Michigan Food

Michigan’s rich soil provides a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve also got some of the best prepared food in the country as well, with fantastic restaurants found throughout the state. The posts found here highlight the many ways Michigan food plays into our daily lives.

  • Farmer's Markets
    You’d be surprised at all the produce that the rich soil of Michigan supports. In support of local shopping and dining, find out about the many farmers markets across the state.

  • Recipes
    We’re always receiving great recipes from our readers. From delectable apple pie to asparagus frittata, you can find them here.

  • Restaurants
    Want to know about the best restaurants in Michigan – you’ve reached the right place. See what our readers think!

  • Reviews
    Have you ever had a meal that you just had to tell everyone about? Well so did these people! Read about some of the great meals had by our readers, and maybe you’ll find a new restaurant to try!