A new round of MIspy…

As the seasons start to turn once again, we want to know what’s going on all over Michigan from you – the best source we have.  So we’ve decided to keep MIspy going through the winter.  We want you to share snow and ski conditions, winter shopping info and deals, winter festivals and events, Christmas tree lots, holiday light displays, fun and creative snowmen, winter sports info, and your favorite cold-weather activities.

Share your stories, tips, photos, and videos by posting them directly to our Facebook Fan Page, or using the tag #MIspy on Twitter.

  • Barbara Baird

    Am researching the best places for access to hunting and fishing spots in the state for wheelchair-bound outdoorsmen. Any ideas?

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  • Dan “DIggler” Proczko

    Catching Kalamazoo, MI Local Bands indoors where its warm is always a great past-time in the winter! From the Bronk Bros to Ninth Street Bridge to Dewsouth, Stolen Horses, Roy David Scott, and Douglas James band you can find a show every weekend here in town! http://www.y965country.com/stationfiles/concerts/

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=47014&id=1213121196&l=e215298be1 Francis LaLonde

    Clicking on my name will take you to one of my facebook.com photo albums, with pictures I took 2009-11-29 at the Bay City Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House.

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