From Our Community: Michigan Made Culinary Creations

March is Food and Agriculture Month in Pure Michigan! To celebrate, we asked our Facebook community to share their favorite Michigan made foods and recipes. All of the wonderful comments and submissions made us quite hungry for these mouth-watering culinary creations! Below is a round up of some our fans' favorite Michigan foods, along with some recipes to help you unleash your inner foodie.

Michigan Made Foods and Dishes

Shelly Vandlen Photograhy Photo courtesy of Shelly Vendlen Photography

Homemade Strawberry cheesecake with Michigan strawberries. The best berries ever! -Shelly Lehr Vandlen

Cherry Pie at the Cherry Hut in Beulah! Doesn't get any better than that! -Anita Leeann Johnson

Cherry wine from Cherry Creek winery -Kathy Grogg

Asparagus and rhubarb from our garden, as well as cherries, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, raspberries from local farm markets! -Carolyn DeFord Solomon

Can't wait for Asparagus Season! -Hybza Chiropractic

Love "Traverse City Chicken" served at Via Bologna's of Clarkston. -Judi Lackey question though...ketchup or gravy? -Gloria Pebley

Joanne' s fudge on Mackinac Island! -Esther Uramkin

Fresh Michigan-grown vegetables. Photo courtesy of Roz's Diner. Fresh Michigan-grown vegetables. Photo courtesy of Roz's Diner.

Love all the fresh produce but, the Michigan tomato cannot be beat! -Valerie Babcock Dinger

Anything with wild Michigan blueberries in it!! -Charlotte Trayer

I enjoy each as it comes into season, beginning with rhubarb and asparagus. I am tapping my own trees for maple syrup for the first time! Come on, sunshine and warmer temps. -Elizabeth Kern

3-way tie: sweet cherries, Jonathan apples, maple syrup....oops, what about blueberries, strawberries, red and black raspberries, peaches, pears, asparagus, morel mushrooms, sweet corn...all fresh! -Martha Woodman Stiles

Peach cobbler made with Michigan peaches, local flour and butter from Farmers market, sugar grown and manufactured in Michigan. -Katy Blackhall

SotE_AsparagusSalt of the Earth in Fennville. -Jeff Weeks (Salt of the Earth is a rustic American eatery in the heart of the Southwest Michigan’s thriving agricultural region supporting local growers for many of their vegetables and fruits)

Michigan apples and home grown corn. -Jane Miller

Michigan Made Recipes

Beans & Greens
Recipe courtesy of Facebook Fan Chuck Marshall via Life in Michigan. Made with fresh Michigan kale, onions, tomatoes and basil.

Yields 6-8 servings.
One can each (14 ounces), red kidney beans, black beans, and navy beans, drained and rinsed
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger, peeled and minced (about 1/2″ of a piece of fresh ginger)
1/4 cup dry red wine
2 bunches fresh greens (kale, collards, Swiss chard), washed, stemmed, and chopped
1/4 cup water
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon ground dried corriander
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayanne pepper
One 28 ounce can peeled and chopped tomatoes

Heat oil in a wok or Dutch oven over medium heat.  Add garlic and ginger and cook about one minute.  Add onions, and cook until they are translucent, stirring occasionally.  Add wine, water, soy sauce, and the canned tomatoes, then stir in spices and salt.  Mix in the chopped greens.  Cover, bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.  Then reduce heat and cook until greens are tender, about 10-15 minutes.  Mix in the canned beans, cover, and again bring to a boil to heat through, stirring occasionally.

Simple Summer Fruit Salad
Recipe courtesy of Benjamin Twiggs Legendary Cherry Products.

1 can of Mrs. Twiggs Select Cherry Pie Filling
4-6 Cups fresh Michigan fruit, mix of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, etc.

Combine fruit with Mrs. Twiggs Cherry Pie Filling and serve. Try to keep a straight face when everyone asks for the recipe.

Grilled Chicken with Michigan Apples and Feta 
Recipe courtesy of Michigan Ag Council via Michigan Apples

Yields 4 servings.
4 skinless boneless chicken breasts (about 5 oz. each)
2 Tbl. Olive oil
2 Tbl. Butter
2 Michigan Apples peeled and thinly sliced
4 oz. feta cheese
Salt and pepper
1 tsp. fresh thyme

Prepare hot fire in charcoal or gas grill. Brush chicken with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill chicken until juices run clear, 3-4 minutes per side. Remove from grill to platter and tent with foil to keep warm. Melt butter in sauté pan over medium high heat. Add apples and sauté 2-3 minutes, until they begin to brown and become tender. Spoon apples over chicken and top with feta and thyme.

Do you have a favorite Michigan made food or recipe? Share it with us below!