The Runways of Michigan

By combining her passion for fashion and love for the state, Tieka Dierolf is a personal style blogger of Selective Potential. Her stories of life, adventure and style have inspired thousands of girls to visit Michigan and its attractions. Hear more of her success on Pure Michigan Connect!

I just recently acknowledged my first full year in my fashion blogging adventure. Okay, fashion blogging. I know the concept sounded unique to me at first too, but now it’s become my life. I am a personal style fashion blogger. How is this possible? – I’m 24, I live in a small town in Michigan, I have absolutely no connections in New York City or Milan. How am I able to carry on a fashion blog with over 150,000 page views a month? It’s because of Michigan.

Sure, I work very hard on my personal style. I make sure I take wonderful quality photographs of my outfits on a weekly basis to post. I write, I engage my readers, I connect, I use social media, I’ve spent hours tweaking a blog design… but my biggest niche in personal style blogging has been living in the Great Lakes State.

Fashion blogs have taken off – it’s absolutely huge. There are thousands and thousands of girls all across the world who snap photos of their outfits and post on their blogs for the entire world to see. How do you stand out? I couldn’t have done it without Michigan’s amazing scenic views, tourist attractions and gorgeous four-seasons. I owe my entire success of my blog to this state.

I’ve posted winter outfits in Frankenmuth, by the giant ornaments outside of Bronner’s. I’ve matched elements of my outfits to the unique Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids. A giant red button in the middle of Grand Rapids? You can bet I’m there with an outfit to match. I’ve enjoyed every amazing festival – posing in florals among tulips during Tulip Time Festival in Holland. I’ve climbed up the hill to the blockhouse in Muskegon in heels. I’ve strapped on wooden platforms after making my trek down to Bear Cave in Buchanan. Picking apples at Robinette’s in Grand Rapids in my apple print skirt? You bet. Matching a plaid autumn dress to the pumpkins at Green Acres in Grand Haven? You bet. Where would I be in my personal style without this amazing state? I love living here and I strive to encourage thousands of girls on a daily basis to be inspired by Michigan and to show them how unique and wonderful of a place we really do live in.

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Tieka Dierolf is a 24-year old Michigan resident working as a graphic designer at a communications company and as a personal style blogger. She is currently living in Grand Haven, MI with her husband, Brett.