of sand and a mover of people. Don’t forget about the diverse food and flavor you can find at Polish Village, Greek Town, Mexican Town or Fish Town. There’s a season for everyone including summer, spring, fall and winter, more winter, did we mention winter? You can snow ski, water ski or sit back and enjoy an award-winning brewski. There’s Exit 69, Big Beaver and if you miss what you’re looking for, don’t forget, you can always make a Michigan left.

  • BHick

    I love to go to mass at Old St. Mary’s (where my great-grandparents were married, and my great grand-mother went to school), and then walk up the street for some Greek food and pastries from Astoria!

  • KarinVanceJackson

    What don’t I love about Michigan? Grew up there, then joined the Navy.We live in Florida now but usually get back at least once a year. I love the many different cultures (and foods of the cultures), the changes of season (especially autumn when the colors are so vibrant they could make me cry), skiing in the winter (all the way to Easter usually), Upper Peninsula, Lower Peninsula, Sleeping Bear Dunes, mile after mile of gorgeous shoreline, lighthouses of every size/shape/color, the quiet of a perfect sunset with Aurora Borealis glimmering above, Frankenmuth, Huckleberry Railroad, Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings, an event somewhere almost every weekend, and the most fabulous golf courses in the world!

  • Kimberly Prisby

    As a self-professed ambassador of our Great Lake State, I have seen most of Detroit, however, my list of new places continues to grow! From the Piquette Model T Heritage Museum to the old Michigan Theater (where Henry Ford’s first automobile was built and is now a parking garage) leaves me in awe of every area touched by Henry Ford!

  • karene50

    I love going on bike tours with Wheelhouse, I have been to so many cool places, The churches of Detroit, Grandmont, haunted tour, Delray, murals of Detroit etc.  and have learned so much about the city of Detroit, plus riding around Detroit is so much more pleasant than riding in the suburbs, people seem to be at a more slower pace, wave and say hello, good times  I just love it!

  • bcprzygo

    Nothing better than being at Comerica Park watching the Detroit Tigers win!

  • tmoterg

    eating coneys and  bettermaid  chips while sipping a faygo at hart plaza on a sunny afternoon  was my favorite thing to do  while growing up in SW Detroit

  • cbrennan906


  • GaryDelcourt

    @DaveKullikI will check that out…I have been going there since I was a kid!! My family has a place in Harbor…

  • cbrennan906

    My favorite thing to do is head over to Eastern Market on a Saturday morning in the summer, usually with a friend or two. We shop the flower and vegetable stalls, have breakfast at Vivio’s (yes, with one of their famous Bloody Marys and a shot of beer!), buy wine from the friendly people at Cost Plus Wine Shop, and look for bargains outside the former R. Hirt Jr. store, now called DeVries & Co. You meet the nicest people at the market – vendors and shoppers alike – and to add to the whole experience, leave your windows down as you roll down Market Street to head home…you’ll hear Motown music playing, smell the BBQ ribs and sausage being cooked on huge open-air grills on the sidewalks, and see smiling faces of satisfied customers.

  • punkargus1

    Sorry man…but that was awful! TWISTED BROWN TRUCKER would be in your best interest. Geeeez!!!!!

  • StefanieParks

    my favorite thing to do in Detroit is to “cruise” whether by foot or car and reminisce. I was born in may 1976 so i was a bicentennial memorial day baby. I remember seeing the pics if the flag on the Hudson’s  building. my grandfather used to be a bus driver for the city back in the 50′s and we heard stories about ithe amazing shopping.  old tigers stadium, vernors, coneys, kid rock, bob seger, eminem, aretha, eastern market, ren-cen, greektown, people mover, the joe, the river, all the yummy food, the people…… all are my favorite things of Detroit!!!!!     much love for detroit <3  stefanie parks    chrisstef98@msn.com





  • AndreaSchultz

    No comment on the song… But I love going to watch the Tigers play at Comerica Park!

  • firefly662

    It’s hard to pick just one thing to do in the “D”.  I worked downtown for a number of years, and it was definately different than being in one of the suburbs.  There were always people walking the streets of downtown and once my car was parked for the day (for work), we walked everywhere downtown or took the people mover.  If I had to pick one…I would say Greektown is the place to go.  One little street always bustling with people and things to do.  I used to love being in the thick of all of the happenings downtown everyday.  I don’t work downtown anymore, but I still love going down there for baseball, DIA, football, etc.  Downtown Detroit is a great place to be.

  • HelenPickem

    Detroit Red Wings games…             hpickem@sbcglobal.net