Pinterest Contest: Pin To Win a Pure Michigan Romantic Getaway

UPDATE: The submission period for this contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Megan Battaglia for being randomly selected as the winner! See Megan’s board at

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! In the spirit of the holiday, we’re offering fans nationwide the chance to win a trip for two to Mackinac Island.

The prize package includes a two-night stay at Grand Hotel, where guests will receive the Touch of Romance Package upon arrival – which includes champagne, fresh fruit and flowers. Additionally, guests will enjoy a carriage ride to the Woods Restaurant for dinner one of the evenings during their stay.

Thanks to our partners American Airlines and Buick, the winner will also enjoy roundtrip airfare for two and transportation for their stay.

To enter, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Follow Pure Michigan on Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account, click here to get started.
  2. Create a new Pinterest board titled “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” under the category “Travel.”
  3. Pin anything that represents what an ideal Pure Michigan romantic getaway is to you. The board must include at least five repins from Pure Michigan’s “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” board.
  4. Once your board is complete, leave a comment on this post with a link to your board plus your email address (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

Please note that of the five or more repins from Pure Michigan’s board, one must be the contest graphic (above) and one must be of your vehicle of choice from Buick. All pins must include the #puremichigan hashtag.

The contest kicks off today and runs through February 28, 2013. The winner will be selected and announced the following week on the Pure Michigan blog. See official rules and regulations here.

Check out Pure Michigan’s Michigan in Love: Pin to Win board and start pinning today!

  • Maureen Brogan

    We spent a day of our honeymoon on Mackinac Island, returned on our 10th anniversary. This year is our 25th anniversary and would love to return to Mackinac Island! Always one of our favorite places!

  • Kristine Woodland

    I love the Island and the Grand Hotel…..hve had to move to Texas and so miss my beautiful Michigan…..The Island is the only place to relax and sit a spell and take in the view of the lake….OH I soooooo miss you!!!!!

  • Nicole Scott
    Here’s to hoping we win..Hubby is from Detroit and has never been.I went once when I was babysit..the views were beautiful.The bike ride around the island was well worth the burn I got ;) and the fudge was THE best!

  • Andrea Paul
  • Aimee Purvayn

    My husband and I absolutely love the tranquility that Michigan has to offer. Mackinac Island is one of our favorite vacation hot spots. Would love to spend more time there!

  • Brook Krall

    Love Michigan, but haven’t had the chance to go to Mackinac. Would be great to get away for a couple of days!

  • Darlene Muniak

    Great place to visit beautiful

  • Simmie Annandale

    I have created my Pin to Win: Michigan in Love Board on my Pinterest site! What a fun event. 5 of us toured around Michigan this past summer, including Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Lelanau Penninsula. And, my hometown is Kalamazoo. So, Michigan has been a part of my life always. Beautiful state.

  • Sandy and Larry Krupa

    We are Michigan fans…..Larry was born in Flint manyyy years ago….We will soon be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and would love to go back to the Grand Hotel for a stay…..Fun memories…..

  • Stephanie Koblick

    Looks like a great getaway destination. Lots of activities and classic charm.

  • Juliana Goldwater

    I love Michigan!! If I could spend my days simply wandering the shores of this great state, I would.

  • Brittney Taavola

    Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula and now I am living with my fiance in Indiana. Moving out of state makes you truly realize how great Michigan really is.

  • Bethany Fletcher

    I would love a romantic getaway in Pure Michigan! No matter the season there is always something fun to do!

  • Shannon

    Hello! Please see my below link to my Pin to Win board! I grew up in Michigan and every summer my family would take a vacation to Mackinaw City and sometimes head out to Mackinac Island. I now live too far away from the state I call home and typically visits back are so packed down-state with visiting all the loved ones I never get to see so I never have the chance to enjoy what I love about Michigan. It has been over 10 years now since I’ve been up to Mackinaw and I would LOVE the opportunity to go again and bring my better half along to experience the beauty of it all =).

  • Kamy Moss

    We love all the beautiful places to visit. Hoping to travel up north more often!

  • Maria Baldysz

    I <3 Pure Michigan!

  • Amanda Garrison

    My husband and I were both born and raised in southern Michigan and then we moved to the upper peninsula after we’re married and we loved living there. Last year we made the hard decision to move to Nevada for work. We miss being in Michigan so much and dream about the day we can move back to our home. Winning this would be amazing as we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this year.

  • Leesa Reneau

    Michigan state is absolutely beautiful, I love traveling from the top to the bottom and the wayyyyy top, UP.

    Mackinac Island is my favorite place to go. Thank you so much for the chance to enter the contest. :)

  • Catherine Zarovy

    My fiancée and I have been friends over the years, all through high school and through college. I never realized how much he meant to me until I saw him playing in his band and realized that one day some lucky girl could snatch him up and steal away not just my best friend, but the person I finally found that I completely trust with my heart and start a life with.
    The proposal happened when Brian and I went camping up at Tawas with his family. All during the trip I kept hearing about how great the lighthouse was and all his family keep on making sure that he guarantees that Brian would take me up there to see the sights. To be honest, after spending the beginning of Saturday going around town checking out the sights, going antiquing, and stocking up on all kinds of jerky I thought Brian completely forgot about going. At 5pm we started walking towards the lighthouse and talked about our hopes and dreams for the future and how we wanted to spend our lives together.
    The closer we got to the lighthouse I thought perhaps something was up and thought at the same time to myself what a great way to propose. Brian knew I did not want it to be done in public with a lot of strangers around us and I wanted it to be private when the time came. I thought something was up and was going to search him and search all the pockets in his cargo pants, but decided he would not do it today. We started to go to the top of the light house and the coast guard was standing guard near the light bulb. The coast guard gives a couple minutes to look at the scenery of the lake and then out of the blue tells us that she forgot something downstairs and warns us that this is a million dollar light bulb and not to do anything.
    After the coast guard descends the stairs Brian asks me how is the view and I tell him that it is really nice and as I turn around and Brian is on bended knee with the ring in his hand that we picked out earlier in the year together. I was in complete shock and it did not registered in my head that he was asking me to marry him! To be honest I really did not even recognize the ring in the hand as being the ring that I fell in love with. I start laughing and ask him “Are you serious?” Then I started crying and laughing at the same time and finally in a worried way he asks me “Is that a yes?” and that is when I accepted the proposal and been on cloud nine since.

    Traveling and visiting the beautiful sights of Michigan has always been important to my family and to my fiancé family. I would like to win this contest because I think it would be a great way to start our lives together and start our honeymoon when we get married this year by visiting one of the top spots for romance in the state of Michigan!

  • Sharon Thomas

    After getting married on the beach of Lake Superior in the Picture Rock National Lakeshore we spent my honeymoon on Mackinac Island. It was wonderful! We would love to go back.

  • Stacy Coburn

    My husband and I were married in the Tea Garden at Grand Hotel and it would be so special to head back to the island with the help of Buick and American Airlines to celebrate! I can’t imagine a better way to spend our anniversary this summer than at Grand Hotel! How romantic!

  • Leesa Reneau

    Thank you so much!

  • Tiffany

    I moved to Michigan when I was 12 from Illinois. Before moving, we’d come up here for vacation. I met my husband here and got married here. This state is so amazing. My husband and I love getting into the car on a weekend and exploring. We’ve haven’t been to Mackinac for a few years now. I can’t wait to get back there!

  • Lorrie Gandy

    This trip would be a wonderful 20-year-anniversary gift. We love Michigan and all it’s natural beauty!

  • Kristella Wellman

    Love Michigan and Mackinac Island has to be one of my favorite spots to Visit. Its just beautiful up there.

  • Fran

    Our favorite “romantic” spot is Petoskey, Michigan where we began camping at Petoskey State Park many years ago. Charlevoix, Michigan and Fisherman’s Island State Park are a close second as far as favorite romantic places in Michigan. We love the outdoors, walking the beach, collecting rocks, swimming, campfires. One year we went rock hunting the last weekend of April at Cross Village Township Park. We learned never to go rock hunting that early in the year when my husband was walking our rock “treasures” back to the car. He walked over a seemingly sandy spot only to find out it was quicksand. When I joined him at the car, he was wet and sandy from the waist down and told me what had happened. He was pretty shook up and asked me to drive back to the hotel! We have many memories of Northern Michigan vacations together and with family.

  • Jena Young

    Love Michigan. :) It has so much beauty and wonder to it.

  • Kelly Cantrell

    Northern Michigan is one of my favorite places. The beauty is outstanding and leaves you breathless. A romantic get away would be so appreciated, a opportunity to get to know one another again. Time without children, time to enjoy your spouse in one of the most beautiful places in the world…Northern Michigan, now that’s Pure Michigan.

  • kari bemis

    Mackinaw is a very nice place to visit lots to do and enjoy the company !

  • Beki Hodgman

    I know this doesn’t cover EVERYTHING Michigan has to offer, but it is a collection of some of my favorites. What a fun contest!

  • Janet Sommerfield

    The breathtaking sights of Michigan are everywhere in this state. The Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw Island are the ‘Jewels’ of this state. I love living here. I could live anywhere, but this is where my heart is, My Michigan. Michigan is rich with nature and with history.

  • Jill Boudreau-Wallaker

    There’s numerous locations and events in Michigan that are romantic. I wish I more time to pin all the wonderful places that I’ve been in Michigan and all of the ones that I still wish to explore!

  • Emily T.

    How fun! Congrats to however wins this amazing trip!

  • Stacy Sheckell

    I’ve lived all over Michigan my whole life, and I love it! A wonderful place to work and play!

  • Martha Sadony

    We live in paradise here in Michigan but sometimes when you live and work somewhere wonderful you rarely get a chance to travel to other parts of this wonderful state. We would love to win a romantic trip to the Grand Hotel, it would be dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone! Enjoy Pure Michigan!!

  • Cj Hughes

    Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful trip.
    I got married when I was just 16 and my Husband 18 and we and did not ever get a honeymoon. My Husband and I have been blessed with 3 amazing sons and one Grandson that we are helping raise while my son and his fiancee’ work.
    We have been married 27 years this May and have only had one over night
    trip away from our children that was not work related.
    My Husband was injured in a very bad accident five years ago, when he was working as a tow truck driver for the State Police, since then things have not been the same. A chance for a romantic get away is almost like a dream .

    Our family saves all year and looks forward to 10 days at the beach on one of our Great Lakes.

    We are happy to share this tradition with our Grandson, who we hope will want to carry it on when he has a family of his own one day.

    Making memories :)

    We love Michigan <3

    Thank you again for this chance,
    Cj Hughes

  • Janet Sommerfield

    The breathtaking sights of Michigan are everywhere in this state. The Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw Island are the ‘Jewels’ of this state. One of my favorite spots is Honor, Michigan where you can take an exciting canoe trip on the Platte River. And afterward follow the river as it flows into the beautiful clear, cool waters of Lake Michigan. Michigan is rich with nature and also has a fascinating history. I love living here. I could live anywhere, but this is where my heart is, My Michigan.

  • Kathy Carroll

    My husband works out of town a lot and we had our 10 yr anniversary last October, because he was out of town we never were able to celebrate. I would love to be able to go to the beautiful Mackinaw Island!

  • Rachel Wallace
  • glenn airgood

    We Love the Island, so relaxing! We have never stayed at the Grand while at the beautiful Island because the raising the children always came first.

    Ready for another new experience on the Island

  • Kathy Carroll

    Oops forgot the Pinterest link in last post, thanks

  • Kelsey A

    What a wonderful giveaway this is! While I don’t have many pictures on my board currently, I will definitely be adding to it in the future! Thank you for this opportunity and this idea! My now husband and I took a mini 4th of July vacation to Mackinac Island right before he proposed back in 2010. It’s always been a dream to stay at the Grand Hotel though!

  • Carole Filipowski

    Love Michigan!! My husband and I would visit a different city for vacation a few times a year. We love to take the kids to different areas of Michigan. Can’t wait to discover more.

  • Laura McDonald

    What a great idea. I am a little sad, though, I had to delete a lot of pictures off my board as I kept getting rejected for spam everytime I tried to use the hashtag #puremichigan. I posted photos of the towns along M-22, as that is what best represented my idea of a romantic Michigan getaway. :)

  • Alison Buchanan

    I grew up in Michigan and I’m always telling people what a great state it is. I left back in 78 to join the military but we now live in Alabama, but my family have a yearly trip when we can afford to go home to Pentwater. The kids have gotten their kids to love it too. So Michigan will always be part of our lives no matter where we are. But I have never been to Mackinaw Island. I have seen the bridge while traveling for work. I would love this to celebrate my 32 nd wedding trip. My husband and I never took one since we were both in the Air Force and money was always an issue back then. I would love to tell him of the most romantic place for our trip. Thanks for the chance.

  • Janet Thorne

    With our farming it is so nice to go to Mackinac Island and get away and relax!! In the almost 19 years we’ve been in Michigan, we’ve only been there 2 times but we have enjoyed it both times!

  • Kris Drake

    Mackinac Island is our favorite place to go! It is our 15th year weddding anniversary this year and this would be an incredible trip to take! My Pin to Win: Michigan in Love pinterest site is

  • Alyx Benson

    I have been to Mackinac Island once and loved every minute of it! On the 23rd of this month, my husband an I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and today, the 28th we have been together for 10 years! He is my high school sweetheart and we have 3 beautiful children together. He serves our county and keeps it safe every night as a deputy and a well deserved romantic vacation woul make our year!

  • Kellie Moran

    I have lived in Michigan all my life and have begun exploring the beauty recently! Last summer we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Tahquamenon Falls, Munising and Marquette. We camped everywhere we went and did the Pictured Rocks Cruise which I highly recommend to anyone! Just this February we went to Curtis, MI and rented a cabin on Lake Manistique and saw the Ice Caves in Eben. Michigan has so many hidden secrets! I can’t wait to explore more. I would especially love to go to Mackinac Island and think that this is a wonderful opportunity!

  • Sandi McDowell

    We love, love, love Michigan! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… so many beautiful seasons!