Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland


Icicles at sunrise

Icicles at sunrise

Sandy Cook shares her dream for her family to have their “Pure Michigan Moment.”

I’m from Atlanta and my son is obsessed with Michigan…even though he’s never been there. He has snow in his soul and wants to move to Michigan.

My dream trip to Michigan would be to visit the Upper Peninsula. Especially during the winter, so my son could see where his dad was born. We would love to see the legendary ice sculptures at Michigan Tech, spend time snowmobiling, and experience snow unlike anything he’s ever seen in his Atlanta-based life.

Because my son likes winter weather and winter sports and loves snow, Michigan would undoubtedly be a joyous destination for him and fun for the whole family. We dream of being able to experience the great winter wonderland that is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!


Sandy Cook wrote about her “Pure Michigan Moment” for Michigan Travel Ideas.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland

  1. WOW, Kathy! What an unbelievably kind offer! I don’t know anything about “the bridge” ;-), but will definitely have to check out your location and talk to my husband. As you probably heard on the news, we had an ‘epic’ snowfall here in Atlanta two weeks ago, so my guys got to experience their first fabulous snowfall locally this year. It still wasn’t anywhere near snowmobiling deep, nor allowing for ice sculptures, but it was pretty cool for all of us! I’ll see if I find your email on your website and email you separately. THANKS SOOO MUCH for your post and kind offer! :-D

    Thank you also, Mickey, for your encouragement too!

  2. Hi Sandy I hope someday your family can make it Up North, I do not know your situation weather it be financial or time constraints but I would like to offer 2 complimentary night’s in our Up North Cabin in the Lower Penninsula about 3 hours from the bridge. Just go to our website http://www.leflersrentals.com to contact us. No strings attached I would love to make your son’s dream come true.

  3. I hope your dream comes true for your son and family. I’ve lived in southeast Michigan all my life and can’t imagine living anyplace else. I love it here!

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