Pinterest Contest: Pin To Win a Pure Michigan Romantic Getaway

UPDATE: The submission period for this contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Megan Battaglia for being randomly selected as the winner! See Megan’s board at

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! In the spirit of the holiday, we’re offering fans nationwide the chance to win a trip for two to Mackinac Island.

The prize package includes a two-night stay at Grand Hotel, where guests will receive the Touch of Romance Package upon arrival – which includes champagne, fresh fruit and flowers. Additionally, guests will enjoy a carriage ride to the Woods Restaurant for dinner one of the evenings during their stay.

Thanks to our partners American Airlines and Buick, the winner will also enjoy roundtrip airfare for two and transportation for their stay.

To enter, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Follow Pure Michigan on Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account, click here to get started.
  2. Create a new Pinterest board titled “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” under the category “Travel.”
  3. Pin anything that represents what an ideal Pure Michigan romantic getaway is to you. The board must include at least five repins from Pure Michigan’s “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” board.
  4. Once your board is complete, leave a comment on this post with a link to your board plus your email address (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

Please note that of the five or more repins from Pure Michigan’s board, one must be the contest graphic (above) and one must be of your vehicle of choice from Buick. All pins must include the #puremichigan hashtag.

The contest kicks off today and runs through February 28, 2013. The winner will be selected and announced the following week on the Pure Michigan blog. See official rules and regulations here.

Check out Pure Michigan’s Michigan in Love: Pin to Win board and start pinning today!

  • Phyllis

    Being on Mackinac Island is like having your fairy tale come true. My husband always says” As you wish”, and he knows the Island is my greatest wish
    The Island will call you back

  • Sally Walsh

    I was born and raised in Michigan, but was never able to go to Mackinac Island growing up. My husband and I went there about 5 years ago and had an awesome time, would love to go back and spend more time there and maybe even stay at the Grand Hotel. My dream is to live on the Island someday!

  • Courtney Mize

    I have completed my board for the chance to win the Grand Hotel 2 night giveaway! What a great contest to win….7 year wedding anniversary this summer, married at The Grand and after a job loss a vacation would be great!

  • Jenny Brunder

    Love Mackinaw Island – our very first visit was just this last fall and we can’t wait to go back!

  • Melanie Robbins

    A romantic getaway at the Grand Hotel would be a dream come true! The serenity of the island away from the pressures of life, where elegance is evident in the small details, is what the Grand Hotel is all about. I would truly LOVE to win this for my husband and I. Its been years since we’ve had a getaway.

  • Kali Garcia

    I love Mackinac Island. My husband took me there for the first time a few years ago and I fell in love with the island. I have never been to the Grand Hotel but its one place that I would love to go. Mackinac has such a magic that I rarely feel other places.

  • Melanie Robbins

    Forgot to enter my Pinterest link! Sorry

  • Abigail
  • Teresa OBrien

    My husband and I absolutely love Mackinaw Island and the Grand Hotel. We usually visit the island during the summer months and would love to visit during the winter months. Every time we go we find something new. I love all of the quaint shops and everything that the island has to offer. Would absolutely love to win this trip and the Buick Encore!!!
    Pintrest board is:

  • Shannon Fashho

    This would be amazing to win! Thanks for the chance!

  • Sarah Lyn

    I have been traveling to Mackinac with my family since I was little. We are pure Michigan all the way! I have always dreamed of staying in the Grand Hotel, ever since I first pedaled my little bike up that dang hill. Perhaps someday this dream will come true! :-) I’ve seen Somewhere in Time a bazillion times. Absolutely love it. Mackinac is such a magical place — for me, the most peaceful (and romantic!) place in the world!

  • Leather Casebere

    I haven’t been to the Island since 1995. Being the Mother of four boys ages, 10, 6, 3 & 2, I *dream* of a romantic getaway.

  • Paula Piscopo

    My husband and I would love to win this romantic getaway. We haven’t been able to take a vacation together in a long time let alone a relaxing/romantic one. My husband, being the best one in the world, deserves to be spoiled! We are trying to start a family and this could be our “baby-moon” ;)

  • A Burke

    I have been to Mackinac Island with my Mom and my son and we rode our bikes around the Grand Hotel, but would love, love a romantic getaway to stay there with my husband!! Would be a great 10 yr anniversary get away!!!!

  • Norma Seals

    My husband and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage and would love to have a ceremony in Mackinac Island. We have always dreamed of going here. I’m sure the pictures do it no justice as to what one would truly experience.

  • Denise Urbain

    My 2 most favorite places in my home state are most any place on the coast of Lake Michigan, and Mackinaw/Mackinac. I am literally in love with the bridge, especially on a beautiful blue skied day that blends into the waters. I also never tire of the island. I feel that we find new places every time we have visited and I recently think it would be great to experience it in the quiet winter. I am not a winter person, but I love the peace that the island brings me. I can’t imagine what is must be like when it is not with all of the tourists. It reminds me to appreciate the great beauty of our sate that I often forget during the grey days of winter in the middle of the state.

    Thank You for looking at my board. I went alittle crazy as I picked what I needed and then also some of my favorite things.

  • Jill Laney

    I was so excited to see this contest on Facebook!
    My mind started spinning in millions of different directions when it comes to Michigan and all my wonderful memories!
    Being that I’ve lost both of my grandparents, who were the true essence of Michigan and the U.P., creating my board was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Oh the stories they could both tell about being first generation Yoopers, first generation Michiganders!
    So many things are offered in Michigan, from the beautiful beaches, the quiet little towns, to the changing seasons and colors. Anyone would be lucky to be able to vacation in such a beautiful state!
    As a child, we would be so excited about our trips to the U.P.! The magnificence of the Mackinac Bridge, a trip over to Mackinac Island. Of course, this all led to our travels to the U.P. My grandmother made sure we had red pistachios in the car, so by the time we arrived, our fingers were stained, but the delicious pistachios had been enjoyed!
    Of course nothing beats our family traditional U.P. Pasties, complete with ketchup (no gravy for this family!), or “squeaky” Finnish cheese and potato sausage! All of these wonderful foods served when our entire family got together at “camp” (those of you who are true Yoopers know what I’m talking about!). It was just a great way to reconnect with all our family, many of whom still live in the U.P.
    I recall taking walks along the railroad tracks, picking up pieces of yet-to-be refined iron ore, and listening to my Grandpa re-tell the story of him and his brothers stealing coal from the passing trains just to keep the family homestead warm during the harsh U.P. winters during the depression. And what grander vision than the massive iron ore ships docked in Marquette, either coming in off of Lake Superior, or loaded up and ready to head out?
    And what Michigander, whether still living there, or moved to other reaches of the world, wasn’t THRILLED that Somewhere In Time (Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour) was filmed at Michigan’s absolute gem, the Grand Hotel?? Beautiful scenery, and a step back into what life might truly have been like!
    Oh…I could go on and on about all my memories…but winning this contest would be a great way to create more wonderful memories!!

  • Andrew Martinez

    I would be so grateful to be able to take my girlfriend and myself on this amazing trip! I truly have a long love affair with Mackinac Island going back to my childhood, and be able to share that with her in this manner would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Today is our day! our mountain is waiting. So lets get on our way!

  • Denise Urbain

    I had a few misspelled words in my last comment. Oops!! It happens : ) I knew what I was trying to say

  • Ann Hille

    I am not from Michigan, but I LOVE your state. I truly believe that in a past life I must of been born on Mackinac Island . When I get off the boat to Mackinac Island my whole demeanor changes, I’m the most relaxed I’ve ever been. I would love to bring my husband to the island for a romantic get away, we have been so caught up in work and not making enough time for “us” that this would be just perfect!!! I truly believe in the magic of the island. ;)

  • susi courville

    Mackinac Island and The Grand Hotel? What a great contest, I cannot imagine a more beautiful spot to enjoy a romantic getaway. Michigan has so much to offer; easy travel, lush landscapes, wonderful delicious dining, and warm, friendly people…..always makes for a memorable vacation.

  • Lisa Paik

    I love Grand Hotel! My husband and I stayed for our anniversary and it was the MOST ROMANTIC time we had had. I can’t wait to bring my girls there one day and enjoy it with them.

  • Katie Turner

    We love Mackinac Island :) Have been there a few times and always looked on at the beautiful Grand Hotel in awe! What a gorgeous place to spend a weekend with my groom!

  • Leah Gussert

    Mackinac Island Contest

    thank you! So excited if I win!! :)

  • Angela Cotteral

    I have just started to explore Michigan – Its truly so beautiful!! I would LOVE to stay at the Grand Hotel with my husband – It’s an amazing site!!!

    Thank you


  • Kathy Pugh

    I’ve been wanting to get back to Michigan. It been too long. Want to
    go to Mackinac Island and the west coast especially.

  • Rita Schomaker

    After being together for 19 years and engaged for 15 of those, we are finally getting ready to make it official. The Grand Hotel has been our only real vacation that we have ever had. It would nice to make it into something more that a vacation place.

  • Kimberlee Reinking

    Though Michigan is home, it is still one of my favorite places to travel as well! There is so much beauty and diversity and something new around every bend. I would love to visit the Island again and stay at the Grand Hotel for the first time! Thank you for a great contest.

  • lauri5567

    Here’s my pin with a few favorites added.

  • Holly B
  • Megan Zimmerman

    My husband has lived here for 32 years and has never been to Mackinac! I’d love to surprise him with this! We absolutely love this state and love living here :)

  • Teresa Crippen

    Perfect for a romantic getaway!

  • Janice Mitchell

    We love Mackinaw Island! It is by far the most romantic places in the world. It calls you to come back again and again with so much beauty and peace that surrounds the entire Island. This is a wonderful contest and would be a special treat to those who would win it.

  • Mary Chambers

    My favorite place in Michigan by far is Mackinac Island! I am a native Michigander and have been to Mackinac Island many times but have never been fortunate enough to have stayed at the Grand Hotel. This would be an experience of a lifetime!

  • jjjgirls

    Love Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel is awesome. Want to come back soon!

  • J. AMICI

    A romantic getaway to Mackinaw Island would a dream. I’ve been all around Michigan but have never had the opportunity to stay at the Grand Hotel. This would be spectacular!!!!

  • Marie Parsons

    Thanks for providing such an awesome contest! Good luck, everyone :)

  • Katherine Kloss

    We took our son (as a gift after high school graduation on a road trip) to Michigan. One of the highlights was Mackinac Island. We were there for the lilac festival. These were some of the things we were able to do on the island: The taste of Mackinac, bicycle 8 miles around the island and golf. We all enjoyed the trip and it’s one of our favorite memories.

  • Julie H.

    Love Mackinac Island and the Grand! What a great prize!

  • Kelly Hajduk

    Being in Michigan makes me feel like home, even though I’m not from there! My husband and I were just married on Mackinac Island last year. We had the chance to introduce some of our family and friends who had never been to the Island before, at the wedding. Everyone loves it, but I always feel like it is truly the most peaceful place, and where I belong. I’m lucky enough to have married an amazing man who feels the same way I do! We would love to experience The Grand. So many great memories have happened in Michigan, We would love to add the Grand to the list!

  • Cindy Conklin

    I love Michigan….I miss traveling Michian since my husband passed. Would love to visit the island….remember those sweet memories of Michigan past! <3

  • Lisa D

    Last Summer we took a vacation in Mackinac Island and the UP. This is one of the most relaxing and beautiful vacations we have ever taken.
    The sunsets were spectacular! The picture rocks, sand dunes, and waterfalls are nature’s finest artscapes! The sky at night was so beautiful we could even see satellites. The Grand Hotel is fabulous! This a vacation I would love to do again!

  • Christal Wall

    Love, love, love Michigan!

  • Pamela Bowers-Beach

    We were married on Mackinac Island 12 1/2 years ago. It was my husband’s first time to Mackinac Island and memories were made that will last forever for everyone who came. As a child we visited the Island every other year…when you could walk on the Grand Hotel Porch without having a reservation. The beauty of the Grand and the Island will be with me always even though I am now in another state. Mackinac Island is and always will be, my favorite place to be! Thank you for sharing!

  • Becky McKone

    I AM MICHIGAN! Born and raised. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  • Tania Hoy

    I love Mackinac Island, actually Michigan period! My husband and I spent our honeymoon on Mackinac Island. We try and make it back when we can on our anniversary. We were there last October. I feel a connection to this island maybe its because I have ancestors who lived on the island from the 1800′s. It is a beautiful place to have a romantic get a way. This is where I like to go to have a relaxing and fun experience.

  • Joan Powell

    Mackinaw Island is on my bucket list for my summer vacation & has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for the past 6 yrs. IT LOOKS SO RELAXING, & Beautiful!

  • Alison (Swick) Hinrichs

    Born and raised in Iowa, Michigan has always been my second home. My dad was born in Sault Ste. Marie and his parents still live there. My parents are both teachers so every summer we would travel to our cabin on monocle lake in Brimley, MI about 50 miles north of Mackinac Island. My grandpa also helped build the mackinac bridge so everything mackinac has been dear to my heart. Little did I know, my fiancé Tyler, planned our engagement to be at the grand hotel. We stayed there on August 3, 2011(in the mackinac suite) the day before my birthday and he popped the question! We got married on Oct 6 2012 and I would absolutely love to surprise him with this gift!!

    I also pinned some of our pictures from our engagement on my board so you could see how amazing and truly romantic it was!

  • Patsy Farghaly

    I love MI.
    My dream is to go the Island for many reasons. Maybe some day!!

  • Meghan Engel

    I have been going to Mackinac my entire life and I plan on going the the rest of my life…there is nothing but amazing memories from the main land to the island to the Grand Hotel! It would be a dream come true to be able to stay at the Grand Hotel!