Snag a Slice of Heaven at The Jampot

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

Wooden sign directing visitors to the store

Thank you to Jesse Land for sharing his story of a trip to Keweenaw’s Jampot! We know this destination will make it to many people’s must-visit lists!

My wife and I had each heard raves about the Jampot prior to our trip to the Keweenaw, but no one we spoke to could remember exactly where it was or what it was called. And we’d heard that monks ran the place. Monks! That right there made us want to check it out, because monks are inherently cool.

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

The Jampot

So while at the Keweenaw visitor’s center in Houghton I made sure to inquire about this mysterious bakery. “Is there some sort of bakery up here that’s run by monks?” I asked. The visitor’s center employee smiled wide. “They make rum bread that’s got more rum than a bottle of 151!” He then proceeded to tell me exactly where it was. (I’m really starting to like Michigan’s visitor’s centers.)

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

One of Michigan's coolest no parking signs

We found the place easily (immediately off 26, south of Eagle Harbor but before Eagle River) and it’s awesome. My wife and I pulled into the parking lot and I swear you could smell a mix of heavenly spices before we even got out of the car. The scents coming from that place were like the scents from the best bakeries I’ve been to in Europe wrapped into a powerful burst of olfactory heaven.

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

One of the monks running the cash register

When I inquired about the “abbey cakes” (think raisin bread) the nice guy (monk?) behind the counter let me know they are each moistened with a different type of liquor. My wife and I were like kids in a candy store. “Okay, you grab two things and I’ll grab two things” I said, giddy, but attempting to throw down some limit so we didn’t end up spending more than we should have.

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

Jams of the Jampot

I grabbed an abbey cake moistened with bourbon, a jar of wild strawberry jam and a jar of burgundy jelly. My wife snatched up a jar of wild apple butter and another of brandied peach jelly.

Everything we purchased that day vanished in a matter of a week or two after we returned home. It’s high quality stuff. My personal favorite was the wild strawberry jam, but it was all seriously gourmet.

Photo Credit - Jesse Land

The Society of St. John monastery.

So, while you’re cruising down the picture perfect stretch of highway 26 that runs from Eagle Harbor to Eagle River, plan a visit to The Jampot to stock up on a few treats. It’s definitely worth a stop and is a well-positioned driving break between the two towns.

It also happens to be just feet away from Jacob’s Falls, which is also definitely worth exploring while you’re there!

Jesse LandA native Yooper, Jesse Land lives in Iron Mountain and enjoys hiking, biking, boating, and camping with his family. He runs the U.P. travel site



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9 thoughts on “Snag a Slice of Heaven at The Jampot

  1. […] Jampot Bakery The Jampot bakery is a Catholic Monastery of the Byzantine rite, under the jurisdiction of The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St. Nicholas in Chicago, and belonging to the Ukrainian Metropoly in the United States of America, which is in union with the Pope of Rome, supreme pastor of the universal Church. They embrace traditions of the Christian East while making delicious confections, cakes and preserves year round. In our skete at Jacob’s Falls, on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, we devote ourselves to a common life of prayer and work for the praise, love, and service of God and for the upbuilding of His Kingdom through the Arts. […]

  2. [...] As you pass through Eagle Harbor you will come to Jacob’s Falls and a turn-off where there is a small bakery called The Jampot. This bakery is operated by monks of The Society of St. John Monastery. They mix it, make it, and bake it…and it is amazing! Trust me when I say you have not experienced anything like this. [...]

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  4. Fantastic place, beautiful flower garden. Must try the brandy/ginger fruitcake kind of loaf. Bought it while we were camping and grilled a slice over the campfire-AMAZING. Try any jam we bought a dozen jars and gave them away for Christmas presents

  5. Hi Jen!

    For a fall trip west of Munising I’d highly recommend the Keweenaw Peninsula (and you could stop at the Jampot while your up there:). The last few miles of US 41 as you head into Copper Harbor really have that “tunnel of trees” thing going on. It’s one of those stretches of road straight out of a sports car commercial and the fall colors there are brilliant.

    And it’s tough to beat the top of Brockway Mountain (right near Copper Harbor) for an autumn view. I’d recommend staying at either the Bella Vista Motel in Copper Harbor or the Eagle River Inn in Eagle River. Both great spots. (and the Eagle River in has “The Fitz”, terrific restaurant / bar right in the place)

    Another option WAY west would be Ironwood, mainly so you could take in the view from the top of the Copper Peak ski jump. According to their web site it’s the “World’s Tallest Ski Jump” and on a clear day you can see for many miles, not to mention all those western U.P. hardwoods that everyone seeks in the fall.

    And then there’s the Porcupine Mountains. I could go on for an hour about the Porkies but instead I’ll send you here to start:

    Feel free to contact me through my web site, Facebook ( or Twitter (@thingstodoup). Or just leave a comment right here if you (or anyone else) has more questions!

    Thanks again!


  6. hi everyone, we travel every year t copper harbor and we pass the jam pot every year. of course we have to stop for the thimbleberry jam. and alot of everything else!!! we love it up there and we will be coming up shortly again.

  7. Now I wanna go! I just got back from hiking/backpacking in Glacier Nat’l Park Montana….so awesome, but I miss my U.P.!! I go to the U.P. every summer for camping/hiking/backpacking. I’m planning a trip in October….I haven’t been West of Munising, so any suggestions for a fall trip??

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