A Snowshoe Adventure—at Night

Photo courtesy of Aaron PetersonJonathan Nims, who lives in Magnolia, Texas shares his “Pure Michigan Moment”, a snowshoeing adventure on the Upper Peninsula.

Only after leaving Michigan did I realize how much I love it there. This brings me to one of the many stories that I have about it and one of the best nights of my life.


It takes place in Marquette, when I was attending Northern Michigan University. On this particular night we decided to snowshoe to the top of Hogback Mountain. We drove to the trailhead, strapped on the snowshoes and began our night mission. As we were hiking, we were joking, laughing and not really paying attention because we thought we knew the trail pretty well. After a couple of hours and no change in elevation, we knew something was not right because usually it takes an hour and a half to reach the top. We decided to keep following the trail and see where it would lead us. Another couple of hours later, there was a clearing that appeared ahead of us and as soon as we reached it we busted out laughing. We had wound up on a little rocky outcropping known to us as the Top of the World.

As we were laughing, two groups of coyotes started howling, one to the northeast and the other to the southwest. At the sound of this we decided that the fastest way to get back to the trailhead was to take the straightest path, which took us directly across Harlow Lake. Once across, we blazed a trail though the woods and popped out directly across from another spot we knew called Hidden Beach. We reached the drop-off, took a seat hanging our legs over the side and watched something so beautiful that I cannot even begin to describe it. It was sunrise over Lake Superior.

Jonathan misses the snow, and most people think he’s a little crazy when he says that. But, when he comes home to Michigan—usually around the holidays—he gets his fill of family, friends and, of course, snow!