What’s New on Pure Michigan’s Social Channels (Plus a Giveaway!)

Thanks to fans like you, Pure Michigan has recently expanded its social media fan-base, surpassing 400,000 Facebook fans and 500,000 eNewsletter subscribers in August. Additionally, we’ve expanded our presence into new social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

Social media has given us the opportunity to share the events, destinations and natural beauty Michigan has to offer, while also providing a forum for people to share their experiences and engage with the Pure Michigan brand and our community. This ongoing engagement among the community has helped Pure Michigan continue to be one of the top-ranked state tourism agencies, with Think Social Media naming it the second-best social media presence among all state destination marketing agencies in the nation.

Thank you for tweeting, pinning, hashtagging and being a part of our online community! Learn more about recent achievements here. 

As a small token of our appreciation, we’re giving away fun prizes to celebrate the Pure Michigan 400 to three lucky fans who tell us in the comments below what their favorite Pure Michigan summer event is. Submit your comments (along with your email address) by Monday, August 13th. Only one comment per email address, please. On Monday, August 13th at 5:00 p.m., we’ll randomly pick three winners and send each their prize. We’ll contact you using the e-mail address you provide (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

64 thoughts on “What’s New on Pure Michigan’s Social Channels (Plus a Giveaway!)

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  2. WOW! Where do I start??? The Parks (State and National). The Fairs & Festivals. The Lakes & Streams and pristine waterways. The people who live and visit our Great State. It takes a lifetime to experience all the seasons and life in a state surrounded by freshwater. My favorite??
    I’m a homebody from Bay City and have been a Nascar fan forever. The Pure Michigan 400 is near the top of my list but in 2013 the Tall Ships are returning to the Port I call home. Fantastic Event!

  3.   As a family we have been traveling the state of Michigan fom East to West Coast.  We began our adventure on the West Coast at Michigan Adventure and  proceeded  onward to the Ionia County Free Fair which the children enjoyed immensely. We are currently on the East Coast and  have  perused the charming village of Posen where the Potato Festival is held. Tonight we will be frying fish in Alpena .
        In 3 days  Detroit wll be bashin  for fashion and there is no party quite like a Detroit  party so never let it be said that the Great State of Michigan  is a dull   experience.

  4.   As  family. we have take the opportunity to explore Michigan from Coast to Coast this summer. We started our adventure on the West Coast at Michigan Adventure and proceeded through the state. The Ionia Free Fair was a huge favorite with the children.  Currently we are on the Sunrise side of the state. We he perused a harming litle village called Posen – home of the Potato Festival  and tonight we will be frying fish in Alpena

  5.         As a family, we have used every opportunity this summer o explore the great state of Michigan.  We have ben to the west coast in Muskegon and had a wonderful time at Michigan Adventure.  We are currently on the east coast and havejust pused the charming villag known as Posen ,  However-  the highlight of the summer thus far as been in the center of the state and was the Ionia free fair.   It may pehaps be  ou done by the Fash Bash in etroi- we just have to wait and see because no one trows a partyquite like Detroit.

  6. Well Id have to say this past weekend has been one of my favorites just seeing my children’s eyes with full amazement.  We went to Mackinaw and seen the bridge that were at all by how large it was. Then went to the up to see the light houses the falls …..every moment was amazing seeing everything for the 1st time in your childs eyes. Truly blessed to live is such an amazing state.


  7. One of my most favorite events in Michigan in the summer is all of the fairs.  There is something to do for everyone in the family, whether it be the rides, or all the unusual foods, or main events, there is always something for everbody!  Great way to spend a beautiful summer day in our great state!!


  8. One of my most favorite events in Michigan in the summer is all of the fairs.  There is something to do for everyone in the family, whether it be the rides, or all the unusual foods, or main events, there is always something for everbody!  Great way to spend a beautiful summer day in our great state!!

  9. Favorite SO FAR has to be visiting St. Joseph and Silver Beach- though their annual event was cancelled this year, we still went on a day trip- this time had our lunch at Charlie’s Piggin N Grinnin Award Winnin Bar-B-Que!! YUM YUM! I think it is not considered to be in St.Joseph, but is over the bridge near in the Arts area – ask locals and they will tell you where it is- glad they could as we don’t have GPS! (WOW, I know:-) The best BBQ! Great music store too!  LOVE LOVE LOVE the carousel on the beach!! HEY you don’t have to go to Florida or California for beautiful coastlines and sunsets- Michigan is THE place to vacation and MINI vacation:-)

  10. My favorite event in Michigan is going to the Allegan Antique Market on the 4th Sunday of every month in the summer.  An antique and collectible-lover’s dream!

  11. So far this year we visited many places on the eastern side of the UP, Silver Lake, South Haven, Grand Rapids, Dundee with more to come! With exception to Cedar Point I keep my vacations in Michigan.


  12. My favorite Pure Michigan summer event is camping in one of Michigan’s wonderful state parks. My Favorite being Wilderness state park.

  13. My favorite Pure Michigan summer event is… Harbor Days in Elk Rapids on the Grand Traverse Bay! A couple of days on the beach, boating on the Bay, dining on great food & wine, watching the sunset over Lake Michigan, and an evening of carnival and fireworks!

  14. We go to Travers  City Cherry Festival and 4th of July Fireworks every year,we been going there for many years ,we love it there, from going boating  ,swimming ,golfing ,dinning.

  15. To be honest I don’t have a favorite event  yet because I am not done with touring this beautiful state.  My goal is to hit every body of water it has to offer and see a summer sunset.  If I had to choose one so far it would be the Traverse City Cherry Festival because I love cherries and I love airplanes.  Being a nascar fan I will be attending the August Race at MIS  because where else can you have that many people in one place with a thrill for speed. I also went to Torch Lake a  couple weekends ago and that by far in the most beautiful water I have ever seen and there was no event going on at all.  But to be honest I went to Wolf Lake in Jackson for their 4th of July fireworks and I was in awe at how many boats were out there and the light show was phenominal. I love Michigan ! ! !  

  16. My favorite event has always been the Art Fair in the Ludington City Park just a block or so from the beach and Lake Michigan. Such a beautiful place!

  17. The River Raisin Jazz Festival in Monroe, MI! My wife and I attend this festival every year! If you are a Jazz music fan, you should check it out!!!

  18. The River Raisin Jazz Festival in Monroe, MI! My wife and I attend this festival every year! If you are a Jazz music fan, you should check it out!!!

  19. Black Lake at the 4th of July. The fireworks are unbelievable. The colors reflecting off the lake will take your breath away . No other place is quite like it.

  20. I have to agree with Daryl:”y favorite Pure Michigan summer event would be hiking/kayaking/camping in and around the pictured rocks national Lakeshore in the U.P. There is no place in the world like it! ”

  21. My favorite Pure Michigan destination is The Cherry Festival in Traverse City! We come all the way from Florida, 3 summers in a row with my kids 8&10, to celebrate summer like I did as a kid. With crystal clear lake water, cherry everything, and bonfires at night, it doesn’t get any better than Michigan!! My kids cannot wait for summer every year!!Reneemann1@gmail.com

  22. My favorite Pure Michigan activity is camping at all the different state parks!  I love the outdoors and by visiting the different state parks, I get to see parts of Michigan I may never have visited. 

  23. Going to grand haven to coastguard festival… the boats,lake Michigan,fresh air, and honoring our veterans and active members during this event.. my family loves going to this event every year!!! we always have a blast!

  24. My favorite Pure Michigan summer event is going to the Great Lakes. I love walking along the sandy white Lake Michigan beaches in Ludington.

  25. My favorite Pure Michigan Event is the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow. They manage to attract some huge airshow acts. I’d also have to add visiting different state park campgrounds during the summer with our camper.

  26. I love so much what Pure Michigan has to offer each season. My favorite durring the summer is to go to any of the campgrounds around this wonderful state and camp with the family. For us it’s a way to un-wind from our busy schedules and get to appreciate everthing around us.

  27. We like searching Pure Michigan for out of the ordinary events like Cheeseburger in Caseville, Woofstock, and Gizzard Fest, to name just a few.

  28. There are so many great events in Michigan during the summer! One of my favorite events involves the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. My family has a cottage close by and we love riding dune buggies and jeeps on the dunes and then sitting on the beach for hours! I also love “hiking” on the dunes in the pedestrian area…it’s just the coolest natural landscape and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Great views on top of the dunes to both Silver Lake and Lake Michigan :)

  29. My most favorite Pure Michigan event is the Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids held in June. I also love excursions to Ludington for the day, or a long camping weekend.

  30. I love enjoying the weather-do-jour. It could be 95 or 15, sunny, rainy or snowy, but it will always be beautiful because it is always Pure Michigan…

  31. I love the Film Festival, however i think my favorite thing for Pure Michigan is hoping on our Motorcycle, crossing the bridge and riding the shore line to the Porcupines. There is nothing more amazing the Upper Penninsula, and should be caught more on film and advertised! They are so biker friendly up there, and when we were up there in July, I know i saw more motorcylces than cars! It would be so cool to see more shots Of the UP on TV and advertise the Porcupines, Pictured Rocks, something to drive more business and tourist up there, and help out the small towns that are closing down! Seriously everyone that lives in Michigan, go out of state for vacation, and the true beauty of Michigan is just hours North and over the Big Mighty Mac, and it opens up to the most amazing beauty ever!

  32. Unfortunately, my favorite event only comes around every three years…the Tall Ships Great Lakes tour/race. 2010 was the first year I actually attended the three-day festival here in Bay City. It was excellent. The weather was perfect, the town was jumping, and everyone was enjoying themselves. That year they even offered an opportunity to tour the Saginaw River Rear Range Light, an obsolute lighthouse which is currently on private land, but is undergoing renovations and will be transferred to our local historical society at completion. But, back to the tall ships. The activity around the riverside actually made me proud of my hometown (Bay City), and the only complaints I ever heard were about the length of the lines to tour some of the more popular ships, such as Bounty II, Pride of Baltimore II, and others among the 12 (which included two from Bay City, the Appledores). So, I’m anxiously awaiting 2013, which runs from July 11/12 through the 14th. Oh, by the way, that is the year the tall ships will be remembering the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (yes, it’s actually 201, but they’re locked in to their three-year rotation), so I’d anticipate several ‘most excellent’ ships.

  33. My favorite Pure Michigan event is the Pt Huron to Mackinaw sailboat race. We were on Mackinaw Island one year as the race ended there and to see all the spinakers laid out drying was a site to see.

  34. I love the “Michigan’s Official Travel and Tourism Site”
    I study all the campground sites. I love it. I can even go to the web pages for those campgrounds who have them. It is set up so well. I can search by region. It is not only simple, easy but very informative. It is my road map /guide for my home state (MICHIGAN)

  35. My Pure Michigan Event is…. supporting our Michigan State Parks. My family and I bought a Passport for each of our vehicals so we can enjoy what Michigan Parks have to offer. My family and I have visited Michigan’s State Parks, from camping to biking to hiking to exploring the sites through geocaching. We have become healthier and have spent more time together than ever. Thank you to Pure Michigan for keeping us updated!

  36. Our family’s favorite event is to take a trip to Mackinaw City and to cross the Mackinac Bridge. So much history to share with our children.

  37. I love all the arts and crafts fair, Wyandotte, Ann Arbor and Milford this weekend. I also love our weekly trip down to the farms in Monroe for our homegrown vegetables. Nothing like a Michigan grown Corn on the Cob cooked on the grill!

  38. Sitting at my husband’s grandma’s house on the beach of Lake Michigan between Petoksey and Charlevoix and watching the Independence day fireworks over Little Traverse bay. Oh and the Horton Bay silly parade!

  39. My favorite Pure Michigan summer event is the NASCAR race in August. It is such a fun event where so many race fans, new and old, come together to watch an exciting sport. The drivers are so accessible to the fans, you can meet them and talk with them and get pictures and autographs. NASCAR fans are also pretty unique; for the most part, nobody cares which driver you support, because everybody is so happy to be at the race and it is such a great time. Sure, there is some good-natured teasing going on, but it is all in fun. Michigan International Speedway is such a beautiful facility, they really cater to the fans and do all they can to make it a memorable event. We have been going there for about 15 years now and it has always been a favorite destination for us.

  40. My favorite summer Pure Michigan event is the relaxing non-event of sitting around a campfire with friends and family. There’s no better way to enjoy our beautiful state than a quiet evening with those you love.

  41. My favorite Pure Michigan event is actually 2 but they run one right after the other. It would be the coast guard festival and then the Pirate Festival that follows.

  42. My favorite Pure Michigan summer event is by far visiting Mackinac Island. That’s where my husband and I spent our honeymoon and I can only think good things when going there.

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