Pinterest Contest: Pin To Win a Pure Michigan Romantic Getaway

UPDATE: The submission period for this contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Megan Battaglia for being randomly selected as the winner! See Megan’s board at

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! In the spirit of the holiday, we’re offering fans nationwide the chance to win a trip for two to Mackinac Island.

The prize package includes a two-night stay at Grand Hotel, where guests will receive the Touch of Romance Package upon arrival – which includes champagne, fresh fruit and flowers. Additionally, guests will enjoy a carriage ride to the Woods Restaurant for dinner one of the evenings during their stay.

Thanks to our partners American Airlines and Buick, the winner will also enjoy roundtrip airfare for two and transportation for their stay.

To enter, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Follow Pure Michigan on Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account, click here to get started.
  2. Create a new Pinterest board titled “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” under the category “Travel.”
  3. Pin anything that represents what an ideal Pure Michigan romantic getaway is to you. The board must include at least five repins from Pure Michigan’s “Pin to Win: Michigan in Love” board.
  4. Once your board is complete, leave a comment on this post with a link to your board plus your email address (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

Please note that of the five or more repins from Pure Michigan’s board, one must be the contest graphic (above) and one must be of your vehicle of choice from Buick. All pins must include the #puremichigan hashtag.

The contest kicks off today and runs through February 28, 2013. The winner will be selected and announced the following week on the Pure Michigan blog. See official rules and regulations here.

Check out Pure Michigan’s Michigan in Love: Pin to Win board and start pinning today!

  • Rebecca Scott

    My husband and I honeymooned on Mackinac Island in August 2011. Some of our happiest memories are on that island. We loved the romance, the “step back in time” feel. From bicycle rides around the perimeter, to exploring the beautiful neighborhoods at the top of the hill, to rocking away an afternoon on the Grand Hotel porch…. the trip was absolutely divine.

    We now have our first baby, and would love to enjoy a short, romantic trip while Adam spends some time with his grandparents!

  • Kirstin Wallace
    This contest has made me realize Mackinac Island played as a major backdrop for me falling in love with my husband. Even though those photos are stuck on an old phone and can’t be retrieved before the contest’s deadline, I’m now going to make a point to recover those and make a board. Makes me weak in the knees just thinking about it!

  • Grace

    would love to go on this awesome getaway!

  • Julie S.

    Michigan, Michigan, PURE romantic Michigan…….I love you when I’m with and miss you when I’m not! Until we meet again, this board will hold you in my <3! #puremichigan

  • Christine

    It seems every year our anniversary gets overlooked as preparations are made to celebrate our child’s birthday which is the next day (but she was not born the same year!). It would be fabulous to have a romatic getaway to truly celebrate the two of us.

  • Lisa Calhoun

    I love all of the Pure Michigan pins. Romantic and not so romantic.

  • Jennifer Lahiff

    I have never been to Mackinac Island!!! Oh how I would love to go there with my husband! What a great getaway for us as newlyweds!!!

    My Pinterest board:

  • Theresa Esterline

    I created a Pin to Win: Michigan in Love board here:

  • Jennifer Lahiff

    Oops! I may have put my link in the wrong spot so I’m commenting again! Sorry! I’ve never been to Mackinac Island so I would love to get this getaway for me and my new husband!

  • Abby Hartwig
  • Rebekah Start

    I was just thinking that we haven’t been to Mackinac Island in over 10 years and we need to go visit there again & stumbled on this contest! Mackinac Island is one of our country’s hidden gems. It’s peaceful, historic, beautiful in all seasons & in our own backyard. It’s one of the few places I’ve been to that never really changes: the lake shore, the quaint downtown, the elegant hotel, the fort, the bucolic bike path around the island – all maintain their charm visit after visit!

  • Jamie DeVries

    I went on my first vacation with my boyfriend up to Mackinaw but never to the actual island. I am proud to be from Michigan because this state is great and northern Michigan is beautiful in the summer time!

  • Sarah Cucheran

    There is no place like home… We love our home state of MI from the north to the south and the east to the west!

  • Joan Brausch

    My favorite part of the state, which is Leelanau Peninsula and Traverse City. We love the land, the water, the air up there. We camped with our kids for over 15 years and then have been going there ourselves both as campers and as folks who stay in hotels or B and Bs for another 15. Wine tasting, sailing on the tall ships, hiking, sittin on the beach, biking, reading by the fire, shopping, taking part in one of the festivals. We love it all.

  • Kristine Hall

    Hanging out at home or jumping in the car for a day trip, we never get tired of exploring Michigan, together.

  • Tracey Deddo

    I am a South Haven junkie! So much so, my email address is…yes my email address really is the same name of the lighthouse. My husband even proposed to me at sunset there. But I love the rest of Michigan too. I would love to win a trip to Mackinaw for an anniversary! Never been!

  • Rhonda McNeice

    I Love Michigan! It is very romantic, from the beautiful fall colored leaves that fall as you take ride holding your love’s hand. To long cold nights that made you snuggle in front of the fire place. To spring days walking in the park and taking pictures while having a romantic picnic lunch. To hot summer days running on the beach holding your love’s hand watching the sunset. That must be why we have been married for 21 years.

  • Kelly Kriefall

    Mackinac Island is the most magical island in the world. You can almost feel the quintessence of the past as you enjoy the gifts of the present.

  • Jessica Averill

    Pure Michigan is a way of life for Sean and I. We met in 2010 on Mackinac Island and have spent years visiting as much of this beautiful state as we can. This board describes our love story, in which Pure Michigan is very much a part of. Mackinac Island is forever a magical place for us and the Grand Hotel is one of the most beautiful places in Pure Michigan, and it would be a treasured experience to return on the circumstances of this contest.

  • Kayla Christensen

    Loved Mackinaw Island more than Europe!

  • Katie A

    I so enjoyed compiling these romantic spots in my beautiful home state of Michigan. Enjoy and make wonderful memories of your own!

  • Nicholas Richardson

    #puremichigan pin to win: Michigan in love! I hope you like my pictures.

  • Alyssa G.

    I would love to make this trip with my very best friend. It has always been a dream to stay at the Grand Hotel.

  • Nicholas Richardson
  • Beth Simon
  • Beth Simon

    Loved every visit to the island, beginning with one at age three when I got ‘lost’! Have never stayed at the Grand Hotel but it’s definitely something I’d love to experience. Wouldn’t we be lucky:)

  • Emily Keeping

    My husband and I love Michigan. We grew up braving the beautiful winters and playing on the shores of Lake Michigan in the warm summer breeze. As our lives and jobs have moved us out of the state we are constantly telling our new friends to get their buns up to Michigan and discover the beauty of the state for themselves. This would be the vacation of a lifetime, but really it would just add another awesome memory of Michigan to our lives.

    For your consideration:

  • Rachel

    I love Michigan!

  • Jessie P.

    Michigan is my favorite place! What a fun contest and great prize :)

  • Roberta Valella

    #puremichigan Michigan is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We spent our honeymoon in St. Ignace and when we went to Mackinac Island I introduced my husband to the movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. He told me that in the movie where they meet at the tree for the first time and she asks him, “Is it you?”, would be a wonderful place to renew our vows. We have always found that spot to be one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Michigan, along with the shore of Lake Superior.

  • Tricia Miles
  • Andrea Tasior

    In love w/ Michigan!!! :)

  • Jason Pernice

    Would love to get to The Great Lakes State!

    Please find my qualifying entry here:


  • Alicia Gillman

    This was our first date and we’ve been together over two years now. Mackinaw will always be magical to us. #puremichigan

  • Alicia Gillman

    This was our first date and we’ve been together over two years now. Mackinaw will always be magical to us. #puremichigan

  • Theresa

    I live and love in Michigan! I was born here and go to at least one place that I’ve never visited in Michigan each year. The beauty of this state is a never-ending joy to me.

  • K. McNulty

    Mackinac Island is a place that makes me feel like I am home. I was born and raised in Michigan and moved away for my husbands career. Whenever I cross the Michigan border, I instantly feel that I am where I belong. We stayed at the Grand Hotel in 2008 for a nice getaway and we always hate leaving. This past year has been a very trying year for us both financially and emotionally. My husband and I could use a vacation to reconnect with each other. After being with my husband for 17 years, you fall into a rhythm and sometimes need to take time away as a couple to remember why we fell in love. We would be so humbly honored and grateful if we won this trip. Thank you!

  • Jill Christoff

    Love the island!

  • Connie Super

    I’m from Michigan and haven’t been back to the UP in a while. I’d love to come and stay at the Grand Hotel and show my boy friend all over Michigan.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Michigan is so pretty!

  • Connie Super

    I’m from Michigan and haven’t been back to the UP in a while. I’d love to come and stay at the Grand Hotel and show my boy friend all over Michigan.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Michigan is so pretty!

  • Sevan madoyan

    I love Michigan and I’m probably the only person in all of Michigan who has not been up north yet…I love following PURE MICHIGAN because I get to see how pretty Michigan really is and hopefully be able to plan a trip soon…I wish I could tell you my love story and how it all started and how the movie “somewhere in time” was our first movie we watched together and even though it was dorky, it made me fall even more in love with Michigan and the grand hotel! It would be a dream to win this contest and I’m glad for the opportunity to compete because I get to see all these pictures, hopefully get a chance to win and maybe even tell my amazing story.


  • Courtney Mize

    Who won the trip?

  • Kelly Elswick

    The rules say the winner will be selected on or around March 7th. Good luck everyone! What a great prize.

  • Pure Michigan

    Congratulations Megan Battaglia – you’ve been randomly selected as the winner of Pure Michigan’s Pin to Win: Michigan in Love contest! We’ll be in touch via email with details for obtaining your prize.

  • Jane Doe

    Funny..the winner’s board did the bare minimum…some of these boards were beautiful and really captured “Michigan in Love”..if you’re going to do a Pinterest contest, do it right! Don’t randomly select someone and not even bat an eye at the boards! Very disappointed…

  • Jennifer Decker

    I agree with Jane, was so sad I spent days on my board. Not to be rude or spiteful but I also believe that someone who spent some more time and effort would may have been a more appropriate choice. Never mentioned anything about being a “random” drawing in the details above.

  • lynn

    Congradulations to the winner of Pure Michigans Pin to Win contest. Mackinaw Island is truly a lovely place to visit. Thanks to Pure Michigan, Buick, The Grand Hotel, American Airlines, and Woods Restaurant for offering a awesome package that will surely be memorable. Megan Battaglia was randomly selected, as stated in the official rules, as the winner. Thanks to Pure Michigan for giving all the participants a peek into Mackinaw Island, an incentive to learn pinterest, and the opportunity to participate in an awesome contest.

  • Kelly Elswick

    Congrats to the winner! FYI- The rules did indicate it was a random draw. She followed the rules to win.

  • Voldemort

    Congratulations to Megan, though I do agree with Jane Doe and Jennifer Decker–that “random winner” part is sad for those that actually tried to do their board justice. Some boards had 100+ pins, and the winner had 12. Just seems like great hash tag publicity for Pure Michigan on Pinterest. Learned my lesson: next time, if the rules don’t ask for quality, don’t bother with effort. Now I’m going to avada kedavra that board off my page. Kisses! Voldemort <3

  • Disappointed

    WOW!, what a waste of time for all of those people trying to do pure Michigan some justice, just to see like the people above said someone win who applied the very minimal effort. I guess it pays off to be lazy! Next time I enter a contest this is example of my role model “do minimum effort to get an A+.”