Eight Reasons to Keep Coming Back to Mackinac Island

Today, Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau shares eight reasons to keep coming back to Mackinac Island as told by their fans! 

Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Mackinac Island is known as a destination for reunions, a destination to return to year after year. From family vacation traditions to wedding and anniversary celebrations, or just a weekend getaway to have fun with friends and family, there are many reasons to keep coming back.

We recently asked some of our fans why they #MakeitMackinac every year. Here’s what they had to say…

Worked on the island during my summers in college to experience life outside of California. Now I go back every summer for a long weekend reunion with the amazing friends I made there. Can’t wait for my annual pilgrimage in just 6 more weeks… - DeeDee, Long Beach, CA

We spent our honeymoon on the island. It took us 10 years to get back, but we have been there every summer since. We renewed our wedding vows for our 20th anniversary a couple of years ago. We love this place so much, and our kids love it here as well! It’s always so sad when it comes time to leave the island. Maybe, someday, we won’t have to leave. - Tracy, Iowa City, IA

Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Toursim Bureau Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Toursim Bureau

Grew up going to the island for a few days each summer. Went there for my honeymoon, and make it back every year. It’s my favorite place in the world to visit. - Allison

I visited the island a few times as a child, and loved it! Then my husband and I took our son when he was about 7 or 8. When we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary we visited the island with family. On our 10th we stayed at the Main Street Inn for a week. For our 15th anniversary stayed two nights at Main Street Inn and brought our son so he could also experience the quiet of the island. We still visit at least once a year, and are planning to stay at Grand Hotel for our 20th anniversary in a just a few years. Never stayed there and have always wanted to. We must have properly spread our love for the island to our son because this summer he is working for Shepler’s Ferry and having a wonderful experience. Yes, even with all of the hard work, he loves it. The island is truly a magical and wonderful place, and I hope it keeps it tradition forever. - Denise, Dewitt, MI

My husband and I met while working on the summer at Grand Hotel! Mackinac will always be magic to us! - Lora, Tyler, TX

Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau Photo courtesy of Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

My parents honeymooned there in the 1940s and have made the trip every year since. Sometimes we came two and three times a year. Following the tradition, my daughter got married there in 2003. Keep the tradition alive, my 4 month old grandson just made his first visit. There is no other place like Mackinac. To me it’s a place I crave when I’m away from it. - Susan

We were married at the gazebo at Mission Point. We come back every year for our anniversary. - Beverly, Adrian, MI

I’ve been visiting since I was about 6, first time with my grandparents. We have ancestral roots to the Island and St. Ignace. We have brought our children and now our grandchild. We try to visit every summer. Cannot get enough of this beautiful Island. My favorite place to bring family. - Pam, Chesterton, IN

Why do you keep coming back to Mackinac? Share your reasons with us below!