Link Roundup - February 17, 2011

Facebook photo credit: Tyler Witt

Welcome back to the weekly link roundup Pure Michigan Connect Readers! We’ve collected some interesting links from you on Facebook and Twitter, and have found a few on our own to share with you.

This week’s photo was taken at Dow Gardens in Midland. Twenty-six sculptures by Michigan artist Linda Deming are on display until March 18th. For an even more impressive view, visit the Gardens this weekend when they will be illuminated at night!

It is Fashion Week in New York City, but even Michigan has put its stamp on one of the fashion lines being presented this week. The Los Angeles Times reports that Nautica’s fall color palette was inspired by the Sleeping Bear Dunes area of Michigan. It includes browns inspired by the sand, blues inspired by the water, and pops of orange as homage to the U.S. Coast Guard which has a history in the area.

It’s not just Nautica showing Michigan some love this week! Twitter follower @amy_zahn sent us a link to a article urging their readers to visit the Upper Peninsula this weekend to see some of our dog sledding events.

In less than ten days, enough money has been raised to erect a statue of Robocop, honoring the movie of the same name in Detroit. On February 7th, a random person Twittered Detroit’s Mayor Bing, and suggested that a statue of Robocop would be a great ambassador for the city. What might have passed by unnoticed became a cause for many after Mayor Bing tweeted back that no plans existed to do so. A Kickstarter project was created and the statue will soon have a home in Detroit.