Winter Camping is Pure “Hell”

Warning! The following content contains one “helluva” lot of clichés.

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Teardrops in Hell

My partner, Brad, and I own a teardrop camper and belong to the Great Lakes Chapter of Tearjerkers, a camping group dedicated to teardrop and small travel trailer owners. The group organizes several camping trips during the year. This February, Karl, the director, organized the first ever Great Lakes Chapter winter camping experience called “Tears in Hell.” Having never camped during the winter with our teardrop, Brad and I thought, “What the hell?”

On Friday, we packed our camper, our dog Ozzy, and headed east, hell bent for Hell, a small town northwest of Ann Arbor. We arrived around 4:30 and stopped by Hell’s Kitchen for a quick bite to eat. There we met John Colone, a local hell raiser with a devilish grin and the ultimate ambassador for this “hysterical place of interest.” He’s also the owner of two of the three local businesses (Hell in a Hand Basket Gift Shop/Hell’s Kitchen & Screams Ice Cream). After our warm welcome to Hell, we took off for our camping spot behind Screams, yards from the wedding chapel and set up camp.

Karl, our director, was already there and had set up and heated our gathering tent preparing for the evening wine and cheese party. We grabbed our camp chairs, two bottles of Michigan wine, our Red Pepper Cheddar dip and cozied up to the 80,000 BTU propane space heater. We had a total of 12 campers in eight trailers for the weekend. Jeff made it from Indianapolis and Greg trekked in from Toledo. The rest of us were from Michigan. We spent Friday evening catching up with old friends, making new ones and enjoying the smells of melting polyester (Doug got a little too close to the propane heater!).

Photo credit: Gary

Mayor Karl

On Saturday we woke up to sunshine and a dusting of fresh snow. We threw on our boots and headed to the gathering tent for coffee, hot chocolate, juice, muffins and cinnamon rolls. After breakfast, Karl was designated as honorary Mayor for a Day in Hell. He received a special proclamation, an official badge, a key to the city and his own one square inch of Hell. As part of his mayoral duties, he served the lunch crowd at Hell’s Kitchen in a tuxedo.

During our stay we were lucky enough to witness a wedding at the small chapel near our camp. The happy couple was John and Janice from Grand Rapids. They charted a bus and brought 35 friends and family members to begin their life together in Hell. As their friends explained, the reason they chose Hell for the wedding ceremony was because when they started dating, they both said “it would be a cold day in hell” before they ever got married. It was 31 degrees on Saturday in Hell Michigan, thus a perfect day for their wedding. A marriage made in Hell has nowhere to go but up!

Photo credit: Gary

After the wedding, we headed over to Screams for ice cream. Brad and I split the Gravedigger, a huge banana split with Bat Droppings, Toenail Clippings, Ghost Poop and Butter Snot. It came with its own Death Certificate; signed, sealed, and singed in Hell. Screams has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and the Travel Channel. Screams’ most famous ice cream scooper is Erik Reichenbach from Survivor: Micronesia, who was voted off when he was convinced to surrender his immunity necklace.  What the hell was he thinking?

Saturday evening found us back in the gathering tent for our traditional group potluck and dinner which included BBQ chicken sandwiches, potato salad, pizza, pasties and raspberry torte. As some headed back to their campers to snuggle up to a good book or get a good night’s rest, others decided to head to Dam Site Inn to raise some hell on the dance floor. The local bar features live rock and roll music on Friday and Saturday nights.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, despite his efforts, Karl found out that the road to hell is paved with good intentions when he was ceremoniously “impeached” as mayor. After he received his certificate of impeachment, we packed our gear and took off like a bat out of hell for home. With its charm and hospitality we found Hell to be a heavenly slice of Pure Michigan. It’s inviting, relaxing and doesn’t take itself too seriously. As a matter of fact there’s a good chance we’ll be back, maybe when Hell freezes over.

Did I miss any hell-themed clichés?

Photo credit: GaryGary is the web metrics geek for and lives in Hastings, with his partner Brad and three dogs: Duke, Jersey and Ozzy.

19 thoughts on “Winter Camping is Pure “Hell”

  1. “going to hell in a hand basket” The motorcycle trailer/fold out camper I have plan to make it there in the next couple of years….Maybe next winter, who knows….

  2. Because my smaller car cannot pull a trailer of any size, I “don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell” of ever joining you guys on the road.

  3. My hat is off to TearJerkers Great Lakes Chapter Director Karl Nordstrom and all the stout hearted TearJerkers Who made it to Hell and back.

    What the Hell were you thinkin!

    Happy Trails

    Len Daddona
    Director; TearJerkers Garden State Chapter

  4. As the Founder of Tearjerkers, I’ am proud of my Great Lakes Chapter & my Director Karl Nordstrom, who had this vision to camp in Hell. This is a fantastic article by a talented camper. One day I may make it to hell, but I have to be careful of what I wish for.


  5. Hey guys, great blog. I got a ” mention!!!’” Cool! Even my trailer got a mention!!( the cute little red one.) It had an Ohio State emblem on it & I hoped I woudn’t get burned out in Hell!!HaHa. Anyway it was great camping with everyone, not TOOO cold either. See you all soon! Greg aka Boodro

    p.s. Hell has a GREAT bar & band!!

  6. Used to go to Hell for fishing! Another Gary Humphries(from Michigan),Those Damn Kids Road Band from Fenton>>>Anyone seem our missing brother???Thanx

  7. We saw you!!! I have been lucky enough to not only grow up Hell but I still live in here, up the hill on that dirt road that ran behind your campsite. We drove by a few times while your group was out there camping and talked about what die-hard campers you all must be! I loved the tiny little red camper, it was quite cute. I hope you enjoyed your time in our little “town”!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. We had a great time.

    Karen – thanks for the “road to hell” cliche :)
    Belinda – no, we didn’t sing “Highway to Hell” – but what a great idea – love AC/DC
    Janice – thanks to you for allowing us to intrude on your wedding! Congrats and best wishes to you and John.

  9. My co-volunteer, for Youth for Understanding, and I try to take our exchange students to Hell every year. Ususally only exchange students staying in Michigan go to Hell. The students can state that their area reps. took them to Hell and back. We usually state our destination is a mystery trip to make encourage their participation. One young gentleman got his picture taken with 5 lovely young ladies in Hell and sent it to his friends unfamiliar with Hell. The two of us area reps. have been encouraged by some students to go to Hell. We usually have a Hell of a good time. :)

  10. My family has owned property since 1957 and I spent summers and plenty of winter weekends in Hell growing up.As a kid I used to get in trouble at school for telling my friends I was going to Hell for the weekend!We still own a family cottage and my father has lived there for the last 35 years and even though I am only a visiter now,Hell is still what I consider my hometown.Alot has changed with the population there but much still remains the same,beautifull lakes,lots of trails,plenty of all weather activities and wonderfull people.Hell is my Heaven on earth…

  11. Did you sing “Highway to Hell” on your way there…lol My son finds that song rather amusing…he’s 11 ;)
    Thanks for the article…I would love to visit there. And I love those teardrop campers….one of these days I will have one!

  12. My sister lives in Hell, Mi. and of course she is always introduced as “the sister from Hell”. My brother also lived there a few years back and an uncle.

  13. “Did I miss any hell-themed clichés?”

    Yep; the one often heard during the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society’s annual One Helluva Ride. Wait for it…

    “You’re on the road to Hell.”

  14. I got a huge kick out of this blog! My mother used to live in Hell, Michigan and though I feel somewhat awful for saying this…we used to tell everyone that our mother was from Hell. I hope I’m not going to Hell for saying that!

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