Spend Cyber Monday at the Pure Michigan Store and Save! (Plus a Giveaway)

Update: The two winners of our Pure Michigan stocking cap giveaway are Tonya whose item on her wish list was to live in Michigan, the “greatest place on Earth,” and LeAnn, whose wish list item was for her five grandbabies in Michigan to visit her in South Carolina. Congratulations to our winners! 

Get a jump on your holiday shopping and give the gift of Pure Michigan this Cyber Monday by visiting the Pure Michigan Store! There you’ll find Pure Michigan apparel, souvenirs and Michigan-made products that will remind loved ones and friends of their love of Michigan the whole year through.

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At the Pure Michigan Store there’s something for everybody. From the Pure Michigan Original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap to the Pure Michigan Memories Frame, you’re sure to find the perfect host/hostess gift, a gift for your boss, neighbor, relative or friends!

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PLUS, we have two Pure Michigan stocking caps that we’re looking to give away! Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post sharing one Michigan item that is on your holiday wish list (only one comment per e-mail address please).
  • On December 5th at 5 p.m., we’ll randomly pick two winners and send each a Pure Michigan stocking cap. We’ll contact you using the e-mail address you provide (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).
Good luck!
  • Sophia L.

    I would love a Pure Michigan hoodie ♥

  • cindy replogle

    I would like a PureMichigan travel Mug.

  • Zack Coon

    The biggest thing I want is tickets to the Michigan Winter beer festival in Grand Rapids.

  • Paul Thebert

    The PureMichigan Memories picture frame.

  • Cherie Clements

    I grew up making Michigan maple syrup with my Grandpa…so a little blast from the past in a bottle would be lovely!

  • Denise

    I would love some sweet cherry wine!

  • Lon

    My wish list would be Pasty’s from Bessie’s on State St in St Ignace. Best pasty’s in Michigan!

    Zero affiliation, just a must have when up there!

  • Tonya Busse

    My Christmas list has the same thing on it every year, to live in Mi, the greatest place on Earth! <3 the water, the shorelines, the trees, the air, <3 Michigan!!

  • Vicky

    Would love this hat!

  • Carol Rodge

    I really like the Pure Michigan ornament – -

  • Rhonda

    On my list is the Pure Michigan Set of 2 16.75 oz. Stemless Red Wine Glass.

  • Charlene Burnison

    I would like a Pure Michigan gift box full of “goodies” to send to my son-in-law who will be in Afganistan!

  • Jason sage

    Tickets to the Michigan Winter beer festival in Grand Rapids.

  • Kara Hamm

    I would love the hoodie! I am always wearing sweatshirts in the winter and I would to sport one with the Pure Michigan logo!

  • Kristen

    I would love to spend the night in a Michigan bed and breakfast and enjoy a glass of Michigan wine with my husband!

  • Sam Eggleston

    Is there anything more special in a stocking for the sportsman in your life than a Michigan-made hunting knife? Both Rapid River Knifeworks and Bark River knives make outstanding ones.

    That’s what I’m giving a few folks this year, and I sure wouldn’t mind one under the tree myself!

  • jerrel palmer

    i would love some of that great MICHIGAN maple syrup ! the smell makes me feel at home in livonia !

  • Laurie O’Dell

    I would love some C.T Granola made with TC cherries!

  • judi nyerges

    My Christmas-List Wish is to sit in the Gazebo by the Dam in Rockford enjoying an ice cream cone from Custard by the Dam, a lunch from Marie Catribe’s, an afternoon at Meijer Gardens and a night out at a BTG show in G.R.. Since I live on Whidbey Island in WA state, this would be a heck of a gift!!

  • Tonya

    I wish for anything from Michigan so I can send it to my son who is currently stationed out of the country in the Marines. He loves Michigan, as we all do and I would put it in a care package. Along with my son, everyone from this state stationed over there would enjoy a small piece of Michigan.

  • Gabe Francisco

    I really want a Puremichigan Hoodie, so I can show off to everyone out here in Montana that Michigan is the best in the land!

  • Alicia

    I would like to add the Pure Michigan Up North Sterling Bracelet to my collection. I love the uniqueness of this item!

  • Kristie Sexton

    I would love a hoodie that is black and say’s MICHIGAN on it

  • Amanda Kotsko

    I am easy to please this holiday season. All you have to do is get me a 24-pack of Faygo Red Pop and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Barb Plecas

    I would love a Pure Michigan Hoodie….I have lived in the Northern Muskegon area all my life, with some of the best beaches on Lake MI!!!!

  • LeAnn Lewis

    A gift from my wishlist that’s something made in Michigan? Easy, all 5 of my grandbabies coming from Michigan to South Carolina for a visit! :O) But a hat would be fabulous too!

  • Dawn Benner

    My wish for Christmas is that no child in Michigan goes without a Christmas Present on Christmas morning.

  • Sharon Litwin

    I want a Michigan Hoodie… its getting cold here in MO.. and. I want reminders of my true home, MICHIGAN!!! I love for everyone here to know ..once a Michagander always will be even if I’m 800 miles away

  • Candyce Wolsfeld

    I would like a Pure Michigan Wine Gift set! Thank you.

  • Cass

    I have: Valentine Vodka, distilled in Detroit, and Knickerbocker Gin, distilled in Holland; both on my Christmas list. (And the hubby wants Zeppelin Bend Whiskey, distilled in Holland.)

  • Lauralynn Bourn

    This homesick transplant would LOVE the calender!

  • Suzi Filsinger

    My Michigan Wish List includes a ski trip to Big Powderhorn Mountain and Pastys from Joe’s Pasty Shop In Ironwood Michigan. I cherish all the memories growing up in the U.P. ofMichigan!!!!

  • Joseph Challender

    Would love free swag!

  • Claudia H

    I would like a can of Michigan cherries to use for making pies.

  • Jennifer Devendorf

    I would love to free day spa visit to the Crystal Spa at Crystal Mountain Resort followed by a nice large Michigan Salad and some Michigan wine.

  • Kelly

    I really need some Cherry Barbeque Sauce!! I love it on chicken, pork, whatever. Extremely addictive!

  • Kristi Dunigan

    On my Christmas Wishlist is Pure Michigan! I have asked for a trip to the UP in January to see one part of beautiful Michigan at it’s frozen finest!


    I would love ANY MICHIGAN WINE ! Always a nice gift :)

  • Laurie Riggs

    I have the same thing on my list every year, I want to move home to Michigan

  • dianne bolt

    A set of skis to explore Michigan in the winter time

  • Katie K

    My Michigan holiday wish would be to have a weekend getaway in Traverse City, maybe do a little wine tasting <3

  • Vickie Swearingen

    I would love a pure Michigan tote bag and my dog would love the pure Michigan dog t-shirt.

  • Aimee P.

    I would love a bottle of Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Reisling and the Pure Michigan beanie for my hubby who’s from Traverse City!

  • Patricia Breslin

    I would love the jigsaw puzzle for my family to complete at Christmas!

  • CAtherine Ann

    Grand Traverse Chateau Wine! Mmmmm. Yum.

  • Eric Cooley

    a new Stormy Kromer.

  • Karen

    I just love this t-shirt and it is on my wish list. I’m always proud to show where I live, in the GREAT State of Michigan!


  • Kenny S

    My Michigan holiday wish would be a free ski pass to Crystal Mountain!

  • Bonnie

    The Pure Michigan barbeque sauce is great for my bar-b-que !

  • Gerald Bagazinski

    One item?!?!??? Our Family Christmas Gift Exchange theme is Occupy Main Street and each person has to bring a Michigan Made Product! I am still deciding whether to bring a Michigan Wine or a northern spy apple pie from West Fenkel Bakery.