NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski is Ready to Race at MIS (Plus a Giveaway!)

Racing returns to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) this summer with the Quicken Loans 400 on June 14-16, followed by the Pure Michigan 400 on August 16-18. To gear up for the events, we spoke with NASCAR driver and Michigan native Brad Keselowski who will be riding in both races.

Watch Brad in the video below and let us know if you’ll be cheering him on at MIS this summer!

And if you’re still looking for tickets to the Quicken Loans 400, you’re in luck! Keep reading to see how you can score free admission for four.

Do you want to score four free tickets to the Quicken Loans 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series? Simply tell us in the comments section of this post what you love about NASCAR racing and which three people you would take with you to MIS. We’ll then select one lucky winner at random to win four tickets to the race. To be eligible, simply submit your comments (along with your email address) by Monday, June 10that 11:59 p.m. EST. We’ll contact the winner Tuesday morning using the email address provided (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody). Please note that each ticket is good for general admission on Sunday, June 16th and includes access to the Race Pit and Paddock areas. Guests must be 17 years or older to enter the Pit. A $10 food voucher is also included with each pass. UPDATE: This contest has ended. The winner has been selected and contacted via email with their prize. Thank you everyone for the comments!

25 thoughts on “NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski is Ready to Race at MIS (Plus a Giveaway!)

  1. Congrats William Giesler for being randomly selected as the winner of these four tickets! We will be emailing you shortly with emails on next steps. Enjoy the race!

  2. I dont know much about Nascar, but I would love to give these tickets to my mom and my step-dad. My step-dad puts up with my sisters, who are both teenagers; and with me! I am grown, but still need their help from time to time, and they are always there for me! (For all of us!) My brother is in the Army, as an MP He is based in Texas, CLEAR across the US from us. He is getting ready for another deployment, his second. (First was Afghanistan!) I know my mom misses him so much; and it would be sweet to give this gift to them; and allow them to choose the other two people to take. Thank you!

  3. Always been a big nascar fan and im still amazed at the high speeds they run for that long. I have never been to a NASCAR race and neither has my dad and i would love to surprise him by taking him to the race for fathers day since he made me watch it while growing up, also i would bring along my wife and step-son for his b-day. It would make our year since we are all tight on money and i would love to make them all smile and have the time of their life.

  4. I love the speed and horsepower!! I got the chance to go to a race about 8 years ago and had goosebumps and a huge smile the whole race! Haven’t been able to go back since. Drinking Miller Lite and growing up a couple streets away from Brad make for the perfect car and person to root for every race! I would take my mom and my two brothers since I can’t take my dad, he passed away in 1998. It will be a great experience for whoever wins.

  5. I love NASCAR because you never know what’s going to happen. You can watch other sports and pretty much guess who is going to win. Most races it’s open to 20 or more drivers. NASCAR also seems to do so much more to bring attention to veterans than any other sport. As a veteran myself, we appreciate that. I would bring my father to his first NASCAR race, my uncle who is retired military, and my two year old son who loves “race cars”.

  6. i love that it is a family sport. we are taking my husband,dad and our son to the race on june 16th for father’s day. I would take the above mentioned people.None of us have ever been to a NASCAR race.I have been a fan of Kasey Kahne for a long time 4 year old son loves to watch the wrecks and crashes.

  7. I love that you can watch it with the whole family. That is the one time a week were our family gets together as a whole in our busy lives. I live the cars and how fast they go. That when they crash the drivers walk away for the most part with out a scratch. As a first responder on our local fire department and former Chief we don’t get to see that. For the most part we have to extract victim s from their vehicle’s. I wish every vehicle was as safe as these racecars. My brothers and i grew up a couple of streets over from Brad and Brian Keselowski in Rochester and went to school with them. My dads shop worked on rusty Wallace’s car and we have followed the #2 ever since. Now that Brad is driving it we have wanted to go to a race but just can’t seem to get the money to. We made the trip to watch Brad cross the mighty Mac. I am in a picture with the blue duice in Mackinaw City. You can see the motorhome we loaded up with family and friends to see him and the car in the picture also that MIS has on Facebook. I would take my father but since he passed I would take the one other role model in my life. If I can be half the person she is I’m a lucky man. My mother. I would also take my brothers since we do everything together. . Where else do you get the oppertunity to do something like this? God bless our troops and God bless the USA. I pray for the safety of our troops, the nascar drivers and all of the awesome fans of this great sport. Thank you!!!

  8. Hi, my name is Forrest Gump. If I win the tickets, first I would bring my son, Little Forrest. We would have such a good time on Father’s Day spending time together watching the race. His Momma, Jenny, would be so excited also if I won the tickets, I would bring her also. I love Jenny so much. I am not a smart man, but I know what love is. I just wish my Momma could come. She was an amazing woman, but she caught the cancer, and died on a Tuesday… it happens. Momma always told me that death was just a part of life. Finally, I wish I could bring my best good friend, Bubba, but he died over in VIET-nam, but I would bring my good friend Lieutenant Dan. He lost his legs over in VIET-nam, but he got new ones now. Have a Nice Day!

  9. I would love to win this prize. My fiancée got me hooked on NASCAR racing last year, we went to both races at MIS. If I win the tickets, I would take my fiancée and his two daughters!

  10. Going to Nascar races is like no other sporting event. The sounds and smells is just awesome!I would take my dad, mom and brother for a great Father’s Day! Living 10 minutes away from Brad’s hometown, we are huge BK2 fans!!

  11. My youngest son got me started on nascar around 7 years ago. I am 57 and now have a new sport! We both can’t wait to go to the track and hear the huge rumble of the cars as they take off at the start/finish line! the rubber flying everywhere and the all around excitement that takes place in the beginning when Michigan does the wave! you can’t beat it! I unfortunately cannot afford to take the trip this year due to an injury to may back and loss of work, we are trying to put together enough to go. If I was to win I would love to take my son, my husband(for fathers day) and my middle son who is a new daddy of a little baby boy, he is also a wonderful member of the Air Force and deserves the chance to see what a great time Michigan provides at the race. All three of my boys are wonderful and I would give anything to have the entire family together for this race, we can never seem to do this for one reason or another. Keep the love of the sport hot! and bring it on Michigan!

  12. I would take my dad (duh, it is Father’s Day after all) and also my brother and my mom. It would be great time for the whole family cheering the Blue Deuce to Victory Lane!

  13. I would take my son, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s son – Went to MIS for the first time last fall and discovered it is such a wonderful track and facility – the five hour drive is well worth it!

  14. MIS is “Canada’s Speedway”, we as Canadians, love going every June to the race and camping at the track. It is an experience like no other and very highly recommended to all families as we find it to be a very inexpensive vacation. We have yet to take our 10 year old son, who is dying to go. If we won the tickets we would definitely take him and one of his friends.

  15. I’ve been a NASCAR fan since my father took me to the first race at MIS on 1969. I would like to take my fiancé and two daughters to the race. My youngest daughter just texted me asking what to do on Father’s Day, well this would be great!

  16. I love the rumble I feel in my chest when the cars go roaring by….it is such a wild thrill !!!! I would love to go and take my husband and daughter and a friend of hers to keep her company….we love to spend time together as a family, and have outings together !!

  17. MIS is the best place to watch a race the worker are great people and they make sure everyone has a great time at there track. I miss seeing all the great people at Mis and they do there best and give 200% to make sure guess a a very good memory of coming there

  18. I can’t wait for the MIS race this Fathers Day! I am a big fan and I get grumpy if I miss one on tv. However being there is the best. I would love to bring my son, my boyfriend, and his son. His son will be a senior this year and then going straight to boot camp after graduation so this will probably be the last Fathers Day they spend together for a long time.

  19. I love everything about NASCAR been our family getaway for many years. Would take my girlfriend, my brother and my mom. Brother has never been to MIS, or even the state of Michigan before.

  20. Hello! I would LOVE to win this package! It would be such a blessing! Of course, I would bring my husband, who made me a fanatic over this sport! I would bring my step son, letting him bring a friend, whom have never experienced a race! I love the crowd, fans, feel of the breeze when the cars speed by, smell of gas; sound of the engines! AMAZING. Funds are so tight; as my eldest daughter/and granddaughter had to move back in with us; so now my poor husband has 5 ladies (me +daughters) at home, with ONE BATHROOM! What a wonderful Father’s Day Gift I could give him, to have a day away from the GIRLS (except of course, from me! :) It is something we just can’t seem to afford on our own; so would be extremely wonderful. THANK YOU!!!

  21. I would love to go. We would make it a big family day for Father’s day. My wife, myself and 2 sons are all Nascar fans. We watch every race on TV. We have been to MIS for races in the past, but money is a little tight this year. If we win, that would be “Pure Michigan”! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Go Keselowski!

  22. I would love to win 4 tickets to the Races! I would bring my son, daughter and my mom. The reason I love going to the races is because my dad used to race at Thunderbird Raceway in Rothbury, Michigan when it first opened, they call the racer drivers from back in the day; “The Oldtimers”. I remember as far back as the early 1960′s going to watch my dad race. My mom even raced in the Powderpuff races. I have been a fan of race car driving my whole life. I hope to win!

  23. Looking forward to watching the race. It would be great to go again soon. I grew up about 30 mins from the track and it has been so long since I have been there last.

    I would love to take my Wife (who has never been but has always asked about going) my son who loves to see “race cars daddy!” and my father who spent many of his weekends with me growing up and supporting my go kart racing all around southern Michigan!

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