Eight Reasons to Love Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti – generally referred to as “Ypsi” by the locals – is a progressive city just four miles east of Ann Arbor. The city is rich in history and thrives with a creative community. Surely, there are more than 8 reasons to love Ypsilanti, but this list from Visit Ypsi will get you started!

1. The Events

Events are a large part of Ypsilanti’s culture and keep visitors coming back for more – from weekly cruise nights and farmers markets, to art shows and air shows. Ypsilanti is home to major annual events such as, Michigan ElvisFest, Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival, The Color Run Michigan Eastside, and the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show. These events attract thousands of visitors and are just a few of the events that help make Ypsi unique and thriving. Click here for a list of the city’s major events.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

2. The Food

Adventurous diners and comfort-food connoisseurs will have their cravings satisfied in Ypsilanti. Fresh salads, cultural fusions, classic barbecue, and ample amounts of mac and cheese can be found on menus in the charming city. The city has a passion for mastering the burger, crafting local beers, and creating artisanal coffee beverages. But the best part is that every dining hotspot is 100% authentic, local, and served with a smile.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

3. The Parks

Ypsi parks offer the perfect setting for afternoon strolls, concerts, ballgames, and more. Riverside Park hosts the majority of the city’s outdoor events and runs along the historic Huron River. Just across the “tridge” is Frog Island where you can find a gorgeous/unique amphitheater and a spacious soccer field. Ypsi has endless parks tucked away as you wander through the city and contributes to the 400 square miles of parks in Southeast Michigan (also known as The Big 400).

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

4. The People

Many people who choose to live in Ypsi are attracted to its sense of community, but the hometown-feel is not exclusive to locals. “Ypsilantians” care about their city and are passionate about sharing it with others. The affordable housing has drawn in a creative community – which is why you will find art galleries inside third-wave coffee houses, or a rustic beer pub inside a renovated historic warehouse. Visiting Ypsi is as good as making time for your creative side. The spirit of the community, made by the people, will align your mind with inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

5. The University

Eastern Michigan University’s campus is a beautiful gem in Ypsi. Historic and modern architecture create a unique juxtaposition for students and visitors. An active student body hosts many research symposiums, athletic events, and art happenings. You can find affordable and unique dining experiences close to campus (and for an insider tip: campus is a great place for a breezy walk or bike ride). Go Eagles!

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

6. The Shopping

Bring an extra suitcase when you Visit Ypsilanti! You are sure to be packed with antiques, novelties, and artisan gifts by the time you make your way home. The rare antique shopping is a regional attraction and quirky storefronts are full of must-have knick-knacks.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

7. The History

Many people want to know about the origin of the tongue-twisting name, Ypsilanti, but that’s only one of many fascinating stories that can be told about the individualistic city. (It’s pronounced ip-suh-lan-tee, by the way, and you can learn more about the name by clicking here).

Early settlements of Native American tribes along the Huron River is where the story begins. In later years, Ypsilanti played a major role in WWII at the Willow Run Bomber Plant (home to many real life Rosie-the-Riveters), and also laid claim to the last Hudson Dealership.

Ypsi has four local museums dedicated to preserving and sharing stories throughout the centuries. However, simply walking through the streets will take you back in time – historic architecture lines the city’s sidewalks, and heritage events take place throughout the year.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

8. The Neighbors

Ypsilanti is surrounded by seven outstanding communities – each with their own unique events, shopping, dining, and outdoor activities. Nationally acclaimed theatres, fun-in-the-sun waterparks, and art and music festivals should be added to your Ypsi itinerary. All of these adventures and more can be easily accessed by major highways (with a complimentary scenic drive) just minutes away from Downtown Ypsi!

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Honorable Mention: The Water Tower

A blog like this wouldn’t be complete without mention of Ypsilanti’s historic water tower. Built in 1890, Ypsi’s water tower stands 147 feet tall in the middle of the city.

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

Photo courtesy of Visit Ypsi

There is so much more to discover in Ypsilanti. Click here to start your journey, or follow this blog for regular updates about the unique Pure Michigan city!

What do you love about Ypsilanti? 

26 thoughts on “Eight Reasons to Love Ypsilanti

  1. Clearly the answer to reducing crime and bettering communities is to ignore them, like you’re suggesting, instead of investing in them like everyone else is doing. Right?


  2. Yea it sounds like most of the people posting here are jealous that he isn’t on food stamps like they are. Maybe you should go out and find a Job Ypsi Pride instead of trying to troll people

  3. Research Crime statistics in cities could mean your your looking to buy a house in to raise a family, or that you work in law enforcement. It does not indicate lack of a job. Now I know the people who live in Yspi are overly sensitive that they poor white trash who can’t afford to live in a nice city like Ann Arbor but don’t insult a guy for not wanting his kids to become meth addicts like your kids

  4. Spoken like someone to stupid to open a book. Not all of us judge our social lives by how much we drink and throw up on the weekends. Now go back to your mothers basement and troll someone else.

  5. Why would you “research the issue”?. Not much going on with your social life these days, huh sport?

  6. Actually I did research the issue and Ypsi has a crime rate higher than any other university town in Michigan and more than Double any other town in Washtenaw county. So please take the time to actually do your research into an issue before you say someone else doesn’t know much about the issue.

  7. Really? Then you don’t know much about crime in Washtenaw County or other parts of Michigan that call themselves University Towns.

  8. Oh, I’m not disagreeing with that. My point was simply that every city has its issues, and frankly, I always felt safe in Ypsi.

  9. When people say Ypsi if a hotbed of Crime you have to look at the statistics.

    Ypsi has about 400 violent crimes per year per 100,000 residents when good cities like Ann Arbor have 172 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. So the chances of you being the victim is low it is still double that of Ann Arbor

  10. I really don’t get the fascination with Ypsi considering it is one of the most violent cities in Michigan.

  11. I lived in Ypsi for 4 years, moved away in the fall of 2012. I never had any issues at all. A roommate stole some money from me once, and that’s it. I moved to Belleville after that and had a whole list of problems (more than one incident of theft, car broken into, etc), but Ypsi? No issues. I miss it. I loved the Depot Town area. Yeah, it has its issues, but so does every city.

    Also, “yearly” murders of college students is a bit of an exaggeration. I’m more concerned about the rate of sexual assault on and around campus than I am about homicides or theft.

  12. Nicely written piece about Ypsi…methinks maybe posted by the Chamber of Commerce? All good positive stuff, sure. Yeah, the EMU campus is nice, so is Depot town. Perhaps evan a quaint presence along the main drag downtown, sort of a weak try to copy the 1930′s and 1940′s ambiance of downtown Plymouth or Northville. BUT…there’s 2 sides to every story, right? Good luck driving around downtown Ypsi. Oh those awful roads! Some of the worst streets ever, in dire need of resurfacing in Michigan. Why are there so many missing street signs throughout town so that you don’t know what street you’re on? Many of the business buildings along the main drag on Michigan Ave are showing signs of deterioration. Low income housing projects on the South side contribute to a good bit of crime around town. BUT, all small cities have their good, bad, and ugly sides. Ypsi’s “OK”….that’s about it. My 2 cents worth…

  13. That crime data that you are looking at is being read wrong. the 41 in robberies in 2012 is the actual number, 209.1 would be per 100,000 for that stat. That being said, Ypsilanti’s crime rate is 427.7 (106 points over the national average, and 2.5 times higher than Ann Arbor).

    For a comparison. Ypsilanti has around 20,000 residents, Ann Arbor around 113,000. Ypsilanti had 50 robberies in 2012 (not per 100,000, actual robberies), Ann Arbor had 41. We are 5 times smaller than Ann Arbor and had more robberies. So no, Ypsilanti has it’s problems.

    That being said, I still love downtown and depot town, just don’t own a nice vehicle or flash money downtown late at night.


  14. For clarity’s sake, according to the most recent crime data: Ypsilanti has had 41 robberies, 373 burglaries, and 557 thefts per 100,000 ppl vs Ann Arbor in the same year had 50, 714, and 1898 respectively. Going by the numbers, Ypsi is safer.

    I had a wonderful experience living in Ypsi. The people are genuine and down to earth. There is creativity everywhere you look and fantastic places to hang out with friends, drink great beer, and eat great food. I will forever and always love that town.

  15. Number 9 legendary crime

    In 2 years had car broken in to twice, parking lot got keyed , and house broken into 3 times. Constant crime texts, Not to mention the seemingly yearly murders of college students.

  16. Of course the ghetto-fabulous outskirts of Ypsi (example: Ypsi-tucky) are not mentioned or the absolutely horrible school systems. Moving away from there is one of the best things I ever did.

  17. yes, Brian, every college has those things, except that our town has the stuff mentioned under the headers that make it unique to our town. Not every college town has a phallic water tower, automotive museum, ford lake, the color run, the eeyrie, beezy’s, and bona sera; our neighbors like A2 or the Jiffy Factory…

  18. I hope you realize that every single college town has these same eight things. This doesn’t set our city apart from anyone.

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