[Contest Closed] There’s Still Time to Enter to Win the Pure Michigan Mustang!

One lucky fan will be driving home from the Pure Michigan 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Michigan International Speedway on Sunday, August 19 in a custom-made Roush Mustang. Finalists will be selected on August 6, so there’s still time to get your entry in!

Enter today and click on the graphic below to get a closer look at the custom-made ride. We’ll see you at the Pure Michigan 400 next month!

73 thoughts on “[Contest Closed] There’s Still Time to Enter to Win the Pure Michigan Mustang!

  1. I left “my Michigan” 35 years ago for sunny Palm Beach Gardens Florida – I never looked back, but I’v been back on various occasions – I still call it home because my family is there – I think riding around Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens would be fantastic advertising for “Pure Michigan – don’t you?

  2. my father worked at fords and so did my husband and we have driven fords . that is a beautiful car the mustang always has been.

  3. My family roots are from Michigan. We grew up with “The Man” Henry of Ford Motor Company. I had relatives that worked for him before I was born. My father was mentored by him. My family have always been loyal Ford American Car owners. In my 58 years, I am driving my fourth Mustang. I have had a 1970 Mach 1, 1973 Mach 1, 2005 GT Mustang, and now a 2010 modified Silver Pony 300+Hp. V-6 Coupe. Why not win back some power with this “Pure Michigan 400 Rousch” Mustang. Bring it on!

  4. If I win, I diffiniantly will be cruising Michigan’s beautiful country and cities! If I don’t, I still plan on visiting Michigan again, Me and my wife just got back from there on vacation. I would love to live there!

  5. In 1965, my hopes were pinned on having a Mustang! My dad had other plans – the 1958 Ford parked behind the house in the weeds! I’m ready for my big chance! If I win, I’m driving to the UP and back, and then travelin’ Route 66 out west and back to MI! Whoo-hoo! We’re a match! it’s a ’65 and I’m a 65 LOL!

  6. I just posted below about the stolen 1965 mustang & would love to have another one. It is always nice to dream.

  7. We still have the title & keys to our first car a 1965 mustang which was stolen in 1971, would love to own another one myself.

  8. Born in the U.P. and back to visit twice a yr. since we moved to NY, when I was 5.  I have 6 kids and have been driving a minivan for 20 yrs!!! It would be sooo SWEET to ride “home” to Michigan in this “Pure Michigan” Mustang!!

  9. if i win it i can come home to Michigan more often. My car now has 100,000 miles on it

  10. I had a poppy colored 19641/2 mustang I kept that car and in 1974 a friend of mine restored it took it out for a test drive on the freeway in north Hollywood and totaled my car. I loved that car but I think I would love this one more!!!!

  11. Cannot participate in this contest for the mustang unless I allow them to put track me with cookies..screw it

  12. I don’t have a car, would love to have this mustang, in any color.

    Wishing to move to Michigan, to be with my daughter and her boyfriend.  Imagine us all in this mustang! Wow!!!!

  13. My first car was a toy mustang, ran on batteries with working lights.  Would love to have another red mustang, but this time a real one.

  14. never had a car like that,not even close,on my wish list.Sportest car that I owned was a 1966 Ford Galaxie convt,got after I got out of the Army.

  15. The Mustang is my dream car. I dream at night what it will look like. z6474rich@aol.com I owned a Ford Escape, Falcon and mechanically the best cars I have owned, it would be the best looking 1 that I ever owned. I have driven a Roush before and it drove great.

  16. Had a mustang cobra with Holly carb and duel exhaust system and full paint.  Loved that car!!

  17. My husband refuses to work on a ford but I dont care cause i would love to drive this mustang for sure !

  18. I have wanted a mustang sence I was in the 12th grade,and I  am a grandmother also. This mustang would be going everware.  Good luck 2 everone that is in the drawing.

  19. This is a Dream Car!  If I won, I would share it with my husband and my sons.  It would be a shame to only have one person drive it!!!

  20. Hahaha, My husband would crack if I had a ford in the drive way!!
    Please make this happen, I would love a mustang!!

  21. OMG   OMG  OMG    Who (at any age) wouldn’t like sportin around in such wheels!!!!!!!!!

  22. I don’t see any details on ow to win the Mustang…. short of buying tickets and crossing your fingers !

  23. The entry form asks for to much info. My DOB is not needed to enter any contest. I would like to enter but will not.

  24. with a last name of Rousch I could truly drive a Roush mustang.  My family has been Ford employees since 1929.  Pick me pick me.

  25. Have had 3 total knee implants & 2nd of 3 spinal surgeries. Remember 1st car was Mustang and now have to borrow or impose upon neighbor, to get me to hospital/doctor and/or pharmacist. Due to all medical expenses, winning a Mustang would be above any dream I have ever had. Remember “re” upholstering my first Mustang. Would love to even have a chance at that now. Never a better car!

  26. Well this would be nice for me and get rid of the 13 year old mini van I am driving to be a called a cool gramma!

  27.   I had a mustang horse and a car that was a mustang.Too bad I sold both of them. Would LOVE to have this. This time I would not sell it. Cherish it forever. Pick me, pick me.   I had a mustang horse and a car that was a mustang.Too bad I sold both of them. Would LOVE to have this. This time I would not sell it. Cherish it forever. Pick me, pick me.  

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