Something So Special

Do you share the feeling to tell the world when you unexpectedly stumble across something so special that you can’t wait to relive the experience again and again? Well, my “something so special” took place last summer on beautiful Mackinac Island

After weeks of planning a unique and family-friendly vacation, we made it to Mackinac Island. My family was finishing a wonderful evening bike ride, listening to the sounds of the gulls and loons over the lake, the water lapping along the shore…sounds that signal the quiet and comfort of the sun readying for sunset. We pulled into town to have dinner along the water when we saw the hustling of people toward Marquette Park.

This park is beautifully positioned in the heart of downtown, at the base of historic Fort Mackinac. A prominent statue in tribute to Father Marquette, a Great Lakes explorer, stands tall at the center of the park, overlooking the harbor. What we saw and what we began to hear was the transformation of a lovely day on the island to one that made my family feel at ease as we were welcomed as part of this community.

Blankets and lawn chairs covered the lawn surrounding the revered statue. Picnics had been spread (many of which had been thoughtfully assembled by island restaurants or Doud’s Market). As if in a movie, the show started as the sun began to set. Music flowed…live folk with rock, country, and blues….a feeling of true Americana. We sat on the lawn and became immersed in the whole experience. We sang along to songs we knew, and engaged in conversation with others.

We are so happy to know that this summer of 2012, Music in the Park continues on Thursday evenings on Mackinac Island. We got on for the complete listing of concerts and artists for this summer. Wow, the magic of Mackinac Island continues for us. Can’t wait to be a part of the magic again!

See you soon MI!
- an anonymous fan of Michigan

Contact the Mackinac Island Convention & Visitors Bureau for information on where to stay and play.

  • Larnerjackie

    I feel the same way. Love, Love, Love Mackinac Island. If you want to “TOP” off your visit, treat yourself to a night or two at Grand Hotel. Then you will have experienced the ultimate Mackinac!!!

  • Neworldusa

    Stay out of this heII hole state. They hate people traveling anywhere in the state. From the police to the business people. They want your money and that is all. Worst state in the USA.

  • Pure Michigan

    Neworldusa – We’re sorry you had a bad experience here. Please send us an email at if you’d like to elaborate more on your negative experience.

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