Pinterest Contest: Pin To Win a Pure Michigan Romantic Getaway

UPDATE: The submission period for this contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Megan Battaglia for being randomly selected as the winner! See Megan’s board at

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! In the spirit of the holiday, we’re offering fans nationwide the chance to win a trip for two to Mackinac Island.

The prize package includes a two-night stay at Grand Hotel, where guests will receive the Touch of Romance Package upon arrival – which includes champagne, fresh fruit and flowers. Additionally, guests will enjoy a carriage ride to the Woods Restaurant for dinner one of the evenings during their stay.

Thanks to our partners American Airlines and Buick, the winner will also enjoy roundtrip airfare for two and transportation for their stay.

To enter, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Follow Pure Michigan on Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account, click here to get started.
  2. Create a new Pinterest board titled “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” under the category “Travel.”
  3. Pin anything that represents what an ideal Pure Michigan romantic getaway is to you. The board must include at least five repins from Pure Michigan’s “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” board.
  4. Once your board is complete, leave a comment on this post with a link to your board plus your email address (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

Please note that of the five or more repins from Pure Michigan’s board, one must be the contest graphic (above) and one must be of your vehicle of choice from Buick. All pins must include the #puremichigan hashtag.

The contest kicks off today and runs through February 28, 2013. The winner will be selected and announced the following week on the Pure Michigan blog. See official rules and regulations here.

Check out Pure Michigan’s Michigan in Love: Pin to Win board and start pinning today!

  • Larissa Avery

    My husband and I love the island. This would be a wonderful opportunity for us to do something special to celebrate our 5 yr. anniversary.

  • Carol Brianna Brentwood Buffenbarger

    We spend most of our vacation time at a beach in Michigan. We love living here & vacationing here. It is beautiful all year round!

  • Sandi McDowell

    Love Michigan all year long!

  • Cathy Lynn Clegg Chappa

    Born, raised and still living in Pure Michigan’s fantastic Upper Peninsula…I’ve completed my “Pin to Win” Board on Pinterest.
    My husband and I are coming up on our 37th Wedding Anniversary; who wouldn’t enjoy a trip to Mackinac Island!?! We have 5 beautiful daughters and 13 fabulous grandchildren who also share our love of Michigan.

  • Kari Bouressa

    I LOVE Pure Michigan! I’ve been to so many places in the UP, but never to the Island.

  • Leslie Clark Baldwin

    The first time I was om the island was in 1971 as a young child and I have been back a few times since,. It really is one of Michigan”s jewels!!!

    (I would still be pinning if I wasn’t at work. )

  • Kathy Nevenhoven

    I love everything about the Island. Its so beautiful up there. I always looked forward to going on vacation there as a child, and look forward to all the vacations my family will take there!

  • Leann Lewis

    My husband and I were born and raised in the thumb of Michigan and moved out to Montana for a job opportunity. While it is beautiful out here, I often miss traveling up to Mackinac Island each summer like we used to. Would love the chance to go back!

  • Denise Haley

    Our family has been going to Mackinac Island since we were little. I love taking the ferry to the island and seeing the Grand Hotel come into view! My sister and her husband got married on the island and it was a memorable romantic weekend. I would love to stay at the Grand Hotel and sit on the famous porch to watch the world go by on bike, in old fashioned carriages, and dance the night away in the ballroom! I love Michigan!

  • Dora Athanasopoulos

    My boyfriend and I fell in love on the first date. We are looking forward to planning our future together soon. Neither one of us have visited Mackinac Island! We would love to go and its sad as Michigan natives we have never gone!

  • Barb Brinker

    Have been married for almost 37 years now and would love to spend the weekend at the Grand Hotel. We’ve been to Mackinaw Island but have never stayed at the hotel. We love to vacation in Michigan.

  • Sarah Brown

    Northern Michigan was my childhood, I spent summers on Lake Charlevoix and Winters skiing at Boyne Mountain. As I have grown my love for Northern Michigan has as well.

  • RachelMarie

    My husband and I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island for an anniversary getaway. He has never been and I know he’d love it! He is from Ohio and it’s great sharing with him places that I have grown to love.

  • Susanne Simon

    We would love this! Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up 4/24/2013.

  • Linda Stegall

    We first went to Michigan in 2010 on a spontaneous 4-day trip. While there, we visited one of my cousins who showed us some great parks, a lighthouse, good food and a great time! We loved it and went again in Sep. 2012 for our 43rd anniversary. Our plan was to go to Traverse City and then Mackinac Island, but we were having such a great time in Traverse City that we decided we’d have to wait to see Mackinac Island another time when we had more time to enjoy it. The people are always friendly, and the scenery is gorgeous. Hoping to go back soon!

  • Laura Clark

    Michigan is so beautiful, why would anyone vacation anywhere else??

  • Susanne Simon

    We would love this! Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up 4/24/2013.

  • Charlene Vallad

    WE LOVE MICHIGAN!!! My husband and I were born and raised here (52 years ago) and will never leave MICHIGAN!! We did most all of our vacations with our children, now 29 and 31. We have instilled MICHIGAN in their blood. They share the same love and continue the cycle!!

  • Cathy Partridge

    Michigan is the only state that you can use your hand for a map. I really need a vacation!!! Can wait to see who wins.

  • Kathleen Buchanan


    I had so much fun with this! I may have gotten a bit carried away, I chose to tell a story of what my romantic getaway on Mackinac Island would consist of. I kept it short and sweet with only 8 pins (quality not quantity), but it’s undeniable how many I could have pinned; our State is gorgeous AND romantic. Anyway, enjoy! And keep doing what you do for the State of Michigan, it’s fantastic!

    My pinterest:

    Happy and Proud Michigander,

    Kathleen Buchanan :-)

  • Lori Wilhelm

    As you can see would love the trip to Mackinac Island. We would celebrate our anniversary if we win.

  • camryn

    my husband and i spent our honeymoon in TC… michigan is the best!

  • Beth Myers

    No way, Florida. Not interested, South Carolina. I said” Yes!” to Michigan in 1989, and have never looked back. It is here I raised my children, found a career, and now, well into my fifties, a man to share all this with. We pack cameras and either bop around Michigan in my Buick Rendezvous (my neighbor and friend is a dealer! Woohoo, Clift Buick and Pontiac!), or pull a camper in his truck, and we are off to camp, color tour, or just bask in the beauty of our spectacular coastlines. We consider ourselves winners just to live and love here.

  • Cathy Partridge

    Michigan is the only state that you can use your hand for a map. I really need a vacation!!! Can’t wait to see who wins.

  • Lisa Smith
    It is my 25th Anniversary and with family nearby. So a trip to Michigan would be such a blessing. I quit my high profile job to work with special education students and cannot afford to do much traveling. I have done a lot of traveling in Michigan but Mackinac Island is amazing and I want to go back.

  • Pat Steele

    To us the ideal Michigan “love” get-a-way is Mackinac Island. We honeymooned there 42 years ago back when the hotels had wood floors with throw rugs, shared bathrooms (we luckily had a private one) claw foot bathtubs (no showers) and metal beds–we loved it! We go back every year and sometimes more than once.

  • Cheryl Sanders

    After so many years of being away from my home state, my heart still aches for its’ beauty and serenity! There’s no place like home……when home is Michigan!

  • Penny Schaaf

    My husband and I took our 2 small children to the U.P. and visited Mackinac Island for the day. We promised each other to visit again someday when we’re rich and stay in the Grand Hotel. We dined there for the luncheon buffet – such a fun experience. The hotel is a beautiful piece of Michigan history. As residents, we have visited several Michigan spots – we love Pure Michigan! Thanks for this contest!

  • Denise G.

    This was a fun way to demonstrate how wonderful Michigan really is!

  • Brian Fisher

    It would be great to return to the island after proposing to my fiance on the north shore last September!

  • shelley

    Who doesn’t love Michigan!? So much beauty and fun things to do. A great place to grow up and raise a family. Hoping to win this for my son and his fiance for their honeymoon. They really want to go to Mackinaw Island.

  • Sarah Babbie

    My husband and I are a young couple and started running and biking last year. Being active has taken us all over Michigan including Mackinac Island for the first time last year for the “zoo-de-Mack”. We would love to return for a romantic getaway! It doesn’t get any better than #puremichigan fun and adventure! Check out my pinterest

  • Charlene Harryman

    Would love to win this trip, my husband and I spent one night of our honeymoon on Mackinaw Island in one of the smaller house hotels. He said he always wanted to take me to the Grand Hotel. The closest we have ever gotten is the porch, but even that was awesome!

  • Amy Richardson

    I love the mitten! It was hard to stop pinning all the wonderful places in Michigan. I think everyone should visit our beautiful state at least once.

  • Lisa Rundell

    I grew up in Michigan and believe it is one of the most beautiful states in the country. In 1985 when I got married my husband and I danced to the theme song from the movie “Somehwere in Time” We fell in love with the movie and the Grand Hotel. We have wanted to make the Grand Hotel a destination for our anniversary but have never been able to make it. This would be the perfect anniversary “love get-away”, our own “Somewhere in Time”.

  • Sara Barbour

    I learned how to love Michigan from my mother. She also taught we how to read maps, which has guided my husband and I many trips to the U.P. safely. The Island is magical! You can’t help but try to control time as the dear Richard Collier did and revisit the time you’ve had on the Island. I keep a constant weather report for the many places in the U.P. Copper Harbor for one and Marquette for another. I keep them so at any point I can close my eyes and create an image of perfection to steal me away for a moment. I love Michigan and all it has to offer!

  • Kayli C.

    My fiance and I are getting married in May of 2014. We don’t have the money for a big honeymoon, and this would be great! Mackinac Island is such a fun place! It would be very romantic to go there with my husband.

  • Debbie Loyd
    My husband and I went to the Island the first time for our 30th anniversary. We both agreed it will not be our last. It was delightful. Believe it or not, we walked the 8.2 miles perimeter one day. We promised ourselves we would get bikes the next time. :)

  • Meghan Ross

    My family has always traveled to Mackinaw Island every summer since I have been 3 years old. I have traveled all many places and Mackinaw Island is my favorite place to go. We have a bike race each year and winner buys dinner. It is a wonderful tradition that I hope to pass on to my family. I am getting married this summer and my dream is to get married on the island however we are on a very tight budget. Even if I cannot have my wedding on the island it would be amazing to have our honeymoon there!

  • Melissa Duchon

    Being from Michigan and recently moving to Ohio I would love a trip for 2 to revisit the mitten. I visit Traverse City yearly for a wine tour in the summer and have family that owns farm in Grayling. Mackinaw/Mackinaw Island has always been one of my favorite spots to visit, I just have not had the time nor the money to visit recently and I have never had the ability to afford a night at the Grand Hotel. Maybe my partner would use a nice trip like this to finally propose (I know the ring has been purchased, just waiting for the question to come!).

  • Andrea Smith

    Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter…….we love Michigan!!!!

  • Shannon Walker

    Mackinac Island is a wonderful place to visit! I have dreamed of staying in the Grand Hotel, one of these days I will.

  • Lisa Bryant

    I was raised in northern Indiana just a stone throw from the Michigan state line. My mother and I loved to cross over the line and explore the backroads of southern lower Michigan, particularly in the fall. I went to college in Michigan, met the love of my life in Michigan and we’ve raised our family in Michigan. My husband and I honeymooned in a motorhome up the east side to the island and back down the west side. Weve made the circle tour of Lake Superior and camped on Superior, Huron, and Lake Michigan. We watched our son marry the love of his life on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and watched him graduate with a PhD. from Ferris State. Our youngest is going to school in Michigan too. We have bought the home we will probably spend the rest of our lives in….in Michigan. And we haven’t even begun to see it all. But we plan to; together and In Love, In Michigan.

  • John

    Born and raised Michigander. Love everything Pure Michigan, from the products to any of the many awesome places to visit

  • Patricia A Muladore

    I live in Michigan. I love the Great Lakes and the changing seasons!!

  • Laura Oskins

    I love the Island! I would love to win this trip :)

  • Peggy Crawford
  • Christa Milster

    Home is where the hand is. <3 I live in LA but was born and raised in MI and graduated from MSU. A stay at the Grand Hotel is on my bucket list and I would love to take my boyfriend there(a MI native, too, but has never been). I'm constantly telling my Angeleno friends all the wonderful things about #puremichigan..the ocean is good..but the lakes are GREAT!Xx

  • Carey

    Love Michigan! Took the kids to Mackinaw Island last summer, Loved it. We make time to drive up to Michigan every summer to enjoy the clean beaches. It is a great family experience and I always refer Michigan beaches to my friends as a great getaway.

  • Lori M.

    Born and raised in Pure Michigan in NE Grand Rapids. Honeymooned at the Grand Hotel in 1986. I have returned for several Island adventures since. Fudge, horses, sun, sails, beautiful red geranium carpet in the glorious lobby and fudgeeeee…. <3.