Link Roundup - January 27, 2011

Photo credit @nicknerbonne via Twitter

Hello again everyone, this week’s photo was taken by Nick Nerbonne while snowshoeing along Lake Michigan bluffs near Crystal Mountain. Gorgeous!

We have lots of great links to share with you this week, so read on!

  • Do you know what a “Michigan Left” is? If you live in Michigan, you have probably made one and didn’t even know! This maneuver replaces the classic left turn at a stop light with a right turn, and then a U-turn onto the desired street. Another term for this is “superstreet,” and researchers at North Carolina University recently published that this design is safer and more efficient. Read more about the superstreet here.

  • Recently, a beautiful photograph taken in South Haven was chosen as photo of the day by National Geographic, and featured on their website.

  • Several readers pointed us to the We Hear You, America Readers Digest contest. Many Michigan cities are vying to win a share of $5 million in funds and promotional support. Click on the link above and “cheer” for your favorite Michigan city!

  • Congratulations go out to Spencer Milbocker, who along with his team won the Nature Valley Big Air Championship! Spencer’s home mountain is Bittersweet, in Otsego!

Lastly, here’s a video of James Earl Jones, one of Michigan’s own, reciting the alphabet for Sesame Street in 1969. Enjoy!