Spend Cyber Monday at the Pure Michigan Store and Save! (Plus a Giveaway)

Update: The two winners of our Pure Michigan stocking cap giveaway are Tonya whose item on her wish list was to live in Michigan, the “greatest place on Earth,” and LeAnn, whose wish list item was for her five grandbabies in Michigan to visit her in South Carolina. Congratulations to our winners! 

Get a jump on your holiday shopping and give the gift of Pure Michigan this Cyber Monday by visiting the Pure Michigan Store! There you’ll find Pure Michigan apparel, souvenirs and Michigan-made products that will remind loved ones and friends of their love of Michigan the whole year through.

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At the Pure Michigan Store there’s something for everybody. From the Pure Michigan Original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap to the Pure Michigan Memories Frame, you’re sure to find the perfect host/hostess gift, a gift for your boss, neighbor, relative or friends!

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PLUS, we have two Pure Michigan stocking caps that we’re looking to give away! Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post sharing one Michigan item that is on your holiday wish list (only one comment per e-mail address please).
  • On December 5th at 5 p.m., we’ll randomly pick two winners and send each a Pure Michigan stocking cap. We’ll contact you using the e-mail address you provide (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).
Good luck!
  • Jacob Maurer

    The # 1 Michigan item that is on my christmas list this year is the “Pure Michigan Full Zip Fleece Jacket.” It gets extra cold on Michigan State University’s campus during the winter when I walk to class. It would be extra special !

  • Stacey

    I would love to send my best friend the “Pure Michigan Chairman of the Board Gift Basket”. She has moved to Texas and misses Michigan very much.

  • Sally Crider

    Would love the Up North Sterling Bracelet, representative of the U.P.

  • Leesa Lee

    I would love a gift certificate for the 2012 Crim training program. It’s a great way to spend the summer outdoors in Michigan!

  • Karen Edie

    That Pure Michigan “Eating Fresh in the Great Lakes State” Hardcover cookbook would be a lovely gift for any foodie!

  • Jenna Hibdon

    We are Michigan transplants to Texas. My girls are always requesting Michigan items to show their state pride! Sweatshirts are popular! The oldest wants a ticket to Michigan to start college there!

  • Anna B

    The item I would REALLY love from Michigan that is on my wish list is a work at home job where I can earn a living wage. Being a disabled single mother who lost her job due to downsizing this year, that is what I could use the most. However, if I have to make it something materialistic……I would want to get the Pure Michigan Chairman of the Board Gift Basket. It has items from all over Michigan.

  • sarah dowling salvatori

    I know lots of people I could share those with! I would love to get new running shoes and a crock pot…so simple!

  • Lauren Anderson

    I would love a Pure Michigan From the Vineyard Gift Box!

  • Bill Bowers

    I would love to get the Pure Michigan UP North Bracelet. I think my wife would love wearing that as we travel around the state.

  • Mike Rutherford

    I would LOVE a Pure Michigan stocking cap for Christmas!

  • Audrey Storms

    I would love to have my husband find a job that won’t lay him off, one you can count on.

  • John Gauthier

    Dear Family & Friends,
    I’d really appreciate gift certificates to one of the purest places in Pure Michigan – Gates Au Sable Lodge!

  • Irene Stange

    I would like the upnorth strerling braclet

  • susan compton

    I would love a pure michigan stocking cap so I can wear it in Texas where I live for now. Cannot wait to move back home to Michigan!

  • Catherine Blatnik

    I would be happy to have anything that says Pure Michigan on it! This Wednesday is exactly 10 years that we have lived in Michigan. I have no desire to ever live anywhere else!

  • Robin

    I love the Pure Michigan hooded sweatshirt and wouldn’t mind that for a Christmas present. *hint hint honey*

  • Stephen Newberry

    I would like a pure mi state t-shirt for Christmas.

  • Stephane Irwin

    “Eating Fresh in the Great Lakes State” Hardcover cookbook!

  • Mitch Buschbacher

    I would love a new Stormy Kromer Hat (Red and Black Plaid) for Christmas ths year!!!

  • Jeanne

    On any given day – I would love to receive the Vineyard Gift Box!

  • Jeanne Goodyke

    (Must be the name!!!!) like the Jeanne above me, I, too would love the Vineyard wine gift box!! I would share w/ my wine-loving sisters!!

  • Karen Larson

    Anything that says Michigan in bold letters everyone can see when I wear it. I, unfortunately, am stuck in Idaho and miss Michigan to the point of tears. I want everyone around here to see how proud I am to be a Michigander. You can take the girl out of the state but not the state out of the girl. Happy Holidays everyone! Miss you all!

  • Peggy Pickens

    I would love the etched photo albumn, it’s beautiful!

  • Sheryl Herblet

    I want the Up North Sterling Bracelet

  • Cynthia Acevedo

    I would love a week at Great Wolf Lodge with the family! :)

  • lynn monroe

    I would love serving a beautiful Michigan salad from the Pure Michigan Handcrafted, Beech wood, Salad Bowl Set this summer :)

  • marty

    Anything by Sanders in my stocking is always a treat!

  • Nickolas Wildey

    I would love to have a snowy, Pure Michigan Christmas!

  • Karen Ouellette

    I just moved back to beautiful Michigan after 31 years away, Oh Santa… Cross Country Skis and Snow!

  • Mariah

    I have moved from my home and my family in Michigan to Savannah, GA. I miss my Michigan and I really miss the seasons! I wish for 2 things…not to be greedy. I LOVE the Michigan State T-shirt in lake Michigan blue and the fleeced hoodie. PLEASE and THANK YOU. :D

  • Teresa Sluss

    I would love to show off a michigan state T- shirt.

  • Kathleen Logsdon

    I’m hoping Santa will bring me some chocolates from The Chocolate Garden in Coloma!

  • Stanley Sluss

    A baseball cap, I wear mine all the time, and gonna need another one soon

  • Barb Lesert

    I would love a trip up to Ishpeming, in the U.P. to see a good friend that moved up there, that I dearly miss. And while I’m there, I would love to take in lots of scenery from the surrounding areas. The U.P. is such a beautiful, interesting place to spend time in. :)

  • Angie

    The black fleece jacket and the $100 gift card to buy gifts for family and friends.

  • Glenn Witgen

    I would like a two night kayak trip from Penrod’s

  • Vicki Stephens

    Anything from Cherry Republic, Glen Arbor, is always on my list. Love their chocolate-covered cherries and the Cherry Berry Jam. Yum.

  • Lisa

    I would love a Pure Michigan Up North necklace, I love anything about MI

  • kim

    i will be putting the up north bracelet on my list. the U P is the place to be.

  • YooperGal

    I’d surely love to have one of the Pure Michigan Personalized Wood Creation Wall Clocks on my wall, or a Pure Michigan Pewter Ornament hanging from my Christmas tree — anything to remind me of home. I was born in the Lower Peninsula, but raised in the Upper Peninsula, so although I do have ties to both peninsulas, I relate much more to the U.P. (yup, I’m a “Yooper”). So, in that regard, I do wish you had more things from the Upper Peninsula on your gift list, too — like perhaps a gift basket with Trenary Toast from the Trenary Bakery, or a basket with a variety of sausages from Vollwerths in Hancock, or a basket with yummy baked goods and thimbleberry jam from the Jampot in Eagle River. Thanks for considering these suggestions.

  • Judy

    I would love to have a pasty and a cudighi from the Ishpeming area. I haven’t had one in over 2 years since I haven’t been able to make it home. Another Yooper who misses home.

  • Cher DeKraker

    It’s Michigan and it’s pure. It’s time for snow and my wish is for snow on Christmas Eve for sure. Love the fresh snow fall.

  • Elsie De Luca

    I would love to have some chocolate covered cherries from the Traverse City area.

  • M J Gray

    I would love to have some Leelanau Cellars wine to serve with my holiday meals.

  • Garry Aernouts

    I have definitely put the Pure Michigan Original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap on my Christmas list. Love the Pure Michigan logo especially when I travel!

  • Alison Garcia

    I would love some Petoskey stone jewelry. I Grew up in Charlevoix, And spent many happy summers picking up these beautiful and unique stones!

  • Eric Murrell

    I would love a Rittenhouse Lounge Chair. Rittenhouse made rustic furniture in Cheboygan up until the mid-60s I think. Their furniture had great style and it is highly sought-after in the Antiques market.

  • Rebecca Sovine

    Sayklly’s snappers….the very best of MICHIGAN!!!!

  • kathyhoman

    I would love a pure michigan sweatshirt